Aarianian Union of North America

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Aarianian Union of North America
Aariania Flag.png
Muscadine Banner
Aarianian Coat of Arms.jpg

All Races, All Religions, One Nation
From Dixie With Love (official)
Dixie (popular)
Map of the Aarianian Union
Capital city Yapton, Aldonia / Coyopa, New Estonia (secondary de facto)
Largest city Kulton, Ascovia
Official language(s) English
Short name Aariania, Aarianian Union, AUNA
Demonym Aarianian
Government Constitutional monarchy, representative republic
- President Aaron Green
- Vice President Haley Vlahos
Legislature Grand Senate
Established February 19, 2011
(Declared independent) May 21, 2016
Area claimed .61 square miles
Population 75 (November 25, 2018)
Currency US Dollar, Nirms
Time zone (EDT)
National animal Bighorn sheep
This nation is a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, the Micronational Olympic Federation, the Union Against Micronational War, and the Carolina Confederation

Official Website

The Aarianian Union of North America is a self-declared sovereign state, more often referred to as a micronation, which was founded on February 19, 2011 by President Aaron Green. Aariania peacefully declared independence from the State of North Carolina, United States on May 21, 2016. Aariania is made up of 16 different self-governed Provinces and 1 Organized Territory, each of which work individually to provide for themselves and the Aarianian central government, which is called the "Aarianian State".

Aariania's primary goal is to expand and promote the importance of ethnic diversity, and to provide a safe environment for everyone of all races, religions, genders, sexual preferences, countries-of-origin, and ethnicities. Aariania's 3 primary goals are to promote ethnic and cultural diversity, the preservation of all cultures and subcultures, and to embrace Southern culture in a peaceful and accepting way.

Aariania was one of many micronations in a small area of land formerly called "Atlantia". Aariania was the third nation to be created in Atlantia, out of a total of 37. Aariania is now the only surviving nation of Atlantia, which became Seaborgia, but is now considered defunct. Aariania was a founding member of the Atlantian Union and the Seaborgian Confederation, and was the only nation to survive the destruction of both. Aariania is based along the border of North Carolina and South Carolina within the United States and currently holds Fifth World status.

