Summit of Czech and Slovakian Micronations 2019

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Summit of Czech and Slovakian Micronations 2019
Date 28 September 2019
Site Church of Brethren, Sušice, Czech Republic
Attendees 4
Previous summit Podskalský Congress
Next summit Summit of Czech and Slovakian Micronations 2020/Lovosice Summit

The Summit of Czech and Slovakian Micronations 2019, (Czech: Summit českých a slovenských mikronárodů) also known as the Sušice Summit (Czech: Sušický summit) , was a gathering of micronationalists of the Czech sector hosted by the Gymnasium State. It had four attendees, with few more people briefly visiting the event.

The summit took place on 28 September 2019 in Sušice, Czech Republic, in the main hall of the Church of Brethren, and was organised by Tomáš Falešník of Gymnasium State.

The summit was attended by Tomáš Falešník and the Premier Matěj Čech from Gymnasium State. The other two attendees were Robin Boris Bicek, President of the Slavic Republic, and Jan Šťastný, representing the Rednecks Republic as the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Klitzibürg as the advisor of the Grand Duke. A delegation of Snowy Plains, compromising of the Prince Jan Aurelius I. and Pavel Havliš, Minister of Defence, was also supposed to attend, they however canceled participation due to problems with transportation. The summit was briefly visited by Kryštof Satorie from the Gymnasium State and few people not affiliated with any micronation.


At 11 AM CEST, the summit officially started, with all attendees being present by half past eleven. The summit began with signatory of treaties of mutual diplomatic relations between the Gymnasium State and the rest of the participants. Then a discussion on various topics began.

The first discussion was on the topic of micronational war and fictional micronations, caused by recent declaration of independence Republic of Kybistan and neighboring Republic of Vitiania, which immediately entered a military conflict. Mr Čech had to leave the discussion for personal reasons early, only leaving three delegates on the summit. The remaining delegate of the Gymnasium State encouraged the rest of the participants to consider signing the Wrythe Convention, and mentioned the Edgbaston Convention too. The discussion then came across the topic of currently reforming micronations of the Czech sector, Czechoslovakia and Fyrinia, and the recent increase in number of Czech and Slovakian micronations.

Another topic was Mr Šťastný's proposal of the Council of Micronations, which would serve as a mediator for cooperation between the Union of Micronations of Central Europe and the Organization of United Micronations. The idea was after a short discussion abandoned, as the cooperation between the organizations can be achieved without the need for another organization. The delegate of Slavic Republic, the only OUM member present on the summit, then expressed his worries about the current state and future of the OUM.

The next topic was the popularization and future of the Czech and Slovakian micronationalism. The possibility of a collective YouTube channel and an online university of the micronations of the Czech sector was discussed, the topic was however left open as Prince Jan Aurelius I., who originally proposed it being discussed on the summit, was not present. The discussion then went on the topic of the current development of the participating micronations and opinions of the delegates on the current politics of the Czech Republic and the sovereign states.

The summit ended on 3 PM CEST with a photo of the attendees and Mr Šťastný expressing the Rednecks Republic's interest in hosting the next edition of the summit.