Aarianian Union of North America

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Aarianian Union of North America
Flag of Aarianian Union of North America
Coat of arms of Aarianian Union of North America
Coat of arms
Motto: All Races, All Religions, One Nation
Anthem: From Dixie With Love (official)
Dixie (popular)
LocationMap of the Aarianian Union
CapitalYapton, Aldonia / Coyopa, New Estonia (secondary de facto)
Largest cityKulton, Ascovia
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentRepresentative republic
• President
Aaron Gray (2016-2019)
• Vice Presidents
Ian Walker (2016 - 2018), Haley Valentine (2018 - 2019), Killian McGregor (2019)
EstablishmentFebruary 19, 2011
(Declared independent) May 21, 2016
• Census
85 (May 16, 2019)
CurrencyUS Dollar, Nirms
Time zone(EDT)
This nation was a member of the Grand Unified Micronational and the Carolina Confederation

The Aarianian Union of North America was a self-declared sovereign state, more often referred to as a micronation, founded on 19 February 2011 by President Aaron Gray. Aariania peacefully declared independence from the State of North Carolina in the United States on 21 May 2016. At the time of its dissolution, Aariania was comprised of 16 different self-governed Provinces and 1 Organized Territory, each of which worked individually to provide for themselves and the central government, which was called the "Aarianian State."

Aariania's primary goal was to expand and promote the importance of diversity and to provide a safe environment for everyone of all races, religions, genders, sexual preferences, and ethnicities. Some claimed that this conflicted with the pride that many Aarianians held for the Southern United States, but Aariania continued to show a commitment to diversity and to pride in the South, with minimal conflicts between the two.

Despite its founding in 2011, Aariania did not officially declare independence until 5 years later in 2016. Aarianian history and culture wildly differs pre-independence and post-independence, and Aariania often regarded its declaration of independence on 21 May 2016 as the beginning of its "micronational history," despite its records dating far earlier. The period before 21 May 2016 is referred to as its "pre-micronational history."

When Aariania was founded in 2011, it made contact with two other local micronations, the Commonwealth of Resort and the Republic of Coppistan. The dynamics between these three nations inspired many others to form micronations in the region, reaching a maximum of 20 nations, and finally stabilizing around 17. This area of the forest would be dubbed "Atlantia" by the local nations, and the Atlantian Union was founded in 2016 to promote diplomacy and cooperation. Later that year, the Atlantian Union would dissolve over a flag dispute, and the war that ensued would claim the existence of all but Aariania, the Coppistan, the RMO Republic, and the Conservationalist Union of Vivannia. Coppistan, Vivannia, the RMO Republic, and four other nations that formed after the war would all fall to inactivity, leaving Aariania as the lone survivor until its dissolution several years later on 25 September 2019.