Aarianian Provinces

Number Flag Name Capital Notes Status & Date of Admission Current Baron/Baroness
Menjasovia Flag.jpg
Menjasovia Central Rock The Province of Menjasovia is known for it's numerous long trade routes bringing goods across Aariania. Menjasovia was one of the original 8 Regions, which founded the Aarianian Union. The Menjasovian settlement of Fort Arachnid was a founding structure in Aariania's history, defending against the SC Republic during the Atlantian War. Menjasovia was once part of secessionist group called "Sovakosa" which declared independence from Aariania before being shut down a few weeks later. Menjasovia is the oldest Province in the Aarianian Union but is now one of the poorest, despite housing the Aarianian Ministry of Culture in HQ and the Grand Senate Headquarters, both in Saikane. Province (October 21, 2016) Baron Jacob Weber (Egalitarian)
Aldonia Flag.jpg
Aldonia Yapton Aldonia is one of the Provinces most developed by Aarianians, with most of the settlements and monuments being built by Aarianians, and with so much more to offer. 6 of the original 8 Provinces are located within Aariania, giving Aldonia many founding structures of Aarianian history. The settlement of Coppistan was once it's own country, the Republic of Coppistan, which was Aariania's strongest ally up until it's dissolution in early 2017. Turkiban was also once it's own country, the State of Turkiban, until is was destroyed by an invasion by the SC Republic during the Atlantian War. Jacobia City was the 1st capital of Aariania, until the Jacobia City Arson Attack (JCAA), where 3 American citizens proceeded to set fire to Aariania's capital building, the Grand Pavilion. The JCAA Memorial now stands in it's place. Yapton, the nation's capital, is also located in Aldonia. Yapton is home to the Green House, the new capital building, and the center of Aariania's civilization, patriotism, and government offices. Province (February 8, 2017) GM Aaron Green (Egalitarian) & VM Haley Vlahos (Whig)
Ogjeksia Flag.jpg
Ogjeksia Cojniton Ogjeksia is a large Province in southern Aariania known for its large popular public middle school and many trade ports along Creek Ramble. The public middle school, Community House Middle School, is well aware of Aariania's presence ever since students presented Aariania in the school's Multi-Cultural Fair in 2017. Community House, Ogjeksia holds a small retention pond known a Salbane Pond, named after the preceding Province, Salbania. The Ogjeksian economy has been very successful due to the many successful ports as well as the middle school. The Aarianian Land Force Youth Group was founded by Joshua "Cleve" Clemons in Community House, Ogjeksia, but the organization dissolved the next year. Ogjeksia is the leading economic Province, also hosting the Headquarters for many Aarianian political parties, most recognizably the Federal Party, based out of the Provincial capital, Cojniton. The settlement of Cojniton is home to the intersection of many trade routes, making it a very common destination along Aariania's trails. Cojniton is home to the Aarianian Border Control HQ, due to almost every trail passing through it's territory. Province (February 10, 2017) Baron Andrew Olson (Whig)
Topeka Flag.jpg
Topeka Morrison Topeka is one of the largest Provinces in the Aarianian Union, the result of much improvement in the field of economics. Topeka was once one of the poorest Provinces in Aariania. Having it's only source of income be from a nature preserve, Topeka was heavily reliant off aid provided by neighboring Provinces and the Aarianian State. Topeka was brought out of it's economic decline due to border security. Topeka hosts a primary travel route between the Aarianian Union and the United States, therefor being the path for much immigration. Topeka and neighboring Yamasaldia (now Neosaldia) teamed up to upgrade border security along the route. This brought more use to Topeka, helping it stablize it's economy. From there, Topeka began annexing the nearby YMCA, which brought much attention and tourism to Aariania. With Topeka now being a leading tourism district, the Topekan economy began surging upwards. Due to the heavy amount of American tourists visiting daily, Topeka has had trouble maintaining sovereignty over it's territory. Ironically, the settlement with the least control was the settlement of Sovereign City. Despite formerly being the poorest Province in the Union, Topeka is now one of the richest Provinces in all of Aariania. Province (February 10, 2017) Baron Aditya Roy (Whig)
Aarianian Region Flag (Oakansas).jpg
Oakansas Sequoyah Oakansas is one of the most influential Provinces in Aariania, having a very different "mindset" from it's Provincial neighbors, and having a consistently successful economy through tourism and taxes from vital trade routes. Oakansas gains it's tourism from a local American YMCA. The YMCA hosts a summer camp, which is based out of Sequoyah, Oakansas, bringing seasonal attention to Aariania. Consistant attention comes from the settlement of Truckee, which hosts 4 baseball fields commonly used by Aarianians and Americans alike. Oakansas also hosts a long and vital trade route significantly shortening the distance between the Provinces of Ascovia and Menjasovia. Oakansas has proved in many aspects to be one of the most influential Provinces in the Aarianian Union. Province (February 16, 2017) Baron Joseph Navarro (Egalitarian)
(6) New Estonia Flag.jpg
New Estonia Coyopa After the Aarianian State surrendered in the Aarianian Civil War ended on February 4th, 2017 (see "Wars/Conflicts"), the Kingdom of Bradley successfully gained independence from Aariania and moved away. The Kingdom of Bradley later made a compromise to be represented as a separate Province of Aariania, making it one of the few Provinces disconnected from the mainland. New Estonian settlement, Coyopa, is the secondary de facto capital of Aariania. New Estonia is named as another tribute to Aariania's longing to make contact with the Republic of Estonia, which was acheived on March 16, 2017. New Estonia is the smallest Province in Aariania, as well as being disconnected from the mainland. New Estonia is known for it's history as well as it's economic and social independence, due to it's extreme geographic isolation. Province (February 22, 2017) Baroness Sara Bradley (Whig)
(7) Glyceland Flag.jpg
Glyceland Hollony The Province of Glyceland is one of the largest Provinces as well as one of the most independent. Glyceland is connected to the Aarianian mainland and borders 2 other Provinces, Menjasovia and Ascovia, but maintains very few routes with it's neighbors. Glyceland mainly survives of tourism to the settlement of Cranfield, which is known for the South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church and it's single baseball field. The SMPC was actually quite easy for the Aarianian State to annex, despite being a very large endeavor. The neighboring settlement of Enclave put up quite a fight during it's original annexation, when it was once the Province of Dixieland. When Dixieland was first annexed, residents immediately began accusing the Aarianian State of being "racist" and giving death threats, despite Aariania's sole purpose of pro-diversity and anti-racism. The residents' accusation was based off the Province's name, "Dixieland", and it's Confederate-based flag. The Aarianian State significantly decreased the number of death threats and calmed the uprisings by handing out apologetic letters and bags of cookies to the Dixie residents. Now, the Province of Dixieland is the settlement of Enclave within the Province of Glyceland. Enclave still maintains resentment towards the Aarianian State, but is much more satisfied than upon original annexation. Glyceland also hosts a few Aarianian-built settlements and a nature reservation, as well as some trade routes and trade outposts. The name "Glyceland" comes from a former district of the Kingdom of Aariania.​ Province (February 22, 2017) Baron Michael Bontekoe (Egalitarian)
(8) Durango Flag.jpg
Durango Kanawha Durango is one of the wealthiest Provinces in the Aarianian Union, and has held that title for a long time. Durango is geographically isolated from much of Aariania due to think bushes and thorns that grow over routes during the Summer. During the Summer, however, Durango's border at Creek Ramble attracts many tourists from the Provinces of Durango and Highgrove, as well as a few tourists from the United States. Durango's income is very self reliant for half the year, relying on internal tourism, but during the Winter receives a decent income from trade along Creek Ramble. Province (February 23, 2017) Baron Carson Hutchens (Egalitarian)
(9) Dolkybia Flag2.jpg
Dolkybia Territory Stanley Dolkybia is a Organized Territory of the AUNA, which was formerly an Administrative District in order for the Communist Party of Aariania (CPA) to legally impose communist views in the government. The Independent Party of Aariania (IPA) and the Communist Party of Aariania (CPA) had been clashing heads in the Region of Salbania (now Ogjeksia). The CPA was formerly positioned in Sekrakus, Salbania, where they committed illegal acts of communism upon it's citizens. Eventually, the IPA and CPA created the Dolkybian Communist Containment Treaty, allowing the CPA to implement a communist economic system without violating the Constitution of the Aarianian Union, which was signed on March 9, 2017. Support for the CPA quickly diminished, as the communist economic system thrust Dolkybia into a whirlpool of debt. Dolkybia only managed to maintain trade relations with one other Province, Neosaldia. Eventually, the capitalist Freedom Party of Dolkybia (FPD) came about in attempt to overthrow the Communist Party, but efforts ceased on February 24, 2018 when the FPD collapsed. When the Communist Party of Aariania collapsed on April 8, 2018, and the citizens rejoiced; burning the communist Dolkybian flag and adopting a new one, which was the banner of the late Freedom Party of Dolkybia. The Aarianian State was swift to instate a provisional capitalist government and change Dolkybia's status to a territory. Today, Dolkybia still struggles to stay alive, but has begun to make progress, opening relations with more Provinces, receiving direct aid from the Aarianian State, and beginning to work towards getting out of debt. Organized Territory (March 9, 2017) Baron Christopher Romano (Whig)
