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The Diplomabear World Tour was a diplomatic tour of Angus Diplomabear, a small red teddy bear originally from the Federation of Egtavia, around various micronations across the world.

The tour was originally established by the now defunct micronation of Egtavia, sending the teddy bear via the postal system around the world as an "ambassador" for Egtavia. Since the dissolution of said micronation, the tour has continued as a means of strengthening ties between other micronations connected by Diplomabear, who has become a symbol of intermicronational diplomacy.

At the end of 2012, the tour ground to a halt, with Diplomabear's hosts being unwilling to send him on. The tour was revitalized in late 2016 by the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), which persuaded the last host to send the bear on. The GUM now oversees the rota of hosts as a means of ensuring Diplomabear is not "lost" again, but said rota is open to any micronations willing to take responsibility for the bear.


The guardian's name highlighted in bold denotes the current Guardian of Diplomabear.

Nation Guardian Approximate macronational location Visit dates Notes
Egtavia Egtavia
(St.Charlie St.Charlie)
Petya d'Égtavie Nottingham, United Kingdom 1
Aug 2012
Diplomabear, a teddy bear owned by Egtavian president Petya d'Égtavie, started out in Egtavia with a passport and tie.
 Landashir James von Puchow High Wycombe, United Kingdom 2
14 Aug 2012
Diplomabear was taken to Landashir by d'Égtavie during a state visit also attended by Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia. Landashir'n premier James von Puchow took Diplomabear on the tour of Landashir that he gave the other two national leaders before entrusting him to the Crown Prince. While in Landashir, a pair of paper sunglasses were made for the bear.
 Austenasia Crown Prince Jonathan South London, United Kingdom 3
14 Aug 2012 -
1 Sep 2012
Diplomabear stayed at the Austenasian capital of Wrythe for over two weeks, during which time photographs of him were taken at various landmarks. He was also taken with the Crown Prince to an informal summit in London on 31 August attended by representatives of Landashir, the USLSSR, Zealandia and the St. Peters Republic.
Orly Orly
(New Wessex New Wessex)
Crown Prince Jonathan South London, United Kingdom 4
1 Sep 2012
On the morning of the final day in which Diplomabear was under his guardianship, Crown Prince Jonathan took the bear to Orly (then occupied by New Wessex), which he administered as Viceroy.
Zealandia Zealandia Håkon Lindström Sydney, Australia 5
1 Sep 2012 - 24 Oct 2012
Crown Prince Jonathan handed Diplomabear to then Prime Minister of Zealandia Håkon Lindström, who was in London to watch the Paralympic Games. Diplomabear was taken back to Zealandia, and photographs taken of him by various landmarks.
 Molossia Kevin Baugh Carson City, Nevada, United States 6
Nov 2012
Diplomabear was sent by Zealandia to the famous Republic of Molossia. However, it is thought that President Baugh had not been given much information about the tour before receiving Diplomabear, as no photographs are known to have been taken, and Diplomabear was relatively quickly sent on to his next stop, Tiana.
Tiana Tiana Joseph Puglisi Long Island, New York, United States 7
Nov 2012 - 8 Mar 2014
After Diplomabear's reception by Tiana, he was not sent on for over fifteen months. During this time, Egtavia dissolved, and some implied that Puglisi was keeping Diplomabear as a "hostage". Pressure built on him to send him on, with d'Égtavie starting a "Free Diplomabear" campaign in December 2013.
Azehtyl Azehtyl
(Renasia Renasia)
Sam Krimmer Cincinnati, Ohio, United States 8
14 Mar 2014 - Sep 2016
Diplomabear was finally sent on from Tiana to Sam Krimmer of Renasia. Although this was hailed as "Diplomabear freed", the tour had lost its momentum. With the departure of Krimmer from micronationalism and the dissolution of Renasia, it was feared by some that Diplomabear was lost forever. However, in August 2016 Krimmer was contacted by Jonathan I of Austenasia as Vice-Chair of the GUM, and it was agreed to send Diplomabear on his way.