Aarianian Provinces

Number Flag Name Capital Notes Status & Date of Admission Governor (at time of dissolution)
Menjasovia Central Rock The Province of Menjasovia was known for it's numerous long trade routes bringing goods across Aariania. Menjasovia was one of the original 8 Regions, which founded the Aarianian Union. The Menjasovian settlement of Fort Arachnid was a founding structure in Aariania's history, defending against the SC Republic during the Atlantian War. Menjasovia was once part of secessionist group called "Sovakosa" which declared independence from Aariania before being shut down a few weeks later. Menjasovia was the oldest Province in the Aarianian Union but was also one of the poorest, despite housing the Aarianian Ministry of Culture HQ and the Grand Senate Headquarters, both in Saikane. Province (October 21, 2016) Governor Jacob Wagner (Egalitarian)
Aldonia Yapton Aldonia was one of the Provinces most developed by Aarianians, with most of the settlements and monuments being built by Aariania, and with much to offer. 6 of the original 8 Regions are now located within Aldonia, giving Aldonia many historic structures and locations from Aarianian history. Coppistan, Aldonia was once its own nation, the Republic of Coppistan, which was Aariania's strongest ally up until it's dissolution in early 2017. Turkiban, Aldonia was also once its own country, the State of Turkiban, until being destroyed by an invasion from the SC Republic during the Atlantian War. Jacobia City was the first capital of Aariania until March 6, 2016, when the capitol building, the Grand Pavilion, was burned down in the Jacobia City Arson Attack. The JCAA Memorial, a pile of bricks from the toppled chimney with the first Aarianian flag hanging nearby, now stands in its place. Yapton, the nation's capital, was also located in Aldonia. Yapton was home to the Green House, the residency of the President, and the center of Aariania's civilization, patriotism, and government offices. Province (February 8, 2017) President Aaron Gray (Egalitarian) & Vice President Killian McGregor (Whig)
Ogjeksia Cojniton Ogjeksia was a large Province in southern Aariania known for its large popular public middle school and many trade ports along Creek Ramble. The public middle school, Community House Middle School, was well aware of Aariania's presence ever since students presented Aariania in the school's Multi-Cultural Fair in 2017. The settlement of Community House, Ogjeksia held a small retention pond known as Salbane Pond, named after the preceding Province, Salbania. The Ogjeksian economy was very successful due to the many successful ports as well as the attention brought by the middle school. The Aarianian Land Force Youth Group was founded by Joshua "Cleve" Clemons in Community House, Ogjeksia, in order to recruit new soldiers, but the organization dissolved the next year. Ogjeksia was the leading economic Province at the time of dissolution. The Provincial capital, Cojniton, was home to the intersection of many trade routes, making it a very common destination along Aariania's trails. Cojniton's location at the intersection of many trade routes led to it being the home to the Aarianian Border Control HQ. Province (February 10, 2017) Governor Eric Wong (Whig)
Topeka Morrison Topeka was one of the largest Provinces in the Aarianian Union, the result of much improvement in the field of economics. Topeka was once one of the poorest Provinces in Aariania. Having it's only source of income be from a nature preserve, Topeka was heavily reliant off aid provided by neighboring Provinces and the Aarianian State. Topeka was brought out of its economic decline due to border security. Topeka hosted a primary travel route between the Aarianian Union and the United States, therefore being the path for much immigration. Topeka and neighboring Yamasaldia (which later became Neosaldia) teamed up to upgrade border security along the route. This brought more relevance to Topeka, helping stabilize it's economy. From there, Topeka began annexing the nearby YMCA, which brought much attention and tourism to Aariania. Topeka became a leading tourism district as the Topekan economy began surging upwards. Due to the heavy amount of American tourists visiting daily, Topeka had trouble maintaining sovereignty over its territory. Ironically, the settlement with the least control was the settlement of Sovereign City. Despite formerly being the poorest Province in the Union, Topeka became one of the wealthiest Provinces in the nation and remained as such until the dissolution of the Aarianian Union in September 2019. Province (February 10, 2017) Governor Aditya Rice (Whig)
Oakansas Sequoyah Oakansas was one of the most influential Provinces in Aariania, having a very different culture from its Provincial neighbors, and having a consistently successful economy through tourism and taxes from vital trade routes. Oakansas gained it's tourism from a local American YMCA. The YMCA hosted a summer camp based out of Sequoyah, Oakansas, bringing seasonal attention to that region of Aariania. Oakansas brought consistent attention through the settlement of Truckee, which hosted 4 baseball fields commonly used by Aarianians and Americans alike. Oakansas also hosted a long and vital trade route that significantly shortened the distance between the Provinces of Ascovia and Menjasovia. In addition, the headstrong demeanor of Oakansan politicians gave them a spotlight on a national scale, making Oakansas very influential, despite its small size. Province (February 16, 2017) Governor Joseph Nash (Egalitarian)
New Estonia Coyopa A breakaway state, the Kingdom of Bradley, successfully gained their independence from Aariania and moved away on February 4, 2017. The Kingdom of Bradley later made a compromise to be represented as a separate Province of Aariania called "New Estonia," making it one of only 3 Provinces disconnected from the mainland. The New Estonian capital, Coyopa, served as a secondary de facto capital of Aariania. New Estonia was named as a nod to Aariania's goal to make contact with the Republic of Estonia, which was achieved on March 16, 2017. New Estonia was the smallest Province in Aariania at the time of its dissolution. New Estonia was known for its history as well as it's economic and social independence that stemmed from its extreme geographic isolation. Province (February 22, 2017) Governor Sara Beth (Whig)
Glyceland Hollony The Province of Glyceland was one of the largest Provinces as well as one of the most economically independent. Glyceland was connected to the Aarianian mainland and bordered 2 other Provinces, Menjasovia and Ascovia, but maintained very few trade routes with its neighbors due to unfavorable terrain. Glyceland mainly survived off tourism based around the settlement of Cranfield, which was known for its popular church and it's singular baseball field. Glyceland also hosted a few Aarianian-built settlements and a nature reservation, as well as some trade routes and trade outposts. The name "Glyceland" came from a former district of the Kingdom of Aariania.​ Province (February 22, 2017) Governor Gillian Allen (Egalitarian)
Durango Kanawha Durango was one of the wealthiest Provinces in the Aarianian Union. Durango was geographically isolated from much of Aariania due to thick bushes and thorns that would grow over routes during the Summer. During the Summer, however, Durango's border with Aldonia at Creek Ramble would attract many tourists from the Provinces of Durango and Hewitta, as well as a few tourists from the United States. Durango's income was very self reliant for the warmer half the year, relying on internal tourism, but during the winter would receive a decent income from trade along Creek Ramble. Province (February 23, 2017) Governor Carson Harrison (Egalitarian)
Dolkybia Territory Stanley Dolkybia was an Organized Territory of the AUNA, which was formerly an Administrative District in order for the Communist Party of Aariania (CPA) to legally impose communist views in the government. The Independent Party of Aariania (IPA) and the Communist Party of Aariania (CPA) had been clashing heads in the Region of Salbania (later became Ogjeksia). The CPA was formerly positioned in Sekrakus, Salbania, where they illegally implemented communist policies on its citizens. Eventually, the IPA and CPA created the Dolkybian Communist Containment Treaty, allowing the CPA to implement a communist economic system without violating the Constitution of the Aarianian Union, which was signed on March 9, 2017. Support for the CPA quickly diminished, as the communist economic system thrust Dolkybia into a whirlpool of debt. Dolkybia managed to maintain trade relations with only one other Province, Neosaldia. Eventually, the capitalist Freedom Party of Dolkybia (FPD) came about in attempt to overthrow the Communist Party, but efforts ceased on February 24, 2018, when the FPD collapsed. When the Communist Party of Aariania collapsed on April 8, 2018, and the citizens rejoiced; burning the communist Dolkybian flag and adopting a new one, which was the banner of the late Freedom Party of Dolkybia. The Aarianian State was swift to instate a provisional capitalist government and change Dolkybia's status to an Organized Territory. Dolkybia continued to struggle to survive after the CPA fell, but still began making progress. The new Dolkybian government, with help of the Aarianian State, managed to open relations with more Provinces and beginning to work towards getting the Territory out of debt. Organized Territory (March 9, 2017) Governor Christopher Russell (Whig)
Frisco Hetwash Frisco was one of the smallest Provinces in Aariania, and was originally at one point disconnected from the mainland. Frisco's economy was entirely based on tourism, which proved a sustainable income due to the popular destination of the field in Frisco's capital, Hetwash, one of the only fields suitable for sports in Aariania. This allowed Hetwash, Frisco to be the location of the 1st Marquette Cup. Frisco was also home to the 2nd of the 3 Aarianian military divisions, the 45th Division of Frisco. The 45th Division was lead by General Zak Stark, a Primary Officer, and was occasionally referred to as the "life-or-death division." Being armed with legitimate weapons and comprising of mostly adults, in contrast to the other 2 military divisions, the 45th Division was on standby to be deployed in the event of an armed invasion, where Aarianian lives would legitimately be at stake. However, due to Frisco's small size, some of the 45th Div. of Frisco was also stationed in Ellington. Province (March 14, 2017) Governor Anders Reid (Egalitarian)
Couvyne Yonaguska Couvyne was originally annexed as a large Province in the 2nd Merging Phase and experienced little growth beyond that. Couvyne was slightly disconnected from the mainland and was very bare and desolate. Couvyne became relevant in late March, 2018, when the United States "invaded" Couvyne and captured the capital, which was Maynard at the time. The Aarianian Land Force took defensive positions against the US in an attempt to stop their advance, but these made little effect. The provisional capital was moved around a lot until being settled in Yonaguska. Yonaguska was established when Aariania took a small offensive campaign to try and distract the US from their invasion. The Aarianian State surrendered on April 27, 2018, and all areas under US-occupation were ceded back to the US. This came to be known as the "War in Couvyne". Despite the War in Couvyne significantly hindering the Couvynese economy, Couvyne remained primarily self reliant, and had little interaction with the rest of Aariania, outside national politics. Province (March 30, 2017) Governor Haley Valentine (Whig)
Ellington Camp EP Ellington was annexed at the end of the 2nd Merging Phase due to high local support and at the request of the residents, the only Province to do so. Ellington's economy primarily ran on its tourism district, hosting one of the only fields suitable for sports. Ellington formerly had a dispute with Frisco for tourism in this district, which heated up in the bidding war to host the 1st Marquette Cup, where Frisco won. Afterwards, Ellington and Frisco began to attract audiences from different areas, minimizing future conflicts. Ellington also thrived off transportation and trade, primarily with Aldonia, it's southern neighbor. Ellington shared a decent cultural connection with Aldonia, with the pair being labeled the most "well-connected" Provinces. Province (April 30, 2017) Governor Nanthana Senegal (Liberal)
Neosaldia Coshocton Neosaldia was one of 3 Provinces admitted during the 3rd Merging Phase, minutes before 2017 ended. Neosaldia was the successor to the Province of Yamasaldia, hence the name "Neo" meaning "new." Neosaldia was a reasonably wealthy Province hosting numerous trade routes which allowed it to thrive off trade from all across Aariania. Neosaldia boasted a surplus of useful resources such as stones, logs, and wood, as well as many trade routes allowing them to be shipped all across the country. In addition, Neosaldia was elevated much higher than the rest of Aariania, making export costs much lower and therefore more shipments able to be processed. Neosaldia hosted source the start to Creek Ramble, which allowed for easy trade with several other Provinces through water as well. Due to a key location, Neosaldia has also assisted the Aarianian State in border control. Neosaldia and its neighbors Ogjeksia and Topeka all hosted key border checkpoints between the United States and the Aarianian Union, so the 3 worked together in harmony to protect Aarianian borders, and stimulate Provincial economies. Neosaldia was also the only trading partner of the socialist district of Dolkybia for quite some time, which was Dolkybia's only source of income under its communist regime. Province (December 31, 2017) Governor Connor Smith (Whig)
Vanord Farcallow Vanord was a very peace-oriented Province, having no military bases and thriving off of tourism from a public elementary school and a famous small biking range. Vanord also hosted Ladder 32 of the Charlotte Fire Department, which served the Aarianian Union as well. Vanord's top biking range in the capital Farcallow was once its own independent nation, the Commonwealth of Resort, which was the first nation formed in the "Atlantia" area, lasting from 2008 - 2016, when King Michael Farcallow moved to Omaha, Nebraska and was forced to abandon his nation. After emerging victorious from the Atlantian War, Aariania began expanding throughout the forest, and in a tribute to their former ally, the Aarianian State established Resort as a Province in the Aarianian Union. Several months later, Resort was dissolved and recreated into the settlement of Farcallow, Vanord, during the 3rd Merging Phase. Farcallow was named after the original King of Resort, Michael Farcallow. Vanord consistently ranked high in the tourism rankings and served a common entry point to the rest of the Aarianian Union. Province (December 31, 2017) Governor Emma Banner (Liberal)
Ascovia Kulton Ascovia was one of the largest Provinces in the Aarianian Union, which was admitted on December 31, 45 seconds before 2018 began. Ascovia was known for being heavily urbanized and having a significantly different political climate from the rest of Aariania. Ascovia had a significantly more liberal population, as opposed to its non-partisan neighbors. While in agreement over Aariania's pro-diversity and equality values, the left-wing Ascovian population opposed pro-Southern stances that most of the nation shared. With the Ascovian government and Ascovian residents having reasonably similar values, the residents got along well with its government, allowing for less hardships in the maintenance of sovereignty. Upon its original annexation as "Batavia" on February 15, 2017, residents interpreted Aariania's occupation as the threatening acts of a gang. Communications between the Aarianian State and the residents of the neighborhood were required to ease tensions between the two sides. Despite starting out on the wrong foot, Ascovia managed to gain relative public support and place itself as one of the most successful Provinces in the Aarianian Union. Province (December 31, 2017) Governor Gracie Garrett (Liberal)
Vescambia Tagginsol Vescambia was annexed as the "Vescambia Territory" on February 18, 2018, originally to connect the enclave Province of Frisco to the mainland, but Vescambia quickly became a diverse and integrated member of the Aarianian Union. The land used to be humorously referred to as "Little India" due to the high Indian population, but later became a title of honor, serving as a shining example of Aariania's entire purpose in existing, diversity. This allowed Vescambia to quickly be welcomed to the Aarianian community, especially from Frisco and New Estonia, whose citizens would frequently pass through Vescambia to reach the rest of the Provinces. This permission of movement led to a high level of friendship between Frisco and New Estonia and Vescambia. Vescambia was a very long Province, with only 1 primary road leading from west to east, and the settlement of Retreat being isolated beyond that road. The rest of the settlements were very easy to access along the primary road, Basie Park Ct. Vescambia's capital, Tagginsol, hosted one of the few ponds in Aariania, Mandela Pond, named after former South African President Nelson Mandela, who was hailed as a hero in Aariania. The settlements of Yagoda and Bryson City were also not connected to Basie Park Ct., but operated on their own with little government assistance. Province (March 24, 2018) Governor Arturo Lara (Egalitarian)
Hewitta Braxton The Aarianian Province of Hewitta was the 17th and final member of the Aarianian Union. It was the most southeastern Province, bordering Durango and Aldonia. Hewitta's annexation was planned since November, 2017, but was not acted upon until July 30, 2018, when the Aarianian Land Force from the 9th Division of Aldonia entered the territory to permanently occupy the area. The troops received minor civilian support in the form of a few cheers as they paraded the Aarianian flag around Hewitta. Hewitta's annexation was seen as imminent, as the vast majority of Durango's business came from the territory that became Hewitta, and Hewitta had a significant increase in business since the establishment of Durango. This led to Hewittan residents having a favorable outlook towards the Aarianian government, even before the annexation. Hewitta and Durango, being opposite sides of the same neighborhood, were one another's largest trading partners, which was a leading cause of Hewitta's annexation, to receive benefits from both sides of the trade. Durango had always outcompeted Hewitta before the annexation, and this trend carried over after the annexation. However, after Durangan Governor Carson Harrison moved to Richmond, Virginia, to lead Durango from abroad, Durangan progression slowed as Hewitta received heavy media attention, especially after the killing of local resident Jenna Hewitt, the Province's namesake. Hewitta was expected to overtake the Durangan economy in late 2019, but the dissolution of the Aarianian Union prevented this from happening. Province (August 6, 2018) Governor Robert Kelley (Egalitarian)

Aarianian Government

Coppistan, Aldonia in 2017

The Aarianian Union was a federation of several Provinces and Organized Territories, each of which had their own government. The central Aarianian government was officially called the "Aarianian State." Each Province would select a Governor that would represent the Province's interests to the national government, and 7 Governors would be appointed by the Chief Minister to the Council of Seven, to vote on national issues.