(10) Frisco Flag.jpg
Frisco Hetwash Frisco is one of the smaller Provinces which is also disconnected from the mainland. Frisco's economy is entirely based off of tourism, which has proved a successful income from the popular destination of it's field, one of the only fields suitable for sports in Aariania. This has allowed Hetwash, Frisco to be the location of the 1st Marquette Cup. Frisco is also home to the 2nd of the 3 Aarianian military divisions, the 45th Division of Frisco. The 45th Division is currently lead by General Zak Stark (Primary Officer) and is kept on standby as the "life-or-death division." The 45th Division is on standby to be deployed in the event of a full-scale war, or an armed invasion of Aariania. However, some of the 45th Div. of Frisco are also stationed in Ellington. Province (March 14, 2017) Baron Rachel "Kris" MacKinnon (Egalitarian)
(11) Couvyne Flag.jpg
Couvyne Yonaguska Couvyne was originally annexed as a large Province in the 2nd Merging Phase, and has experienced little growth since. Couvyne is slightly disconnected from the mainland and is very bare and desolate. Couvyne became relevant in late March, 2018, when the United States "invaded" Couvyne and captured the capital, which was Maynard at the time. The Aarianian Land Force took defensive positions against the US in an attempt to stop their advance, but these made little effect. The provisional capital was moved around a lot until being settled in Yonaguska. Yonaguska was established when Aariania took a small offensive campaign to try and distract the US from their invasion. The Aarianian State surrendered on April 27, 2018, and all areas under US-occupation were ceded back to the US. This came to be known as the "War in Couvyne." Today, Couvyne's economy is significantly hindered from the war, and has little interaction with the rest of Aariania, outside politics. Province (March 30, 2017) Baroness Madeline Watts (Liberal)
(12) Ellington Flag.jpg
Ellington Camp EP Ellington was annexed at the end of the 2nd Merging Phase due to high local support and at the request of the residents, the only Province to do so. Ellington's economy primarily runs on it's tourism district, hosting one of the only fields suitable for sports. Ellington formerly had a dispute over tourism in this district, which heated up in the bidding war to host the 1st Marquette Cup, where Frisco won. Ellington and Frisco then began to attract audiences from different areas, minimizing conflict. Ellington also thrives off transportation and trade, primarily with Aldonia, it's southern neighbor. Ellington also shares a decent cultural connection with Aldonia, leaving them as 2 of the most "well-connected" Provinces. Province (April 30, 2017) Baroness Nanthana Sureshkumar (Liberal)
(13) Neosaldia Flag.jpg
Neosaldia Coshocton Neosaldia was one of 3 Provinces admitted during the 3rd Merging Phase, minutes before 2017 ended. Neosaldia is the successor to the Province of Yamasaldia, hence the name "Neo" meaning "new." Neosaldia is a reasonably wealthy Province hosting numerous trade routes which allow it to thrive off trade all across Aariania. Neosaldia has a surplus of useful resources such as stones, logs, and wood, as well as many trade routes allowing them to be shipped all across Aariania. In addition, Neosaldia is elevated much higher than the rest of Aariania, making shipping costs much lower and therefore more shipments able to be processed. Neosaldia hosts the start to Creek Ramble, which allows for easy trade with several other Provinces through water. Due to a key location, Neosaldia has also assisted the Aarianian State in border control. With the assistance of it's neighbors, Neosaldia, Ogjeksia, and Topeka all border key entrances to the Aarianian Union, so the 3 have worked together in harmony to protect Aarianian borders. Neosaldia was also the only trading partner of the socialist district of Dolkybia, which was Dolkybia's only source of income. Under communist rule, Dolkybia was heavily reliant on it's relations with Neosaldia. Province (December 31, 2017) Baron Killian McGrath (Whig)
(14) Vanord Flag.jpg
Vanord Farcallow Vanord is a very peace-oriented Province, having no military bases and thriving off of tourism from a public elementary school and a infamous small biking range. Vanord also hosts Ladder 32 of the Charlotte Fire Department, which serves the Aarianian Union as well. Vanord's top biking range in the capital Farcallow was once it's own independent nation, the Commonwealth of Resort. Resort was the first nation formed in the "Atlantia" area, lasting from 2008 - 2016, when King Michael Farcallow moved to Omaha, Nebraska and abandoned his nation. The next President of Resort (after switching from a monarchy) was struggling to keep the weak nation alive after the Atlantian War, and decided to request membership to the Aarianian Union, one of the only remaining nations. The Aarianian State accepted and Resort became a Province in the Aarianian Union for several months until the 3rd Merging Phase, where Resort was dissolved and recreated into the settlement of Farcallow, within the Province of Vanord. Farcallow is named after the original King of Resort, Michael Farcallow. Today, Vanord is high in the tourism rankings and is a common entry to the rest of the Aarianian Union. Province (December 31, 2017) Baroness Emma Banyard (Liberal)
(15) Ascovia Flag.jpg
Ascovia Kulton Ascovia is the largest Province in the Aarianian Union, which was admitted 45 seconds before 2018 began. Ascovia is known for being heavily urbanized and having a significantly different political climate from the rest of Aariania. Ascovia has a significantly more liberal population, as opposed to it's neutral neighbors. While in agreement over Aariania's pro-diversity and equality values, the Liberal Ascovian population has been heavily opposed to Aariania's pro-Confederate stance. With the Ascovian government and Ascovian residents having very similar values, the government has gotten along well with it's residents, allowing for less hardships in the maintenance of sovereignty. Upon original annexation as Batavia on February 15, 2017, residents interpreted Aariania's occupation as the threatening acts of a gang. Communications between the Aarianian State and the residents of the neighborhood were required to ease tensions between the two sides. Despite starting out on the wrong foot, Ascovia has gained relative public support and has placed itself as one of the most well-known Provinces in the Aarianian Union. Province (December 31, 2017) Baroness Gracie Gardner (Liberal)
(16) Vescambia Flag.jpg
Vescambia Tagginsol Vescambia was annexed as the "Vescambia Territory" on February 18, 2018, originally to connect the enclave Province of Frisco to the mainland, but Vescambia quickly became a diverse and integrated member of the Aarianian Union. The land used to be humorously referred to as "Little India" due to the high Indian population, but since then it has become a title of honor, as it proves Aariania's entire purpose of existing; diversity. This allowed Vescambia to quickly be welcomed to the Aarianian community, especially from Frisco, whose citizens would pass through Vescambia on a weekly basis. Frisco and Vescambia have a high level of friendship, mostly since Vescambia hosts the shortest path between Frisco and the rest of the Provinces. Vescambia is a stretched out Province, with only 1 primary road leading from west to east, and the settlement of Retreat isolated beyond that. The rest of the settlements are very easy to access along the primary road, Basie Park Ct. Vescmabia's capital, Tagginsol, hosts one of the few ponds in Aariania, Mandela Pond, named after Aarianian hero, Nelson Mandela. The settlements of Yagoda and Bryson City are not connected to Basie Park Ct., but operate on their own. Vescambia's economy primarily runs on taxes from the transportation route, especially from the wealthy Province of Frisco, since Vescambia hosts the primary path used to travel between Frisco and the rest of Aariania, and the Vescambian government has the ability to set transportation taxes very high. Province (March 24, 2018) Baron Arturo Lara (Egalitarian)
(17) Highgrove Flag.jpg
Highgrove Braxton The Aarianian Province of Highgrove is the 17th member of the Aarianian Union. It is the farthest southeastern Province, bordering Durango and Aldonia. Highgrove's annexation was planned since November, 2017, but was not acted upon until July 30, 2018, when the Aarianian Land Force from the 9th Division of Aldonia entered the territory to permanently occupy the territory. The troops received minor support in the form of a few cheers as they paraded the Aarianian flag around Highgrove. Highgrove's annexation was seen as imminent, as the vast majority of Durango's business came from what is now Highgrove, and Highgrove had a significant increase in business since the establishment of Durango. Highgrove and Durango, being opposite sides of the same neighborhood, are each others largest trading partners, which was a leading cause of Highgrove's annexation, to receive benefits from both sides of the trade. Durango has always outcompeted Highgrove, before and after the annexation, in almost all fields, with Highgrove only beating Durango in tourism. Province (August 6, 2018) Baron Robert Kaplan (Egalitarian)