 Überstadt Adam I Western Washington, United States 9
23 Sep 2016 - 4 Nov 2016
Überstadt received Diplomabear after his 30-month stay with Sam Krimmer. Staying in the care of King Adam I, he was officially welcomed to the Überstadti consulate in Bellingham on 23 September.
 Nedland Ned Gunderson Arlington, Virginia, United States 10
8 Nov 2016 - Jan 2017
Nedland received Diplomabear after his 1 month stay at Überstadt, when King Adam sent the package to NG. He was officially accepted by the Nedlandic Embassy in Washington, where the package was initially sent. Then, he came to Palazu, where he stayed for several weeks before being sent on in the first half of January 2017.
 Koss Lucas Campos Brazil 11
15 Feb 2017 - 6 Jun 2017
Diplomabear arrived at Koss, where he stayed for Carnival.
 Wyvern Bradley of Dullahan Netherlands 12
9 Jun 2017 - 11 Jun 2018
Diplomabear's next stop was Wyvern, where he stayed at Dullahan. After the passage of a year, the GUM had not yet assigned a next destination for the bear, who was sent on to Austenasia at the initiative of the Wyvernian government in order to keep the tour going.
 Austenasia Jonathan I South London, United Kingdom 13
25 Jun 2018 - 4 Jan 2019
After some initial problems with delivery, Diplomabear arrived in Wrythe, Austenasia, the first location to have hosted Diplomabear twice. Diplomabear stayed for Christmas before being delivered in person to Wildflower Meadows.
 Wildflower Meadows Princess Hannah South London and Chester, United Kingdom 14
4 Jan 2019 - 28 Jan 2019
After arriving in Wildflower Meadows, Diplomabear toured the Principality's southern claims before accompanying Princess Hannah on the train to Chester, and Wildflower Meadows' northern claims. Diplomabear was given a tour of Deva Victrix, Maybridge and Grosvenor Park, and on Imperial Ascension Day attended a celebratory lunch with the Princess and her consort Jonathan I. Before being sent on to Adammia, he was issued a new passport, written on a postcard of Chester, and given a makeshift jumper.
 Adammia Adam I Birmingham and Wakefield, United Kingdom 15
30 Jan 2019 - 18 Jun 2019
Diplomabear next arrived in the Adammic province of Serkatia. During his stay, he went on excursions to the cities of Glasgow (15-17 February), Brussels (23-25 February), and York (15-17 March), meeting the leaders of Wazakhstan and Nolland in addition to Adammic politicians.
 Kingdom of Wazakhstan Adam I Birmingham, United Kingdom 16
14 May 2019
Diplomabear made very brief visits (lasting only a few minutes) to parts of Wazakhstan on 14 May 2019, as part of his longer visit to Adammia and the Birmingham Sector. Specifically, he visited the territories of Goodbold and Metchleygrad.
Iustus Iustus Ashley Jaax Canada 17
3 Jul 2019 – 18 Jul 2019
Diplomabear then arrived in the Iustian City of Curtis City, during his stay he visited the Emperor's Office, and he visited the Royal Garden. Then he visited the Iustian Territory of Ongwanada.
 Posaf Ashley Jaax Canada 18
17 July 2019
Diplomabear briefly visited the Posafian province of Nievenorte during his stay in Iustus.
 Jupiter Max I North Carolina, United States 19
18 Jul 2019 - 21 Oct 2020
Diplomabear arrived in Jupiter, unfortunately just as the said micronation began to fall into inactivity. Come mid-2020 there were renewed fears that he had been lost, until Jonathan I and Aaron Green were able to track down Max I and have him send the bear back to Wrythe.
 Austenasia Jonathan I South London, United Kingdom 20
26 Oct 2020–present
After over a year in Jupiter, Diplomabear finally arrived in Wrythe, Austenasia, for safekeeping, making it the only location to have hosted the bear three times. He currently awaits his next destination.












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