Upon Aariania's independence in 2016, an entirely new form of government was created. The need for a strong executive was still recognized, but Aariania wanted to take a step away from its monarchical past. The solution was to create a powerful chief executive that had heavy restrictions placed on it, as to not let power become too consolidated. Additionally, the Grand Council (later "Grand Senate") was created to preside over the chief executive, and held the power to declare any actions to be unconstitutional. The capital city was Yapton, Aldonia, with the secondary de facto capital being Coyopa, New Estonia.


The President of the Aarianian Union of North America (POTAUNA) was the Aarianian head of state. When the position was first created, it was called the "Grand Marquette" and was considered to be a royal title. This allowed for Aariania to join the Royal Association of States and open itself up to new allies in the micronational world.

The role of the President was to represent the nation in international settings as served as the primary proposer of legislature. All legislature proposed would have to be approved by the Council of Seven in order to be officially passed. Later on in Aarianian history, as activity began to decline and legislation became to pass due to slow response times from the government, the Council of Seven approved the introduction of executive orders, which allowed for the President to pass lesser forms of legislation with only the approval of the Vice President. Only 2 executive orders were ever passed, with those being Executive Order 001 and Executive Order 002. The President resided in the Green House in Yapton, Aldonia.

When originally established as the Grand Marquette, the role was not an elected position. However, in late 2018, Grand Marquette Gray opted to make his role an elected position with two 5 year terms, and to be renamed to "President." Gray declared that his term had already begun back in 2016, and that he would be running for reelection in 2021. The election of 2021 would never take place, as Aariania would dissolve in September 2019.

Council of Seven

The Council of Seven was a collection of 7 Governors who would vote on legislation proposed by the President. The Council of Seven did hold the ability to propose legislation, although this rarely occurred.

The Council of Seven was originally made up of 5 members, obviously being called the "Council of Five." As Aariania expanded and began to stabilize, the council was expanded to 7 members in early 2018. Legislation proposed to the Council of Seven originally required a full turnout in order to be official, but as many proposals would reach the 4 vote minimum guaranteeing its approval, but be stuck in limbo until the other 3 votes were submitted, the full turnout requirement was lifted in order to help efficiency.

At the time of its dissolution, the members of the Council of Seven were Whig Governor Haley Valentine of Couvyne, Liberal Governor Gracie Garrett of Ascovia, Egalitarian Governor Carson Harrison of Durango, Liberal Governor Emma Banner of Vanord, Egalitarian Governor Arturo Lara of Vescambia, Egalitarian Governor Anders Reid of Frisco, and Vice President Killian McGregor from Aldonia, a Whig. The Vice President was required to be a member of the Council of Seven.

Chief Minister

The Chief Minister was the final product of a constantly changing judicial body that remained unstable for the majority of its existence. Acting as head of government, the Chief Minister was once called the "President of the Grand Senate," but was changed to prevent confusion with the title of the President of the Aarianian Union. The Grand Senate (formerly called the Grand Council) was an assembly of 11 representatives that dealt with issues within the national government, including public issues, civil disputes, petitions, and court-cases. The Grand Senate held the power of judicial review, and could overrule any decision made by the Provinces, Council of Seven, or the President.

Originally consisting of 21 members, the Grand Senate proved incredibly difficult to maintain, so the number of seats were gradually lowered until hitting 11. Once hitting 11 members, structural changes were attempted by Chief Minister Amelia Reed, which proved very unsuccessful and reduced the member count to 3, worsening the Grand Senate's condition. After more structural changes proved unsuccessful, the Grand Senate was officially dismissed and replaced with a single head of government, the Chief Minister.

At the time of Aariania's dissolution, the Chief Minister was Hajarah Sadler, who had been elected in November of 2018.

Aariania's racing team, AUNA Racing's, debut as a NASCAR sponsor (see NASCAR Sponsorship)


Jacobia City Arson Attack

On March 6, 2016, 3 US citizens immigrated into Aariania and proceeded to burn down the capitol building, the Grand Pavilion, in the [former] capital, Jacobia City, Jacobia. The Grand Pavilion went up in flames as it was made of completely wood, and spread to the surrounding forest region. At the time, Aariania was yet to develop a Fire Department so local American civilians called upon the Charlotte Fire Department to handle the fires. Fortunately, there were no injuries or deaths in the attack. The attackers' motive remains unknown.

The Grand Pavilion was a historic farmhouse dating back several generations, well into the 1800s. Many historical artifacts were lost in its burning, as well as the surrounding Aarianian neighborhoods. The 3 terrorists fled back to America where local Charlotte police apprehended them. The JCAA Memorial now stands in place of the Grand Pavilion, which is a structure made from the bricks of the Grand Pavilion's chimney.

Death of Jenna Hewitt

In the early morning of February 24, 2019, Aarianian resident and former partner of President Aaron Gray, Jenna Hewitt, was shot and killed in a double homicide while staying at her girlfriend's house. Her death came as a shock to the national Aarianian community and local American community. Jenna was a friend of many Aarianian Governors, and was even the mother of former tongue-in-cheek Price of Aariania, Jimmy Hewitt Gray.

At the time of Jenna's passing, Aariania was in a state of decline, and her death took the country by shock, kickstarting a small rebirth. Honoring Jenna became a high priority of the Aarianian State. Governor Robert Kelley approved a request by the President to rename the Province of Highgrove to the "Province of Hewitta" in Jenna's honor. Her birthday, May 26, was declared a national holiday to celebrate the life she lived, and her portrait replaced President Gray on the N1 slip. Vanordian Governor Emma Banner, who was very close with Jenna, took the news very hard. Banner headed most dedication and tribute efforts. Jenna's death would turn her into a symbol in Aariania. She would represent a joyful youth to many Aarianians, who were dedicated to carry out her legacy and her impact on their lives, even beyond her death.

Foreign Relations

Micronational Relations

Aariania was very active diplomatically within the micronational community. Despite Aariania's political alliance with several local micronations under the Atlantian Union, Aariania did not begin to utilize formal treaties until the formation of the Seaborgian Confederation in late October, 2016.

The Aarianian Union had signed a treaty of mutual recognition with the following nations:

The Aarianian Union had unilaterally recognized the following nations:

Macronational Relations

Shortly after declaring independence in 2016, the Aarianian State made efforts to reach out to all world governments in the hope of established bilateral relations. After quickly realizing that this project had no chance of success, the goal changed into simply receiving attention from foreign governments in the form of an email. Over a period of about 2 years, Aariania would make contact with 37 different world governments. Aariania considered New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, and the US Territory of Guam to be its best "allies," as the informal dialogue between the leaders, while unsuccessful, was deemed the most productive by the Aarianian State.

The Aarianian Union had successfully made contact with the following governments:


The Aarianian Armed Forces was divided into 3 separate divisions, with each consisting of personnel from all 3 branches; Land Force, Navy, and Air Force. This division of power was often criticized for overcomplicated the system, and divisions frequently interacted with one another in order to carry out operations. Additionally, due to a shortage of manpower post-Atlantian War, the 3 divisions often did not possess enough soldiers to effectively carry out missions alone, either having to rely on volunteers or assistance from other divisions.

At its height (mid-2016 during the Atlantian War), the Aarianian Armed Forces had around 14 soldiers.

The Aarianian Naval Jack hung up in a temporary naval base in North Carolina, United States

9th Division of Aldonia

The 9th Division of Aldonia was the oldest military division at the time of dissolution. Unnecessary and inefficient bureaucracy led to the rise and fall of around 50 divisions, but the 9th Division was one of the only original divisions to endure. Based out of Aldonia, which hosted the capital settlement, Yapton, the 9th Division was able to recruit from Aariania's areas of highest activity.

The 9th Division of Aldonia boasted the bulk of the Aarianian military, especially those in the Air Force. The 9th Division possessed multiple reconnaissance drones that were used for aerial searches and notably during the War in Couvyne. The 9th Division was often regarded as the first line of defense for Aariania, as it was able to be quickly deployed to Aariania's most active and populated regions, especially across the southern half of the country

45th Division of Frisco

The 45th Division of Frisco held all of Aariania's "real world weaponry," as it was often referred to. This entailed legitimate firearms and automobiles wielded by adults, as opposed to the airsoft and paintball armed teenagers making up the other divisions. The 45th Division was to be used strictly for defense in dire situations, where Aarianian lives were legitimately in danger. It also enlisted several American volunteers, who were not Aarianian citizens but were willing to defend the Aarianian community if it was threatened. Most soldiers of the 45th had joined due to their loyalty to their community, rather than their country. The 45th Division was never deployed.

61st Division of Topeka

The 61st Division of Topeka was created shortly after the 36th Division of Batavia collapsed. When the 36th Division fell, it left western Aariania unprotected, as both the 45th Division and the 9th Division were too far east. The Aarianian State then scrambled to find a replacement for the 36th Division, and as the Province of Topeka was showing more and more potential, Topeka was selected to establish the newest Division of the Aarianian Armed Forces, the 61st Division.

The 61st Division of Topeka was much smaller than its eastern counterparts, and normally served as a supporting division to the 9th Aldonia. The 61st and 9th Divisions would often be assigned joint tasks, where officers from the 9th would be put in charge. The 61st Division aided the 9th during the later stages of the War in Couvyne, an effort that would ultimately be in vain.