Aarianian Government

Coppistan, Aldonia in 2017

The Aarianian government, which goes by it's proper name "The Aarianian State", created it's own form of government in which there would be 3 different legs, The President, The Council of Seven, and the Grand Senate. The Grand Senate is an assembly of 11 people who tend to deal with public issues, civil disputes, petitions, and court-cases. The Grand Senate is about the Aarianian equivalent of the United States' Supreme Court. The Grand Senate is currently lead by President Kenny Morgans and has it's Headquarters in Saikane, Menjasovia.

The President is the top branch which leads the nation. The President proposes all important decisions and topics to the Council of Seven, and interacts with other nations. When the President makes a decision, they propose it the Council of Seven (Co7), who will then vote on the subject; majority vote winning. The President currently resides in the capital building, the Green House, in Yapton, Aldonia. The Co7 is made of 7 Primary members and 2 Reserve members. ****

Aariania also is currently made up of 15 different Provinces and 1 Organized Territory, which are smaller governments within the Aarianian State. They are similar to the Provinces and Territories of Canada, however, Aariania has a slightly larger central government. Each Province elects 1 representative who governs the Province they represent. These representatives go by the title of "Barons." Provincial powers are put below the powers of the President, Council of Five, and the Grand Senate. Barons may choose to be represented in the Council of Five, but not the Grand Senate. The capital Province is Aldonia which contains the overall capital city, Yapton. The secondary de facto capital is Coyopa, New Estonia.

In January 2017, Aariania was less than .19 square miles and had 60 different Provinces (Although they were called "Regions" until July, 2017). Due to the lack of benefits to have come from many Regions, many of the Regions were merged with one another, making internal relations much less complicated, reducing tax complications, and creating a more unified Aariania. This period of time is referred to as the "1st Merging Phase."

The capital building, the Green House, in Yapton, Aldonia.

Later that year, starting in mid-March and ending in mid-April, the 2nd Merging Phase merged even more Regions, after once again having too many after expanding. Aariania was then reduced to 27 Regions, but further expansions raised that to 30 Provinces up until April 30, with the annexation of Ellington. The 2nd Merging Phase also led to a dispute between ignorant citizens and the Aarianian State in the Province of Dixieland (now Enclave, Glyceland).

The 3rd Merging Phase was the most memorable of them all. Since most of the Aarianian government had solidified by then, merging of Provinces was a big deal. 30 Provinces was deemed too much, so on December 28, 2017, the 1-month process of the 3rd Merging Phase began. The Aarianian State quickly removed all Barons and Baronesses from power, one-by-one. For the next month, all power was vested in the Grand Marquette. He dissolved 18 of the 30 Provinces, and significantly reduces the remaining 12. The provisional Provinces of Neosaldia, Vanord, and Ascovia were then admitted on December 31, moments before midnight. Then, one-by-one, GM Aaron Green expanded the 15 Provinces to fit their new designated borders. Then, individually readmit each one to the Aarianian Union. When the 3rd Merging Phase ended on January 28, 2018, the Grand Marquette was temporarily removed from power, and President Kenny Morgans took his place for the next week in order to fix any mistakes that may have been made. After seeing none, Grand Marquette Aaron Green returned to his position of authourity. This is also when the Council of Seven (Co7) first replaced the Council of Five (CoF).

Jacobia City Arson Attack

On March 6th, 2016, 3 US citizens immigrated into Aariania and proceeded to burn down the capitol building, the Grand Pavilion, in the [former] Capital, Jacobia City, Jacobia. The Grand Pavilion went up in flames as it was made of completely wood, and spread to the surrounding forest region. At the time, Aariania was yet to develop a Fire Department so local American civilians called upon the Charlotte Fire Department to handle the fires. Fortunately, there were no injuries or deaths in the attack. The Grand Pavilion was burned down, as well as the surrounding Aarianian neighborhoods. The 3 terrorists fled back to America where local Charlotte police apprehended them. The JCAA Memorial now stands in place of the Grand Pavilion, which is a structure made from the bricks of the Grand Pavilion's chimney.

Foreign Relations

The Aarianian Union was the founding member of the Seaborgian Confederation, a social union between the nations of Vivannia, Aariania, Saltland, the North Saltlandic Federation, Kinusia, and Coppistan, giving them common turf of treaty they are required to follow. The Seaborgian Confederation was an attempt to recreate the Atlantian Union, but proved unsuccessful. Aariania is the only surviving member of the Seaborgian Confederation.

Due to continued formal communication, Aariania considered Taiwan, Guam, and New Zealand to be it's better macronation "allies", as these discussions are those most closely resembling official international diplomacy.

Bilateral Relations

The following nations have been formally recognized by Aariania:

Aariania has been formally recognized by the governments of the following nations:

Unilateral Relations

The Aarianian Union has successfully made contact with the governments of the following internationally recognized governments: (currently 37 countries)

The following nations have not been recognized by the Aarianian Union:

  • Palestine (Since Aariania's response from Israel, Aariania highly supports the State of Israel over the State of Palestine)
  • Northern Cyprus (Aariania is alligned with Cyprus against the Turkish controlled Northern Cyprus. Aariania formerly being enemies with Turkey, Northern Cyprus is endangering Aarianian and United Nations values)
  • South Ossetia (Since Aariania's response from the Republic of Georgia, Aariania has highly supported Georgia over their battle to maintain control over their territory)
  • Abkhazia (Since Aariania's response from the Republic of Georgia, Aariania has highly supported Georgia over their battle to maintain control over their territory)
  • Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh.png Republic of Artsakh (Aariania views Artsakh as an Armenian puppet state, and does not recognize it's sovereignity)


The Aarianian Armed Forces consists of 3 primary branches, the Aarianian Land Force, the Aarianian Navy, and the Aarianian Air Force. All aerial procedures are responsibility of the Aarianian Air Force, terrestrial matters of Land Force, and all marine procedures related to the Aarianian Navy. With each branch having complete control over their designated subject (as opposed to the United States having Naval planes and Air Force planes), all branches of the military are often required to interact with one another for foreign assignments.

