Wrythe Convention

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Wrythe Convention
Photoscan of document after original signing
Ratified15 September 2018
Date effective15 September 2018

The Wrythe Convention is an international treaty which condemns sockpuppeting, identity theft, and false claims within micronationalism. Signatories to the Convention pledge to not enter into relations with any entities engaged in fabrications and falsehoods, and by signing the treaty reserve the right to suspend or revoke recognition of any entities found to have engaged in such behaviour.[1]

The Convention singles out and condemns James Klaassen-White (the individual whose false online claims "inspired" the drafting of the treaty) as "one of the very few engaged in sockpuppeting, identity theft, false claims, and other fabrications who has not had the decency to cease such behaviour after it has been exposed".[1]

Signatories do not simply by signing the Convention extend any recognition to co-signatories, due to the "collective desire to ensure trust and honesty in the community" transcending any diplomatic differences between micronations.


Original signatories

The Wrythe Convention was signed in person by representatives from several micronations at Wrythe on 15 September 2018, namely:[1]

Subsequent signatories

Since its entering into force, the following micronations have also acceded to the Wrythe Convention:


  1. The GUM signed the Convention on behalf of itself as an organisation, not on behalf of its members. The signatory status of the GUM means that is now legally bound to refuse association with any entities conducting the practices condemned by the treaty, although it has throughout its history always maintained a de facto block on accepting applicants deemed to have overly fictional elements.
  2. The Holy Roman Empire acceded to the Convention on behalf of itself as an imperial confederation and on behalf of the member states of which it was comprised at the time. Any future member states will be considered bound by the treaty for the duration of their membership of the HRE, whereas the four nations which were members at the time of the HRE's accession to the Convention are considered to have ratified it in their own right.
  3. Gymnasium State has edited its foreign policy according to the convention on 17 September 2018, however it has not signed it untill 24 September 2018[6][7]
  4. Wenonah signed as the Federal State of Shoresia, prior to its democratic name change.
  5. Treaties signed by Baustralia affect the whole empire and not just Baustralia itself. This includes the Dominions of Edstmae, Wangatangia, and the Empire of Ostreum.
  6. Jayditaria was annexed by Novus Hierosolymis and this Senate Resolution was adopted.[20]
  7. Originally signed by the Kingdom Wallenia but treaties signed by Wallenia applies to Leppa after the signage of the Wallene Act
  8. Empire of Yata did not ratify the treaty directly, and instead did it through the ratification of the terms at the Utsunomiya Convention.


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