Aariania was a very large micronation claiming .61 square miles of land, most of which was forested. Aariania was founded in the forests and built its original settlements from scratch, as it was easier for the government to administer. As time went on, Aariania expanded throughout the woods until eventually the entirety of the small forest, once known as Atlantia, was under Aarianian control. Aariania's connection with the forest would be memorialized in its laws, which forbade the cutting down of any tree without government permission.

It was not until Aariania began to expand into local neighborhoods that the Aariania's 100% woodlands statistic broke. Despite this, the forest was still very clearly present in the area, as trees would surround Aarianian neighborhoods, which carved deep into the forest. Aariania would oppose further excavation of its forests, which was the main cause of the War in Couvyne. Aariania worked with American companies and various renegades attempting to cause damage to the area. Aariania's success in preventing excavation projects made the government very popular among local environmentalists.

2 main creeks ran through Aariania, Creek Ramble and the St. Kekey Creek. While not wide enough to support naval bases or trading routes, they were wide enough to cause massive inconveniences to ground transportation. Aariania spent much of its infrastructure budget building and repairing bridges across the creeks, the most famous being at Central Rock, Menjasovia. Central Rock was the proposed capital settlement, due to it being located in the middle of the country, as well as where the St. Kekey Creek entered into Creek Ramble. After the 3rd Merging Phase, the creeks served as Provincial borders, which was a much more visually defined boundary than the previous borders.

Foreign Entities


Flag Colony Notes Date of Admission Current Leader
Corning Colony Originally claimed in mid-August, 2017, as the Corning Territory, the Corning Colony was the first successful Colony established by the Aarianian Union. Certain members of the Aarianian State had personal ties to the city of Corning, New York, USA, leading to an expedition to the city. The party discovered small field with a creek and bridge running through it, and claimed it for the Aarianian Union as the "Corning Territory." The Corning Territory almost instantly began work to be admitted as a Colony, an upgrade from its status of an unorganized territory. On September 16, 2017, the Corning Colony had met all the requirements, and was admitted as the Corning Colony later that day. September 16, 2017 Governor Jason Gray
Diversity Colony The Diversity Colony was a small strip of land along the Congaree River, surrounded by Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Diversity was primarily created as a result of a political movement attempting to help "redefine" the controversial Confederate battle flag, which was in the Diversitese flag's canton. The goal was to prove that the Confederate battle flag didn't have to represent racism, and could coexist alongside diversity," as said from the colony's name, "Diversity." Unfortunately, this infuriated the Aarianian Council of Five. Days of verbal battles ensued between Council of Five members Governor Garrett of Batavia (later Ascovia), Governor Blackwood of Dolkybia, and Vice President Ian Walker being against the flag, and President Gray and Governor Stark of Allinol (later Vanord) in favor the flag. Governor Stark was the only Black Governor, so his support of the flag was unprecedented. The ironic twist of the debate over the Confederate flag in Aariania was that 80% of the Aarianian Black population was in favor of the Confederate flag, while only 50% of the Aarianian White population was in favor, according to a government survey. After a few days of arguing, Governor Blackwood, Governor Garrett, and Vice President Ian Walker announced their intentions to resign over the increase in Confederate tributes. The President began negotiation, and the 3 members of the Council of Five agreed to stay, as long as Confederate references were dimmed down. Diversity was formerly known as the "Aarianian Republic of Diversity" until February 7, 2018, when the Council of Seven voted 6 - 1 in favor of demoting Diversity from a Territory to a Colony. October 22, 2017 Governor Charlie Wilson
Folly Colony The Folly Colony was a colony bordering the Atlantic Ocean near Folly Beach, South Carolina, USA. Despite being in optimal position for intercontinental trade, the Aarianian State focused on local and continental trade. That said, the Folly Colony survived almost exclusively off tourism, a lot of which were visitors from the Aarianian mainland. The Folly Colony was originally established due to a consistent influx of Aarianian tourists visiting the area, including the President. Many Aarianians visited the Folly Colony for its abundance of shark teeth, which was a common hobby among its tourists. The Folly Colony was small, but Aarianians would spend days at a time there, and many Americans would briefly pass through. The Folly Colony cut through an American pier, so the Aarianian State was forced to write specific ruling to strictly define the Folly Colony's airspace, letting the United States control the pier above the Folly Colony's territory, while Aariania controlled the piece of land underneath. May 12, 2018 Governor Angel Cabrera


Flag Territory Notes Date of Admission Governor (at time of dissolution)
Aarianian Union of Vivannia The Aarianian Union of Vivannia was once an independent nation, the Conservationalist Union of Vivannia. The Conservationalist Union of Vivannia collapsed shortly after the fall of the Seaborgian Confederation. Months later, former 1st Healer of Vivannia, Benjamin Martin, eventually joined the Aarianian Union and founded the Green Party of Aariania (GP). Martin was then offered the position of Governor, should they bring Vivannia back as an Aarianian Territory. Martin accepted the offer, and the former Vivannian territory was annexed. On September 30, 2017, the territory was officially established as the Aarianian Union of Vivannia (AUVi), which went by its shortname, "Vivannia." September 30, 2017 Governor Benjamin Martin
Aarianian Union of Appalachia The Aarianian Union of Appalachia was a small territory surrounded by western North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountain range. The Aarianian Union of Appalachia, also called "Appalachia" or the "AUoA," was officially purchased from the US by New Estonian Governor Sara Beth on behalf of the Aarianian State during late-May, 2018. Appalachia was visited by Governor Beth and President Aaron Gray shortly after, where they spent time fixing up the capital, Brighton. Appalachia was very close to a lake, several rivers, and an American golf course, making the AUoA a very popular tourist attraction for high ranking Aarianian officials. June 6, 2018 Governor Sara Beth


Atlantian War

(21 September 2016 - 9 October 2016)

The Atlantian War was a short war that consisted of several paintball and airsoft battles between the nations of the Atlantian Union after its dissolution. The Atlantian War first broke out when Kobraivia was suspended from the Atlantian Union for attacking member nation, Raionia, and member nations quickly started picking sides. As it became clear that war was imminent, the military pact called the Amorgian Union was founded by Aariania, Porzkybia, Coppistan, Turkiban, Winnland, and Geminia on September 21, 2016. To counter these efforts, Kobraivia, the SC Republic, Bakkelvia, West Resort, Glamoor, and Omeevia would establish the Solluvian Union later that day. Shayman would quickly join as well. The creation of these two military alliances would mark the end of the greater Atlantian Union.

As Venalo and the RMO Republic, whom had opted to stay neutral, began to cut off ties with many nations from both sides, all Atlantian nations took different precautions to prepare for the war. It quickly became apparent that the Solluvian Union had the upper hand due to its stronger members, which forced the Amorgian Union to take the first offensive. A joint Amorgian military force would ambush West Resort and force them into surrender, just two days into the war. However, this large offensive left Geminia, an Amorgian member state, defenseless, and Geminia was ambushed by the SC Republic and Bakkelvia while the Solluvian Union let West Resort fall. Geminia was forced to surrender as well, taking out a member state from each side. While West Resort was deemed a bigger loss to Solluvia than Geminia was to Amorgia, the Amorgian Union was not able to make up for its losses in the way the Solluvian Union could. As Solluvian members Glamoor and Kobraivia began a campaign of starting internal disruption within enemy territory, spreading rumors, propaganda, and attempting to sway the neutral nations of Venalo and the RMO Republic. These tactics proved successful in Porzkybia, who announced that they would drop out of the war and dissolve the nation on October 1, 2016.

The 10 Nirm slip featuring former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower Was portrayed as an Aarianian legacy, and was the first candidate to be featured on Aarianian currency

The Amorgian Union would score the next victory as well, as Winnland would launch an attack against Shayman, which was much smaller and unprepared to defend, as it was very far from the Winnish mainland. The Solluvian Union was unable to send troops to Shayman in time, and Shayman was forced out of the war on September 25, 2016. To make matters worse for the Solluvian Union, Glamoor's propaganda campaign had failed, and civil unrest began to rise within Glamoor, with some calling for their departure from the war. However, Kobraivia's propaganda attempts would prove much more successful, as Winnish citizens would begin protesting against the Winnish government. The situation in Winnland would continue to worsen as Kobraivia would launch a military offensive into the country. Winnland, with the help of a joint Amorgian force, would prevent Kobraivia from reaching the capital, although Kobraivia would take a portion of Winnish territory.

A few nations on both sides would begin increasing their military capacity, and eventually Omeevia and Coppistan would annex small portions of land from the United States. As Omeevia expanded, their neutral neighbor, the RMO Republic, would set up border patrols to watch Omeevian activity, fearing a possible invasion by Solluvian forces. The Omeevian President would take a personal offense to the RMO Republic's response, and RMO-Omeevian relations would begin to break down.

As the situation in Winnland worsened, Aariania and Coppistan would send support to Winnland in attempt to keep the Amorgian powerhouse alive. As Aariania and Coppistan were distracted, the SC Republic launched an invasion of Turkiban, who was unable to defend off the attackers without the help of their southern neighbors, and Turkiban was forced to surrender on September 28. The situation in Winnland would only continue to get worse, as Winnland would soon be forced to declare the state of emergency, which would then be followed by another Kobraivian invasion. While managing to hold off the second Kobraivian invasion, the increasing pressure from Winnish citizens on the Winnish government would soon turn violent, eventually forcing Winnland to drop out of the war, on October 1. Porzkybia would also drop out of the war and dissolve later that day, leaving Aariania and Coppistan as the only remaining members of the Amorgian Union

As Amorgian manpower began dwindling, Aariania attempted to persuade the neutral RMO Republic to join the war effort. Porzkybia and Coppistan would engage in a similar campaign with Venalo. Future Governor of Durango, President Siddharth of the RMO Republic and President Woodbury of Venalo would both restate their nations' neutral stances in the war. Despite these messages, Venalo would begin building up their military, and the RMO Republic would begin entering talks with Coppistan and Aariania.