The Aarianian Armed Forces consists of 3 branches, all of which are divided between 3 military Divisions. The Aarianian Land Force, the Aarianian Navy, and Aarianian Air Force is divided up between the 9th Division of Aldonia, 61st Division of Topeka, and 45th Division of Frisco. All aerial procedures are responsibility of the Aarianian Air Force, terrestrial matters of Land Force, and all marine procedures related to the Aarianian Navy. With each branch having complete control over their designated subject (as opposed to the United States having Naval planes and Air Force planes), all branches of the military are often required to interact with one another for foreign assignments. The Aarianian military currently has around 8 members.

In the Aarianian Military, there are 12 rankings, for any branch. Those ranks in order, from highest to lowest, are General, Colonel, Captain, Major, Lieutenant, Commander, Ranger, Sergeant, Corporal, Chief, Cadet, Private.

The Aarianian Naval Jack hung up in a temporary naval base in North Carolina, United States.

9th Division of Aldonia

The 9th Division of Aldonia is the oldest standing military division in Aariania. Over 50 divisions have come and gone throughout the years, but the 9th Division was one of the only original ones to survive. The 9th Division of Aldonia primarily consists of Land Force soldiers, but has Air Force General Zac Miller as the highest ranking soldier in the 9th Division. The 9th Division holds much of the Aarianian infantry as well as the Air Force. Currently, all 3 Aarianian surveillance Drones are based out of the 9th Div. The 9th Division is located throughout southeastern Aldonia, near the capital, Yapton, Aldonia. The 9th Division is the first line of defence using the Aarianian military, as it is near the more valuable cities and near areas with higher residential populations.

45th Division of Frisco

The 45th Division of Frisco holds all of Aariania's "Real World Weaponry," as it has come to be called. Real World Weaponry consists of actual rifles and lethal weapons, as well as 2 military Jeeps, and a few short rage Starscream Missiles, which are Aarianian modified fireworks. The 45th Division has not yet used any of the Real World Weaponry and hopes it never has to. The 45th Division is run by Land Force General Zak Stark, who leads infantry in the Aarianian Land Force to defend their homeland, specifically all across northeastern Aariania.

61st Division of Topeka

The 61st Division of Topeka was created shortly after the 36th Division of Batavia collapsed. When the 36th Division fell, it left western Aariania unprotected, as both the 45th Division and the 9th Division were too far east. The Aarianian State then scrambled to find a replacement for the 36th Division, and as the Province of Topeka was showing more and more potential, Topeka was selected to establish the newest Division of the Aarianian Armed Forces, the 61st Division. The 61st Division is much smaller than the 9th or 45th, only having a few soldiers with it's current Commanding Officer being Corporal Robert Kaplan.


Map of the Aarianian Union of North America

Foreign Entities


Flag Colony Notes Date of Admission Current Leader
Corning Colony.jpg
Corning Colony Originally claimed in mid-August, 2017, as the Corning Territory, the Corning Colony was the first successful Colony established by the Aarianian Union. Certain members of the Aarianian State had personal ties to the city of Corning, New York, USA, leading to an expedition to the city. The party discovered small field with a creek and bridge running through it, and claimed it for the Aarianian Union as the "Corning Territory." The Corning Territory almost instantly began work to be admitted as a Colony, not just an unorganized territory. On September 16, 2017, the Corning Colony had met all the requirements, and was admitted as the Corning Colony later that day. September 16, 2017 Governor Jason Green
Flag of Mississippi.png
Diversity Colony The Diversity Colony is a small strip of land along the Congaree River, surrounded by Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Diversity was primarily created as a political statement, attempting to help paint the controversial Confederate battle flag, which is in the Diversitese flag's canton, in a better light, proving that it does not have to represent racism, as said from the name "Diversity." Unfortunately, this ended doing the opposite, as the Aarianian Council of Five was infuriated at this. Days of verbal battles passed with CoF members Baroness Gardner, Baron Woodcook, and [now former] Vice Marquette Ian Wilson against the flag, and the Grand Marquette and Baron Stark in favour the flag. Baron Stark was the only Black Baron. The ironic twist in the debate was that 80% of the Aarianian Black population was in favour of the Confederate flag, while only 50% of the Aarianian White population was in favour. After a few days of arguing, Baron Woodcook, Baroness Gardner, and Vice Marquette Ian Wilson announced their informal resignation. The Royal Family began negotiation, and the 3 CoF members agreed to stay, as long as Confederate references were dimmed down. The admission of the Diversity Colony to the Aarianian Union had ended failing it's purpose to help rewrite the Confederate battle flag. Diversity was formerly known as the "Aarianian Republic of Diversity" until February 7, 2018, when the Council of Seven voted 6 - 1 in favour of demoting Diversity from a Territory to a Colony. October 22, 2017 Governor Charlie Walker
Folly Colony.jpg
Folly Colony The Folly Colony is a colony bordering the Atlantic Ocean, bordering Folly Beach, South Carolina, USA. Despite being in optimal position for intercontinental trade, the Aarianian State has focused on local and continental trade. That said, the Folly Colony survives off tourism, a lot of which visit from the Aarianian mainland. The Folly Colony was established due to so many Aarianians consistently visiting the territory, including the President. Many Aarianians visit the Folly Colony for its abundance of shark teeth, which is a common hobby for its tourists. The Folly Colony is small, but Aarianians will spend days at a time there, and many Americans briefly pass through. The Folly Colony cuts through an American pier, so the Aarianian State made specific ruling to strictly define the Folly Colony's airspace, letting the United States control the pier above the Folly Colony's territory, while Aariania controls the piece of land underneath. May 12, 2018 Governor Connor Stitt