A married couple enjoy each other's company under the Aarianian national flag in the Corning Colony

In an attempt to bring some life back to the Amorgian war effort, Aariania would go rogue and invade the Republic of Bakkelvia without approval of the Amorgian Union's Military Council. This resulted in the temporary suspension of Aariania from the Amorgian Union, however, seeing the Amorgian Union's weakened state, as well as the success of the invasion, in which Bakkelvia had surrendered, Aariania's suspension was lifted the next day and they rejoined the Amorgian Union.

Despite being reduced to only two members, things began looking up for the Amorgian Union. Despite declaring neutrality, the RMO Republic would invade its neighbor, Omeevia, forcing them to drop out of the war. Additionally, the SC economy had begun to suffer, and they were forced to rely off aid from Glamoor. Coppistan used this as a distraction to invade Glamoor, and successfully force them out of the war. As this was the second successful attack that was unapproved by the Amorgian War Council, Aariania and Coppistan agreed to disband the Amorgian Union and replace it with a bilateral military agreement.

In the first invasion of Aarianian territory, the SC Republic would successfully take over a portion of the Region of Zakovia, before being stopped outside the St. Kekey Creek. However, this attack would further cripple the SC economy. As the SC government began taking more drastic measures to keep their war effort alive, they began to encounter opposition from their citizens. Venalo would end their stance of neutrality and join the Solluvian Union after receiving a series of bribes from the Kobraivian government. In response, the RMO Republic finalized a military agreement with Coppistan, and Vivannia increased its support of Aariania and Coppistan's war efforts.

Coppistan and Aariania would launch an offensive against Kobraivia, the nation that had started the whole war, as the SC Republic was too preoccupied with internal unrest to defend their ally. Kobraivia would surrender on October 6, 2016, leaving only the SC Republic and inexperienced new member, Venalo. The SC Republic would dissolve the Solluvian Union later that day, leaving Venalo at high risk of an invasion by the RMO Republic, causing Venalo to drop out and dissolve, just days after their entry into the conflict.

As the struggling SC Republic was the only remaining nation from the former Solluvian Union, Aariania and Coppistan, along with a separatist group in the SC Republic known as "Sajistan," would invade the SC Republic, which would fall on October 9, 2016, marking the end of the Atlantian War, and a victory for Aariania.

A photo of the Folly Colony on the day of its establishment

War in Couvyne

(March 28, 2018 - April 27, 2018)

The War in Couvyne began on March 28, 2018, when a construction company from the United States invaded the capital of Maynard and proceeded to destroy the settlement and the surrounding territory. The Aarianian State was quick to respond, attempting an Air Force scouting mission, but instead substituting the areal mission for an infantry scouting mission. 3 soldiers from the 9th Division of Aldonia marched into Couvyne to observe the damage.

The Aarianian State scrambled to work with Governor White of Couvyne, who made Puldone the provisional capital of Couvyne and declared that the American destruction of Maynard was to be considered an invasion by the United States. Upon her request, Couvyne began using military action to attempt to slow the United States from advancing further. This proved useless, as the United States easily passed over the barricades placed by the Aarianian Land Force, and used construction equipment to wreak havoc all over Couvyne. The United States quietly made a route around the barricades and pushed into Puldone, where they proceeded to destroy the provisional capital as well.

By April 14, the United States controlled 70% of Couvyne, and Aarianian military efforts had made minimal effect. The Land Force began using guerrilla tactics and established provisional settlements to prevent the Couvynese government from collapsing altogether. The American construction company designated areas of Couvyne that did not need to be developed, which were interpreted as the United States' terms of surrender. The settlements of Cassie Rift and New Texas were established in the unaffected territory, and small campaigns based out of this territory kept several scattered pockets of land under Aarianian control, even with heavy American presence around them. Cassie Rift was disconnected from the rest of the territory and eventually forced to surrender. The Aarianian Land Force then began an offensive campaign into the US, establishing the settlement of Yonaguska. The Land Force then attempted to take back land from the US, but all attempts were rendered useless. On April 27, 2018, President Gray surrendered to the United States, and ceded the territories the United States had occupied, making Yonaguska the new Provincial capital.

Pre-Micronational History

Aarianian Empire

The former flag of the Aarianian Empire

(February 19, 2011 - October 24, 2012)

King Gray I founded the Aarianian Empire on the imaginary planet of Aariania on February 19, 2011. This first Aarianian government was not as free as its successors, often enforcing support for the government and idolizing prominent government figures. Over time, the Aarianian Empire began to accept more people, taking a step away from the personality-based government with the King at the center. This decentralization, however, led to the unified planet's split into 3 separate empires, with the Sensaverm Empire and the Shadrill Empire breaking off from the Aarianian Empire.

The Sensaverm Empire became a personality-based empire, similar to how the Aarianian Empire was in its founding. This led to much tension between the Aarianian Empire and Sensaverm Empire, and both sides began to compete non-militarily against one another. This anti-climatic cold war would end with the Sensaverm Empire surrendering to the increasingly democratizing Aarianian Empire in mid-2012. Soon after, the planet was reunited when the Shadrill Empire, which had remained neutral in the conflict, decided to merge with the Aarianian Empire. This reunification of the planet would allow for a new more inclusive form of government to emerge, which would mark the beginning of the Kingdom of Aariania.

Kingdom of Aariania

The former flag of the Kingdom of Aariania. This original Aarianian "A" was dropped in exchange for the modern Aarianian Royal "A" in 2016 for to closely resembling the anarchy symbol

(October 25, 2012 - April 11, 2016)

Rebranded to put less emphasis on individual government figures, the Kingdom of Aariania still did boast a monarchy with King Gray I at the center. With decentralized powers of the King, more power was given to new government bodies, most of which did not exist under the Aarianian Empire. This new division of power, however, required more effort to uphold, and the Kingdom of Aariania proved unable to meet this demand falling into a period of dormancy from early-2013 to early-2016.

Nonetheless, the people were much happier with the new Aarianian government. New rights were granted to common people and citizens had the ability to climb up the ranks and institutions of society. Upon the Kingdom of Aariania's resurgence in early 2016, there appeared to be a new sense of realism and the need for a rebirth of the nation, since most citizens had lost interest, and only a few determined individuals remained. This would lead to a new founding of Aariania, this time without imaginary citizens on an imaginary planet, but with real citizens on a real planet.

Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories

The former flag of the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories

(April 12, 2016 - May 21, 2016)

The 2nd rebirth of Aariania brought with it a new regime. Now boasting a new sense of realism, the remaining Aarianians wished to bring Aariania out of the realm of imagination and turn it into a physical place on Earth. This goal led to the creation of the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories.

The Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories, also known as the "Atheist State" or the "ASAT," was founded on April 12, 2016, in a small section of a forest in Charlotte, North Carolina. Despite the name, the ASAT was not a theocracy, or an atheist equivalent of a theocracy, but was simply named for a common factor among all of the ASAT's founders. Atheism held no place in Aarianian public policy and freedom of religion was fully permitted.

Now with physical territory to uphold, government activity was more important than ever before, and divisions of power became not just an ideal, but a necessity for the nation to survive. This led to the first formation of "Territories." While the specific name for these subdivisions would be changed several times throughout Aariania's existence, later being called "Regions" and eventually settling on "Provinces," the ASAT marked the beginning of Aariania's establishment as a federal system instead of a unitary state. The ASAT consisted of five Territories which were named Aariania, West Aariania, Jacobia, Cartairia, and North Aariania.

The Atheist State was intended to serve as a short term "transitional" government. The ASAT allowed for Aariania to establish a foothold as a nation, to set up a base government and claim physical territory. It tested the extent of the government's power and allowed for the Constitution of the Aarianian Union to be drafted. After just over a month, Aarianian leaders would meet in the Territory of Jacobia on May 21, 2016, to hoist the new Aarianian flag, the Muscadine Banner and officially declare independence from the United States. This declaration of independence would mark the ending of the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories, and the beginning of the Aarianian Union of North America (although called the "United Regions of Aariania" at the time). This declaration would also reorganize the Aarianian government, dissolving the Territories and establishing 3 separate Regions; Rubikia, Jacobia, and Zakovia. The Territory of North Aariania was granted independence as the State of Turkiban, where it would serve as an ally of Aariania until suffering a fatal defeat in the Atlantian War at the hands of the SC Republic.

International Organizations

Atlantian Union

(July 18, 2016 - September 21, 2016)

The Atlantian Union was a micronational union founded by the Commonwealth of Resort, the Aarianian Union of North America, Republic of West Resort, Republic of Winnland, and the SC Republic to promote diplomacy, trade, and unity across the area known as "Atlantia," a small area of forest hosting 17 micronations in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the Atlantian Union quickly became a success, more nations joined, such as the Kingdom of Raionia, Kingdom of Glamoor, Republic of Kobraivia, Republic of Coppistan, State of Turkiban, and the Republic of Omeevia. The Atlantian Union suffered a minor setback when founding member, Resort, was forced to dissolve due to declining internal activity, but despite this, more nations continued to join the Atlantian Union, including the RMO Republic, Kingdom of Shayman, Republic of Bakkelvia, Republic of Geminia, Republic of Venalo, the Conservationalist Union of Vivannia, and the Kingdom of Porzkybia.

The downfall of the entire Atlantian Union ironically came when choosing the flag for the organization. Each nation submitted one design for the Atlantian flag, and every nation could cast a vote for their favorite design, excluding their own. After the vote concluded, the design from Kobraivia won by a slight margin over the design from its neighbor Raionia, which was met with an abnormal level of dismay from many nations. After wondering why such an unpopular design won, the delegation of Vivannia discovered evidence that Kobraivia may have engaged in election fraud, so a revote was held to decide the flag, with Raionia's popular design coming out victorious. The enraged Kobraivian government invaded Raionia with soldiers armed with paintball and BB guns, and forced Raionian President Kelly Raione to dissolve the nation. A vote was held and Kobraivia was controversially kicked out of the Atlantian Union. Kobraivia's allies in the Atlantian Union argued that Kobraivia had not been given a proper platform to defend itself, and that the Altantian Union had acted too harshly towards them. As many nations stood firm on their vote to expel Kobraivia, a clear division was drawn within the Atlantian Union, with only Venalo and the RMO Republic opting to remain neutral. This division would lead to two separate military alliances being formed, the Amorgian Union and the Solluvian Union, which would mark the end of the Atlantian Union, and the beginning of the Atlantian War.

Amorgian Union

(September 21, 2016 - September 29, 2016, September 30, 2016 - October 2, 2016)

As the division in the Atlantian Union looked increasingly like it would lead to a war, Aariania and its allies, who had supported Kobraivia's discharge from the Atlantian Union, formed a temporary military alliance titled the "Amorgian Union." This union consisted of the Aarianian Union, Winnland, Coppistan, Turkiban, Geminia, and Porzkybia. Venalo, Vivannia, and the RMO Republic all had voted in favor of Kobraivia's discharge from the Atlantian Union, but were unwilling to join a military alliance at the time, although this would change later. Vivannia did not possess a military, but did advocate for the Amorgian Union. Venalo and the RMO Republic would both be the recipient of constant attempts at bribery from both sides, as Amorgia and Solluvia tried to gain their support for the upcoming war. This prompted Kobraivia and its allies of the SC Republic, West Resort, Bakkelvia, Omeevia, Glamoor, and Shayman to form a separate military alliance known as the "Solluvian Union." Venalo would later join the Solluvian Union as a result of Solluvian bribery tactics. The RMO Republic would also support the Amorgian Union later in the war, although never officially joining.

Once the war began, members of both unions were quickly picked off one by one. On September 29, 2016, Aariania launched a surprise invasion against Bakkelvia without Amorgian approval. This was grounds for Aariania to be expelled from the organization, but due to the success of Aariania's invasion, and increasing military failures from the rest of the Amorgian Union, Aariania was permitted to rejoin the next day. By October 2, all but 2 Amorgian Union members, Aariania and Coppistan, had surrendered, although support was still being received from Vivannia and the RMO Republic. In order to increase the efficiency of multinational military efforts, the Amorgian Union was officially disbaned, where it would be replaced with a simple war alliance between Coppistan and Aariania.

Seaborgian Confederation

(October 29, 2016 - March 29, 2017)

The United Confederation of Seaborgia was a short lived confederation between the Aarianian Union of North America, the Republic of Coppistan, the Conservationalist Union of Vivannia, and the Kingdom of Saltland. The Seaborgian Confederation, or "Seaborgia," was an attempt to recreate the Atlantian Union after the Atlantian War. This attempt was poorly carried out, as a technical error led to the founding members agreeing to different versions of the treaty. As member states debated the terms of their newly formed confederation, Saltland, which was a new nation propped up by Aariania and Coppistan after the conclusion of the Atlantian War, was unable to receive economic aid, and the kingdom collapsed. Saltland left in its place the Democratic Republic of Kinusia and the North Saltlandic Federation, which would enter into a paintball/airsoft war nearly immediately after their establishment. The three remaining members of the Seaborgian Confederation scrambled to interfere and end the violence, but inconsistencies in the founding treaties would prevent them from doing so. The North Saltlandic Federation would ultimately win the war, only to fall to inactivity and internal conflicts only weeks later.

As the Seaborgian Confederation no longer had any immediate issues to deal with, more effort was put into reorganizing the confederation. The inconsistent treaties were scrapped, and a new treaty was written entirely. The Treaty of the United Confederation of Seaborgia, written primarily by Vivannian Ambassador Tony Luo, was far more extensive than any international treaty the region had seen before, and was signed by 1st Healer Benjamin Martin and Ambassador Tony Lan of Vivannia, President Aidan Howard of Coppistan, and President Aaron Gray of Aariania in early 2017.

The Seaborgian Confederation would see initial success, as trade and infrastructure projects significantly increased, but over the next two months, progress would stall, leading to Coppistan voting to leave the confederation. After Coppistan left, the success of Seaborgia vanished, causing Aariania to leave soon after. Being upheld by Vivannia alone, the treaty was declared void, marking an end to the Seaborgian Confederation.

Royal Association of States

(November 23, 2017 - December 5, 2018)

The Royal Association of States (RAS) was the first micronational organization that Aariania joined, instead of founded. The RAS was a union of 3 monarchical countries, the Kingdom of the Danube, the Aarianian Union of North America, and the Kingdom of Jupiter. A few other countries joined at later points, but Aariania, the Danube, and Jupiter were widely regarded as the leading members.

Despite having an elected head of state, the title of "President" was originally called the "Grand Marquette," which technically qualified as a royal title, permitting Aariania's admittance to the RAS.

The RAS led to the Danube and Jupiter becoming the closest allies of Aariania, which would later bring Aariania into hot water with some of its other foreign ventures. Most notably, Aariania would declare its support for the Danube in the New Flanders Reconquest over the Sultanate of Shorewell in mid-2018. The Aarianian Union had established bilateral relations with Shorewell in late January, 2018, after several months of negotiations. However, after Aariania declared its support for the Danube, the Shorewellese government suspended all diplomatic ties with Aariania on July 21, 2018. Involvement in many international issues made the RAS a significant catalyst in Aariania's introduction to the MicroWiki community.

Aariania left the Royal Association of States in December, 2018, shortly after the title "Grand Marquette" was renamed to "President," eliminating Aariania's qualification for RAS membership.

Grand Unified Micronational

(December 10, 2017 - September 25, 2019)

As arguably one of the most prestigious intermicronational organizations, the Aarianian Union had strived to join the Grand Unified Micronational since its introduction to the worldwide micronational community in late 2016. After joining several micronational Skype rooms, establishing ties with several GUM member states, and joining the Royal Association of States, Aariania became an observer state of the GUM on November 26, 2017. Aariania would soon after apply for full membership, which would be granted on December 10, 2017.

Aariania would remain a member of the GUM until its dissolution in September, 2019. During its time in the organization, Aariania would be a heavy proponent of the Diplomabear project, even managing to draft plans for Diplomabear's tour of several North Carolinian micronations, but these plans would be futile as Aariania would dissolve before being able to host the stuffed diplomat. Aariania was also an opponent of the GUM's switch from Skype to Discord, a mindset that would drastically change after Discord proved to be a much more reliable platform. The switch to Discord led to excessive time being spent on membership applications during quorums, a tradition that the Aarianian delegate heavily criticized.

As calls for power to be consolidated in the chair grew, Aariania would hold a very anti-authoritarian stance against these reforms. The Aarianian delegation Aaron Gray would later be the running mate for Ashley Jaax, Emperor of the Empire of Iustus, in the June 2019 election for Chair, where they would win 30.8% of the vote, but ultimately lose to Bradley, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Wyvern, who won 50.0% of the vote. Aariania and its allies of Iustus and Posaf, among other countries, would continue oppose power expansions by the chair, which were rarely successful.

On July 7, 2019, Aarianian delegation Aaron Gray would be offered by the chair and former political rival, Bradley, Duke of Dullahan, the position of Secretary of Diplomacy and Recruitment. As Secretary of Diplomacy and Recruitment, Gray would propose many ideas which unfortunately were never able to be carried out under Gray's administration, as Aariania's dissolution on September 25, 2019, would end Gray's term, handing over the position to fellow ally Mike Lewis, Prime Minister of Lundenwic.

Aariania participated in the 24 Hour Quorum of 2019, with both President Gray and Vice President Valentine speaking.

Carolina Confederation

(April 21, 2018 - September 25, 2019)

The Carolina Confederation was a minor political union between the Aarianian Union, the Kingdom of Jupiter, and the Empire of New Providence, all of which were based out of the US State of North Carolina. The Carolina Confederation was founded on April 21, 2018, when President Gray of Aariania and Leader Violette of New Providence traveled to the city of Raleigh, North Carolina to meet with King Max I of Jupiter. The 3 exchanged traditional gifts from each other's nations, with Aariania bringing polished railroad spikes and the national currency. Aariania was gifted with a jar of pickles from Jupiter and with a standard issue military staff from the Drew Star Line named "Formido," which translates to "dread." President Gray and King Max, who was gifted the staff named "Timor," remain the only two non-Starlanders to possess military staffs. Due to a shortage of money, the three then had lunch at a local Subway, where the leaders discussed their individual nations and signed a blank piece of paper, which was considered the official treaty of the Carolina Confederation.

Not much activity occurred in the Carolina Confederation beyond the original meeting. King Max I and President Aaron Gray continued a personal friendship with was extended though their common participation in Model UN. King Max would eventually meet with Governor Aditya Rice of Topeka and Governor Nanthana Senegal of Ellington at a Model UN conference in Chapel Hill, NC in 2019.

The Carolina Confederation effectively ended with the dissolution of the Aarianian Union on September 25, 2019.

Micronational Olympic Federation

(September 22, 2018 - February 20, 2019)

Aariania had a short stint in the Micronational Olympic Federation, an organization dedicated to hosting eSport competitions between micronations. Aariania was invited by close ally, Posaf, in September 2018, where they began preparing for the Millania 2019 Olympics.