Flag Territory Notes Date of Admission Current Leader
Islamic Republic of Aarianian Arabia.jpg
Islamic Republic of New Arabia The Islamic Republic of New Arabia, or more often known as "Khashm Alaan" or "New Arabia", is an overseas territory of Aariania in the Arabian Peninsula surrounded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Middle Eastern Colonizer and [former] Saudi Arabian Ambassador of Aariania, Bill Chamberlain, designed the Saudi Arabian city of Khashm Alaan in the name of Aariania. Chamberlain later quit his job to avoid legal consequences with the Saudi government, as Aariania lacks a Treaty of Extradition with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has claimed the city as their own, forcing Aariania to only be able to control a small portion of the city. January 12, 2017 Governor Bill Chamberlain
Aarianian Territory Flag; Aarianian Republic of Vivannia2.jpg
Aarianian Republic of Vivannia The Aarianian Republic of Vivannia was once an independent nation, the Conservationalist Union of Vivannia. The Conservationalist Union of Vivannia collapsed shortly after the fall of the Seaborgian Confederation. Months later, former 1st Healer of Vivannia, Benjamin Martin, joined the Aarianian Union and eventually came to lead the Green Party of Aariania (GP). Martin was then offered the position of Governor, should they bring Vivannia back. Martin accepted the offer, and the Vivannia territory was annexed. On September 30, 2017, the territory was officially established as the Aarianian Republic of Vivannia. September 30, 2017 Governor Benjamin Martin
Union of Appalachia flag (Cool Flag 35).jpg
Aarianian Union of Appalachia The Aarianian Union of Appalachia is a small territory surrounded by western North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountain range. The Aarianian Union of Appalachia, also called "Appalachia" or "AUoA," was officially purchased from the US by New Estonian Baroness Sara Bradley on behalf of the Aarianian State during late-May, 2018. Appalachia was visited by Baroness Bradley and President Aaron Green shortly after, where they spent time fixing up the capital settlement of Brighton. Appalachia is very close to a lake, several rivers, and an American golf course, making the AUoA a very popular tourist attraction for Aarianians. June 6, 2018 Baroness Sara Bradley
A married couple enjoy each others company under the Aarianian national flag in the Corning Colony.


Resolved Conflicts

Atlantian War

(September 21, 2016 - October 9, 2016) All the battles of the Atlantian War consisted of either large games of paintball or extreme games of Capture the Flag. The Atlantian War first broke out when Kobraivia was suspended from the Atlantian Union for attacking member nation, Raionia, and member nations quickly started picking sides. The side loyal to the Atlantian Union Constitution was named the "Amorgian Union", and was declared simply a temporary war alliance. The Amorgian Union consisted of Aariania, the RMO Republic, Winnland, Coppistan, Turkiban, Geminia, and Porzkybia. Upon the creation of the Amorgian Union, Kobraivia then began bribing some of the Atlantian Union member nations into joining them to create their own union. The SC Republic was the first to take this offer, and due to the SC Republic's strong reputation, they convinced West Resort, Bakkelvia, Omeevia, Glamoor, and Shayman to join what they called the "Solluvian Union". Venalo stayed neutral for a while until bribed by Kobraivia to join the Solluvian Union.

With the Solluvian powerhouses being West Resort, the SC Republic, and Kobraivia, West Resort (SU) was quickly targeted and taken out by the Amorgian Union. This unexpected attack caused the Solluvian Union to retaliate and have the SC Republic (SU) and Bakkelvia (SU) take out the Republic of Geminia (AU). Just days later, Aariania (AU) went rogue and invaded the Republic of Bakkelvia (SU) without approval from the Amorgian Union, which resulted in the temporary suspension of Aariania from the Amorgian Union. However, the invasion proved successful as it eliminated Bakkelvia (SU), and Aariania's punishment was vetoed by the Amorgian Union, due to Aariania's usefullness.

The Republic of Winnland (AU) was another primary Amorgian powerhouse, mostly due to it's larger size and military. Winnland (AU) used guerrilla tactics to easily take out the Kingdom of Shayman (SU), and in return the Republic of Kobraivia (SU) launched an invasion on Winnland (AU). However, Kobraivia (SU) was unable to take much land, so they resorted to mental tactics, using spies, propaganda, and spreading fake news into Winnland (AU). These tactics worked, and Winnland (AU) soon fell to civil war. Porzkybia (AU) soon surrendered to the SC Republic (SU), due to similar issues.

As the Amorgian Union suffered heavy losses, the war was turning against them. To take out the weaker links, the RMO Republic (AU) went to war with it's neighboring rival, the Republic of Omeevia (SU). As the RMO Republic (AU) invaded Omeevia (SU), Aariania, Coppistan, and Turkiban (AU) all invaded the Kingdom of Glamoor (SU), which also bordered the RMO Republic and Omeevia.

Glamoor (SU) was destroyed in the invasion. Some Coppistani (AU) troops went to aid the RMO Republic (AU) fight against Omeevia (SU), and less than an hour later, the SC Republic (SU) invaded Aariania (AU). Aariania was able to return in time to protect their land, but lost part of the Region of Zakovia (now part of the Province of Aldonia). Kobraivia and the SC Republic (SU) then began forming a plan to attack Aariania (AU) again, but instead was ambushed by Aarianian and Coppistani forces, quickly destroying them, leaving only the SC Republic and Omeevia standing for Solluvia.

The RMO Republic (AU) eventually won the war with Omeevia (SU) and turned it's attention to the only remaining member of the Solluvian Union, the SC Republic. The RMO central government then began losing control, and Amorgian troops were sent to aid them. Out of pure desperation, the SC Republic used the opportunity to invade the State of Turkiban (AU) and was successful in bringing down it's government. The RMO Republic later fell to internal fighting.

When it was then only Coppistan and Aariania (AU) facing the powerful SC Republic (SU), an previously unknown nation revealed itself as "Sajistan" and attacked the SC Republic mainland along with Coppistan and Aariania. On October 9th, 2016, the SC Republic fell to internal struggles, marking the death of the Solluvian Union, and the end of the Atlantian War.