Aariania's Olympic participation was very short lived, as the Aarianian Union withdrew from the MOF following a very controversial tiebreaker procedure, that had ended with Aariania's elimination from the 2nd round of the Tic Tac Toe bracket after the game was replaced with a coin toss. Aariania had also announced a bid for the 2021 Micronational Olympics, which was nullified after Aariania's departure.

Union of Southern Micronations

(December 23, 2018 - February 22, 2019)

The Union of Southern Micronations, or the UoSM, was a short-lived organization that intended to promote micronationalism across the Southern United States. Founded by Aariania and Ikonia, the UoSM was divided between experienced nations and young developing nations, with the intended goal being for the experienced nations to aid the developing nations, and help build lasting governments.

While having some initial success, the UoSM was widely regarded as a YAMO by the MicroWiki community, and the project was dropped after around 2 months.

Aarianian Soccer Association

The Aarianian Soccer Association (ASA) began as a small private organization with merely a theory. When the President heard of it, he agreed to sponsor the ASA. This led to the Championship being called the "Marquette Cup," as the President was called the "Grand Marquette" at the time. The ASA became a semi-private organization as the creation of teams became the responsibility of individual Provinces, with 4 teams being sponsored by the national government. Season 1 officially began on February 26, 2017, with 32 teams, divided equally between the Regal Alliance and the Royal Alliance, with each Alliance being divided into 4 Districts. At first, each of the 32 teams consisted of only one person, which led to very awkward meetups. A second person was soon added to each team, but this proved very hard to maintain, and many players would play for multiple teams.

For Season 1, the playoff system was based heavily on the style of the NFL in the United States. The team with the best record in each District would qualify, with the top two of each Alliance earning a first round bye, and then two wildcards would qualify from each Alliance, which were the teams that had the best records in the alliance but did not win their District. As the ASA reduced the number of teams to 17 for Season 2, one for each Province, as well as getting rid of Districts and redrawing the Alliances, the playoffs became much simpler. The 4 teams with the best record from each Alliance (now called the Northern Alliance and Southern Alliance) would qualify and participate in a simple 8 team bracket. Physical games were also replaced with online simulations for Season 2.

ASA president and Chairman of the Freedom Party of Dolkybia, Markus Demingol, left the Aarianian Union in February, 2018, leaving the association without much leadership, and essentially marking the end of the ASA.

Season 1

As Season 1 began, things did not begin well. Many Provinces considered removing sponsorship due to lack of excitement and popularity, although this changed when the ASA added a 2nd starting player, which made games more exciting. The 2nd Merging Phase reorganized many Provincial governments and borders, throwing a lot of obstacles at the ASA, and fortunately the ASA was able to avoid them all by moving teams, getting new sponsors, and utilizing temporary fields in the United States.

Once the playoffs began, players from teams that did qualify temporarily joined teams that did qualify, increasing the roster to 5 starting players. The playoffs were very successful and actually managed to bring in small crowds to watch the games. In the Royal Alliance, 4th Seed Trestonia (8 - 8), the underdog of the playoffs, knocked out 1st Seed Kanawha (13 - 3) and advanced to play 2nd Seed, Calacoala (11 - 5). Calacoala beat Trestonia to advance to the Marquette Cup in Hetwash, Frisco. 5th Seed Judacia (10 - 6) of the Regal Alliance beat 2nd Seed Batavia (11 - 5) to play Calacoala. At the time, the Provinces of Calacoala and Rubikia were attempting to unite under a single Provincial government, but could not do so until the Calacoalan team was out of the playoffs.

The official bracket of the ASA Playoffs Season 1

The 1st Marquette Cup took place in Hetwash, Frisco on July 23, 2017. A crowd of 24 showed up to watch, but the entire field was evacuated for a flood warning. The game was delayed an hour, but the players still showed up one being allowed to return to the field. No spectators returned. The game started off slow as the ball was kicked back and forth without any goals. Judacia made the first score with 46 minutes remaining. Calacoala took may attempts at a goal, but missed a whopping 15 times, which was very uncharacteristic for the team. With 14 minutes remaining, Judacia scored again, putting Judacia up by 2. Calaocala desperately tried to score before the game ended, but was not able to. With 4 minutes left, a penalty was called against Judacia and Calacoala received a penalty kick. They missed the shot, which about sealed the game for Judacia. Judacia beat Calacoala 0 - 2 in the first national Marquette Cup. The Province of Judacia was later absorbed into the Province of Ascovia, which became the underdog of Season 2's playoff bracket.

Season 2

For Season 2, the ASA switched from physical games to games run by an online simulator. While this did decrease public involvement, it allowed for a smoother and more efficient run of the season, which helped produce an easier to follow format for casual fans. The association was reduced to 17 teams, with 8 teams in the Northern Alliance and 9 teams in the Southern Alliance. The playoff format was also changed, only qualifying the top 4 teams of each Alliance.

During the regular season, it was quickly shown which teams would be successful and unsuccessful, with the exception of Vescambia, who rocketed to 8 - 2, and then went on a 6-game losing streak to end 8 - 8, knocking them out of the playoffs. The Southern Alliance proved to be much more successful than the Northern Alliance, having 3 teams with winning records and 3 with tied records, while the Northern Alliance only had 1 winning record team, Topeka, and 2 tied records, meaning over half of the Northern teams had losing records.

Topeka quickly secured it's spot as the 1st seed in the Northern Alliance with a record of 12 - 4. The next 3 seeds in the Northern Alliance were not decided until the final week, as they headed into the final week with 3-way tie between Ascovia, Oakansas, and Vanord, all at 7 - 8. In the final week, Asocvia and Oakansas both won their games, making them the 2nd and 3rd Seeds of the Northern Alliance, respectively. Vanord ended up losing their game, falling to 7 - 9, and actually lost the 4th Seed spot to the Glyceland, which had won their final game to advance to 7 - 9. Despite having the same record, Glyceland had beaten Vanord earlier in the season, which gave them the tiebreaker and advanced them to the playoffs as the 4th Seed.

In the Southern Alliance, the teams that would qualify for the playoffs had essentially been decided, but in the order they would rank was not. The favorite, Menjasovia, ended 12 - 4, and secured the 1st Seed position over Ellington (11 - 5) on the final week. Neosaldia had finished their season 8 - 8 a week early on Week 15, as they previously had 2 games in the same week due to an odd number of ASA teams. Neosaldia was ranked 5th, right outside the playoffs, and could only hope that Vescambia (8 - 7, as of Week 15) would lose their final game, which would put Neosaldia in the playoffs. Since Neosaldia had the tiebreaker, their playoff hopes would stay alive as Ascovia beat Vescambia 0 - 1 in the final game of the season, Vescambia's 6th consecutive loss. Hewitta (9 - 6) had secured a playoff spot earlier in the season, and would enter as the 3rd Seed.

The official bracket of the ASA Playoffs Season 2

The higher seed came out victorious in all quarterfinal playoff games. In the Northern Alliance, 1st Seed Topeka (12 - 4) took out 4th Seed Glyceland (7 - 9) and 2nd Seed Ascovia (8 - 8) took out 3rd Seed Oakansas (8 - 8). Early on in the season, Ascovia was expected to be one of the worst teams, so them acquiring a 2nd Seed and making it to the semifinals took the country by surprise and gained them a notable fanbase.

In the Southern Alliance, 1st Seed Menjasovia (12 - 4) took out 4th Seed Neosaldia (8 - 8), and 2nd Seed Ellington (11 - 5) beat 3rd Seed Hewitta (9 - 7), pinning Menjasovia and Ellington, which had battled all year for the position of 1st Seed, against one another in the semifinals. Hewitta had been known as "Highgrove" for most of the season, but was renamed in honor of Jenna Hewitt, a resident of the Province who was killed in a double murder on February 24. The renaming of the Province sparked emotion from across the country and the micronational community, and Hewitta became the most popular team among both Aarianians and foreigners, so their elimination at the hands of Ellington was met with widespread despair.

In the semifinals, 1st Seed Menjasovia beat their rival, Ellington, to send them to the 2nd Marquette Cup in Sequoyah, Oakansas, where they would face the 1st Seed of the Northern Alliance, Topeka, who had ended the underdog story of Ascovia in the Northern semifinals. Since both Menjasovia and Topeka boasted similar statistics, both were 1st Seeds with a 12 - 4 record, a close match was expected. Unfortunately, the 2nd Marquette Cup ended up being very anticlimactic, with Topeka shutting out Menjasovia 2 - 0, making them the 2nd champions of the ASA.

Merging Phases

1st Merging Phase

In January 2017, Aariania controlled less than .19 square miles but was made up of 60 different Provinces (called "Regions" until July, 2017). This excess number of Provinces led to many unnecessary complications and difficulties keeping consistent Provincial leadership. This led the Aarianian State to take direct control over Provincial governments and merge Provinces with one another. This made internal relations significantly less complicated, reduced taxation complications, and unified the country. However, as Aariania continued to expand and admit new Provinces that were roughly the same size as the existing ones, Aariania would once again have an inflated bureaucracy of Provincial governments, which paved the way for the 2nd Merging Phase.

2nd Merging Phase

The 2nd Merging Phase was essentially a repeat of the 1st Merging Phase. Aarianian expansion led to it once again having too many Provinces, so in mid-March, 2017, the Aarianian State took direct control over the Provinces and merged many of them, reducing the nation to 27 Provinces by mid-April. This set the foundation for a period of relative internal stability as the nation continued to expand and create new Provinces, but at a much slower rate. Aariania expanded to 30 Provinces by April 30, 2017, and met heavy resistance from citizens upon the admission of the Province of Dixieland (later the settlement of Enclave, Glyceland). This proved as a successful test of the Aarianian government, which was able to peacefully resolve the issues and admit the Province.