Result: Absolute victory for Amorgian Union (including Aariania). AARIANIAN VICTORY

Aarianian Civil War

(2007 - September 19, 2018) In the Aarianian Province of Aldonia (Rubikia, at the time), an opposition had been attempting to secede since 2007, before Aariania's existence. Numerous disputes in the capital Province have been going on for ages between separatist group, Kingdom of Bradley, and the Aarianian State. After 10 years of a constant bloody war, the Aarianian State lost the war and a peace treaty was signed. The Kingdom of Bradley became an independent nation from the Aarianian Union on February 4th, 2017. However, negotiations began, and the Kingdom of Bradley was admitted as a Province in the Aarianian Union, known as "New Estonia." An official peace treaty was negotiated over the next year and officially finalized on July 25, 2018. The treaty did not go into effect until September 19, 2018.

Result: Negotiated surrender. Aarianian Loss. AARIANIAN DEFEAT

A photo of the Folly Colony on the day of its establishment.

War in Couvyne

(March 28, 2018 - April 27, 2018) The War in Couvyne was never officially named due the the fact that no treaty of war was ever officially signed, on either side. The war began on March 28, 2018, when United States civilian forces invaded the capital of Maynard and proceeded to destroy the settlement, as well as the surrounding territory. The Aarianian State was quick to respond, attempting an Air Force scouting mission, but instead substituting the areal mission for an infantry scouting mission. 3 soldiers from the 9th Division of Aldonia marched into Couvyne to observe the damage. This was the beginning of what was known as the "War in Couvyne." The Aarianian State began scrambling to work with Baroness Watts (Liberal Party) and find a solution. Baroness Watts made Puldone the provisional capital and declared the American destruction of Maynard to be an invasion. Upon her request, Couvyne began using military action to attempt to slow the United States from advancing further. This proved useless, as the United States easily passed over the barricades placed by the Aarianian Land Force, and used construction-based artillery to wreak havoc all over Couvyne. The United States made a secret route past the barricades and into Puldone, where they proceeded to destroy the provisional capital.

By April 14, the United States controlled 70% of Couvyne, and Aarianian military efforts had made minimal effect. The Land Force began using guerrilla tactics and established provisional settlements to prevent Couvyne from collapsing altogether. The United States designated areas to be left unaffected, which were interpreted as the United States' terms of surrender. The settlements of Cassie Rift and New Texas were established in the unaffected territory, and small campaigns out of these territories kept little chunks of land under Aarianian control, even with heavy American presence around them. Cassie Rift was disconnected from the rest of the territory and forced to surrender. The Aarianian Land Force then began an offensive campaign into the US, establishing the settlement of Yonaguska. The Land Force then attempted to take back land from the US, but all attempts were rendered useless. On April 27, 2018, the Grand Marquette surrendered to the United States, and ceded the territories the United States had occupied, making Yonaguska the new Provincial capital.

Result: Negotiated surrender. Aarianian Loss. AARIANIAN DEFEAT

Cold Wars

Patriot War

(December 28, 2016 - present day) Originally called the "Carolina Cold War," the Patriot War was officially declared a cold war on December 28, 2016. The Seaborgian nations all held a fear of being tried for treason against the United States, even though none had formally declared war upon the US. A pact was formed within the Seaborgian Confederation stating that should one nation be tried for treason, all others will come to support them. This pact was ratified by the Republic of Coppistan, Vivannia, and Aariania, but is now only upheld by Aariania as both Coppistan and Vivannia are considered defunct. After many former members of the Coppistani and Vivannian government joined the Aarianian State, the Carolina Cold War was really only a "battle" between 2 nationalities; Aarianian and American." Because of the 2 patriotic nationalities, the cold war was renamed the "Patriot War." The Aarianian Union has not formally declared war upon the United States, and only fears that the US will strike first. One of the first conflicts to break out was the US invasion of Couvyne, which became known as the "War in Couvyne."

Historical Governments

Aarianian Empire

The former flag of the Aarianian Empire. This is not the anarchy sign, but was changed to the modern Aarianian Royal "A" for looking too similar

(February 19, 2011 - October 25, 2012) The Aarianian Empire was the original government founded on February 19, 2011. The Aarianian Empire had more enforced cultures and beliefs, and did not grant freedom of speech. The Aarianian Empire was founded on an imaginary planet in the Galaxy, Heximorial. Originally, the whole planet was founded as the Aarianian Empire but as soon as challengers rose and Aariania could not maintain control of the entire planet, Aariania broke apart into the Aarianian Empire, the Sensaverm Empire, and the Shadrill Empire. The Shadrill Empire kept a neutral stance with both empires while the Aarianian Empire and Sensaverm Empire had heated tensions. A war never did break out but a strong rivalry always kept everyone on guard.

Kingdom of Aariania

(October 25, 2012 - April 12, 2016) Founded in October, 2012, the Kingdom of Aariania was the reunified planet of Aariania which granted more rights than the Aarianian Empire. Culture was still enforced and censorship was still an issue but freedom of speech was ratified upon the Kingdom of Aariania's creation. The Kingdom of Aariania had strong support of the Aarianian public, despite the imperfect nation. The Kingdom of Aariania granted more and more rights as time went on, until the Kingdom of Aariania was changed from an imaginary country on an imaginary planet to an imaginary country on Earth, near the end of 2014. In December, 2015, the Kingdom of Aariania granted much more rights and just became known as "Aariania" until April 12th, 2016 when Aariania became the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories.

Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories

The former flag of the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories
(April 12, 2016 - May 21, 2016) The Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories, also called the "Atheist State" or the "ASAT", was founded on April 12th, 2016 as a union for Atheists. The short lived ASAT did not actually enforce religion, but did distribute atheist-based propaganda. The ASAT was technically the first version of Aariania to establish Regions, each of which resembled a self-governed nation, but became known as "Provinces" in mid-July 2017.

The Aarianian territories consisted of Aariania, West Aariania, Jacobia, Cartairia, and North Aariania. The Territories of Aariania and West Aariania are now located within the territory of the modern Province of Aldonia. Jacobia stayed as Jacobia until the 1st Merging Phase in January 2017, where Jacobia was merged with many bordering Regions to make the Region of Kuljasovia (now Aldonia). Soon after the dissolution of the ASAT, North Aariania was granted independence and became the "State of Turkiban" or "Turkiban". Turkiban was a very repressed nation that had many disputes with the SC Republic, which formed later on. Turkiban quickly allied with Coppistan and Aariania and fought for the Amorgian Union during the Atlantian War. However, Turkiban suffered a devastating fate as an invasion from the SC Republic wiped out the repressed government. Cartairia was abandoned as the Atheist State broke up on May 21st, 2016.