3rd Merging Phase

The most memorable of the three, the 3rd Merging Phase was the final merging phase in Aarianian history, and was a much larger than the previous phases. As the Aarianian government had solidified, the reorganization of Provinces was a much bigger deal than it had been in the past. 30 Provinces was deemed to be unnecessarily complicated, and the abnormal borders resulting from the previous two Merging Phases had proved very inconvenient for Provincial governments. Starting on December 28, 2017, all power was temporarily invested in the President, and the 1-month process of the 3rd Merging Phase began.

The President quickly removed all Governors from power (at the time called Barons and Baronesses) with plans to reappoint the most prominent ones after the conclusion of the project. 18 of the 30 Provinces were dissolved entirely, and the remaining 12 had their borders reduced to only their Provincial capital. On December 31, 2017, just moments before midnight, the Provinces of Neosaldia, Vanord, and Ascovia were admitted, encompassing only a single settlement each. Then, one-by-one, the President expanded the 15 Provinces to fit new borders, much cleaner than their predecessors. Each Province was declared to have been "readmitted to the Aarianian Union," but these declarations were later declared irrelevant, as the Provinces had technically never left the Aarianian Union, only ceded their power to the national government. When the 3rd Merging Phase ended on January 28, 2018, the President was temporarily removed from power and Chief Minister Kenny Morgans took over as the Chief Executive for the next week in order to fix any mistakes that may have been made.

After the conclusion of the 3rd Merging Phase, Aarianian Provincial borders became set in stone. Borders did not change, and only two new Provinces, Vescambia and Hewitta, would be admitted to the AUNA over the next ​1 12 years, reaching a total of 17 Provinces by the time of its dissolution on September 25, 2019.


Political Culture

Aarianian political culture stood out among the political cultures of other nations because of its lack of hostility and avoidance of right/left politics. During its period of highest stability, the two leading Aarianian political parties, the Egalitarian Party and the Whig Party, were not divided among two separate ideologies, but rather a different order of prioritization of goals. Neither party was conservative or liberal, or had any definable goals, and served more as a mindset than a party.

The Egalitarian Party, lead by President Aaron Gray, prioritized Aariania's external impact, such as how Aariania was viewed by the world, and how to appeal to newer audiences. The Whig Party prioritized strengthening preexisting institutions, focusing on the internal impact of the government instead. The Liberal Party was far less favorable in the eyes of many Aarianians. The Liberal Party of Aariania was often seen as a typical left-wing party that brought with it the hostility seen in most macronations between liberals and conservatives. Many viewed the Liberal Party as vilifying, and the party's leadership was very unpopular both within the party and outside the party.


Logo of the Egalitarian Party of Aariania, the leading party at the time of Aariania's dissolution

Aariania's first political party was the Communist Party of Aariania, or "CPA," founded in late 2016 in the Region of Dakaivia, which later became the settlement of Sekrakus, Salbania (even later became Ogjeksia). As all government members had officially been independents beforehand, the formation of a political party was met with animosity, especially one supporting an authoritarian style of government. Many independents formed the Independent Party of Aariania (IPA), with President Aaron Gray at the head. The IPA did not follow any single ideology, but simply served as a unified front against the Communist Party. The formation of the IPA was followed by many other startup parties, but the Independents and Communists remained the largest two. After several "one man parties" had risen, the Grand Senate enacted requirements for political parties to meet, which left all parties scrambling to meet the standards, and a period of political chaos ensued. As parties merged left and right, a debate arose over what to do with political parties in the nation as a whole. The CPA used this chaos as a distraction to start implementing communist policies and authoritarian measures, which were in violation of Aarianian code. The Independent Party, not threatened by the requirements instated by the Grand Senate, challenged the Communist Party of the legality of their actions. After much debate, the Independent Party along with the Aarianian State agreed to the Dolkybian Communist Containment Treaty, which established the Administrative District of Dolkybia, where the CPA would be allowed to implement communist policies without violating the Constitution of the Aarianian Union. While the Communist Party celebrated their new territory where they were free to enact their policies, the Dolkybian people would be horrified and embarrassed as they watched their district economically lagged behind the other Provinces. The Communist Party would continue to decline in popularity, eventually being threatened by the subpolitical party, the Freedom Party of Dolkybia, led by Markus Demingol. The CPA would finally fall in April 2018, and the Dolkybian people rejoiced.

Logo of the Whig Party of Aariania, the primary opposition, despite a coalition, of the EPA at the time of Aariania's dissolution

As chaos died down between the other political parties who were scrambling to meet the Grand Senate's requirements, a few leaders broke out among the crowd. The Independent Party would see new challengers come up such as the Nationalist Party of Aariania (NPA), Federal Party of Aariania (FPA), Constitutional Party of Aariania (CP), Liberal Party of Aariania (LPA), Conservative Party of Aariania (also called the CPA), and the Whig Party of Aariania (WPA). Despite a constant struggle for seats, little hostility existed between the parties, although it remained clear that the Independent Party was the leading party of the group. Some accredited this to the Independent Party's "catch all" demeanor which was too vague to be unified as one party, and eventually the Grand Senate announced that the IPA would either have to clarify their political ideology or break up.

Logo of the Liberal Party of Aariania, the most successful minor party in Aarianian history

The IPA sued the Grand Council, and after Governor Arturo Lara cited Article 41 of the Constitution of the Aarianian Union, which permitted everyone to "carry on political activities in or with such parties," the Grand Senate dropped their demands of the IPA. The IPA would solidify its ideology anyway, rebranding itself to the Egalitarian Party of Aariania (EPA) in May 2018.

One by one, many political parties were absorbed by larger ones until only 3 remained, the Egalitarian Party, the Whig Party, and the Liberal Party. The Egalitarian Party held a slight edge over the Whig Party, and the Liberal Party lagged far behind, barely meeting survival requirements. To many, the Liberal Party represented a return to American-style partisan politics, something that the Egalitarian and Whig Parties didn't do. Despite technically being rivals, the Egalitarians and Whigs agreed on most issues, just with different orders of priorities, and the two leading parties often stood together as a symbol of unity. Eventually, the "Greater Aariania Coalition" was formed between the EPA and WPA as a further symbol of friendship. President Gray, an Egalitarian, had appointed two different Whigs as his vice president during his time in office, with those being Vice President Haley Valentine of Vanord and Vice President Killian McGregor of Neosaldia.

The Greater Aariania Coalition lasted until the dissolution of the Aarianian Union on September 25, 2019.

NASCAR Sponsorship

A close-up of the decal design

After the idea was proposed on the Aarianian Discord server, From Aariania With Love 2, President Aaron Gray reached out to 6 teams in the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series to discuss the sponsorship of a car, a project dubbed "Project Motorsport." Project Motorsport received little media attention, as it appeared to be a hopeless venture. After finding a reasonable offer, the Aarianian State began working on a deal with MBM Motorsports for a one race sponsorship. As plans began to finalize, MBM Motorsports would learn that President Gray was a minor and refuse to engage in any further discussion, setting Project Motorsport back to square one.

AarianiaCar receiving service before the race

The Aarianian State decided to continue the project, reopening discussion with other teams. Upon reaching a consensus with Premium Motorsports, President Gray handed over contractual discussion to Corning Colony Governor Jason Gray, the President's father, to avoid a repeat of the earlier situation. In a far more reasonable deal, Aariania would officially sponsor the No. 15 Chevrolet Camaro driven by Ross Chastain in the 2019 Bojangles' Southern 500 in Darlington, South Carolina, with a 4x6 inch decal on the rear quarter panel. Aariania is believed to be the first micronation to ever become a NASCAR sponsor. President Gray and Governor Gray would attend the race, where Ross Chastain would start 31st and finish 28th in the car which would be dubbed "AarianiaCar." As intended, Project Motorsport would be the final project carried out by the Aarianian State, as Aariania would dissolve later that month.

Random Trivia

  • It was illegal to cut down trees without approval from the Aarianian State
  • Aariania's religious demographics consisted of 35% Atheist, 25% Christian, 25% Muslim, 8% Hindu, 2% Jewish, and 5% other (January 6, 2018)
  • The national food of Aariania was cereal. The national drink was eggnog
  • The national plant of Aariania was the pumpkin
  • Despite being surrounded by the United States, Aariania used Celsius as the official temperature system, although most citizens were fluent in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Both gambling and prostitution was legal in Aariania
  • Unrestricted gambling was legal nationally throughout Aariania
  • Recreational marijuana use was legalized on January 1, of 2018 after being approved by the Grand Senate in early December, 2017
  • Aariania was once 60% majority Muslim
  • A common tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory was that the US State of Kansas was a myth
  • Aariania was known for being the birthplace of the international craze, the "Water Bottle Flip"
  • Aariania's racial demographics consisted of 55.9% white, 17.8% Indian, 7.1% Black, 5.9% Asian, 3.5% Arab, 3.5% Latino/Latina, 3.5% Registered Mixed, and 2.3% Unknown/no data (January 4, 2019)
  • The music video for Straight into Oregon by Justin Ashley was filmed in Community House, Ogjeksia
  • Aariania still officially recognized Pluto as a planet
  • Aariania had 5 official state heroes; Robert E. Lee, Frederick Douglass, Stonewall Jackson, Dwight Eisenhower, and the only non-Southerner, Nelson Mandela
  • Aarianian golf was played with 19 holes, as opposed to American golf with 18 holes
  • In Aariania, it was considered good luck to throw metal bottle caps into rivers, lakes, ponds, fountains, etc.
  • In Aarianian folk culture, Santa Claus is Black
  • In Aariania, zero was sometimes written as a double digit number (00)