Upon the dissolution of the ASAT, Aariania and West Aariania became the Region of Rubikia, the Territory of Jacobia became the Region of Jacobia, North Aariania became the independent State of Turkiban, and Cartairia was abandoned for the time being, but was later reestablished as the Region of Cartairia. Today, Cartairia has been merged to become part of the Province of Ogjeksia, Rubikia merged with the Region of Calacoala to become Province of Orsonia (now Aldonia), and Jacobia and North Aariania both eventually became the Province of Aldonia. Aariania's religious population shows to be 35% Atheist majority (August 3, 2017), most likely an effect of the Atheist State.

Atlantian Union

(July 18, 2016 - September 21, 2016) The Atlantian Union was a former micronational union started by Resort, Aariania, West Resort, SC Republic, and Winnland for economic unity, better trade, military, political, and economic aid as well to keep the 37 total micronations of Atlantia in check. As the Atlantian Union became a success, more nations such as Raionia, Glamoor, Kobraivia, Coppistan, Turkiban, and Omeevia all joined. Resort was later abandoned, leaving the Atlantian Union with only 10 members. The Atlantian Union minimized conflict, debt, and wars, until a controversial recommendation given by Vivannia about a flag revote triggered Kobraivia to destroy Raionia. Upon Raionia's collapse, the Atlantian Union was divided in 2 as the SC Republic, Glamoor, Shayman, Omeevia, West Resort, Bakkelvia, and Venalo took Kobraivia's side and Aariania, the RMO Republic, Winnland, Coppistan, Turkiban, Geminia, and Porzkybia stayed loyal to the Atlantian Union's Constitution. These were the sides of what came to be known as "The Atlantian War." After the war, Atlantia was changed from a physical union to a social union. This social union adopted the name of "Seaborgia." An original treaty was created, but after vast amounts of revisions, complications, and conflicts, the Treaty of Seaborgia was reestablished as the "Seaborgian Confederation." The Seaborgian Confederation was never able to function successfully, and collapsed before ever rising up to power.

Amorgian Union

(September 21, 2016 - September 29, 2016, September 30, 2016 - October 9, 2016) When the Atlantian War first broke out and member nations started picking a side, the side loyal to the Atlantian Union Constitution was name the "Amorgian Union", and was declared simply a temporary war alliance. The Amorgian Union consisted of Aariania, the RMO Republic, Winnland, Coppistan, Turkiban, Geminia, and Porzkybia. Geminia was quickly destroyed in a counter-attack after West Resort was destroyed in a full-on Amorgian invasion. Porzkybia was later abandoned and the Republic of Winnland fell to civil war sparked by Kobraivian loyalists.

After a short stalemate, things started looking up for Amorgia as the RMO Republic, Aariania, Coppistan, and Turkiban were still around to face the SC Republic. Then the RMO central government began losing control and eventually collapsed. As Amorgia was occupied aiding the RMO Republic, the SC Republic invaded Turkiban and successfully brought the government down. When it was then only Coppistan and Aariania facing the powerful SC Republic, an previously unknown nation revealed itself as "Sajistan" and attacked the SC Republic along with Coppistan and Aariania. The 3 nations successfully brought down the SC Republic, bringing an end to the war.

Solluvian Union

(never member) As the Atlantian War first broke out, Kobraivia was suspended from the Atlantian Union for attacking a member nation. Kobraivia then began bribing some of the member nations into joining them to create their own union. The SC Republic was the first to take this offer, and due to the SC Republic's strong reputation, they convinced West Resort, Bakkelvia, Omeevia, Glamoor, and Shayman to join what they called the "Solluvian Union". Venalo stayed neutral for a while until bribed by Kobraivia to join the Solluvian Union.

With the powerhouses being West Resort, the SC Republic, and Kobraivia, West Resort was quickly targeted and taken out by the Amorgian Union. This unexpected attack caused the Solluvian Union to retaliate and have the SC Republic and Bakkelvia take out the Republic of Geminia. Aariania soon went rogue and attacked Bakkelvia, without approval from the Amorgian Union. The attack proved successful and destroyed Bakkelvia, and Aariania's punishment was vetoed by the Amorgian Union due to Aariania's usefulness. Winnish attacks using guerilla tactics easily took out Shayman, and Kobraivia attacked Winnland in return, but was unable to take much land. Kobraivia then went to mental tactics and sent in spies and propaganda into Winnland, which quickly fell to civil war. Porzkybia soon surrendered to the SC Republic, due to similar issues.

RMO Republic then went to war with Omeevia, and Aariania, Coppistan, and Turkiban invaded Glamoor. Glamoor was destroyed in the invasion. Some Coppistani troops went to aid the RMO Republic fight against Omeevia, and less than an hour later, the SC Republic invaded Aariania. Aariania was able to return in time to protect their land, but lost part of the Region of Zakovia (now part of Aldonia). Kobraivia and the SC Republic then began forming a plan to attack Aariania, but was ambushed by Aarianian and Coppistani forces, and soon destroyed. The RMO Republic eventually won the war with Omeevia and turned it's attention to the SC Republic. Out of pure desperation, the SC Republic invaded Turkiban and was successful in destroying them. The RMO Republic later fell to internal fighting. Before the SC Republic could do any more damage, a hidden nation aided Aariania and Coppistan as they attacked the SC Republic and left them fighting for air. The unknown nation later revealed themselves as "Sajistan". On October 9th, 2016, the SC Republic fell to internal struggles, marking the death of the Solluvian Union, and the end of the Atlantian War.

Seaborgian Confederation

(October 29, 2016 - March 29, 2017) The United Confederation of Seaborgia was a short lived confederation between the Aarianian Union of North America, the Republic of Coppistan, the Conservationalist Union of Vivannia, the Democratic Republic of Kinusia, the Kingdom of Saltland, and the North Saltlandic Federation. The Seaborgian Confederation, or "Seaborgia", was an attempt to recreate the Atlantian Union after the Atlantian War. This attempt was poorly carried out upon first being established, as all current members (Coppistan, Saltland, Aariania, and Vivannia) had a different version of a constitution. The Seaborgian Confederation failed to aid Saltland as their economy collapsed, leading to the creation of the North Saltlandic Federation and the Democratic Republic of Kinusia. The North Saltlandic Federation went to war with Kinusia (Panther War), and Kinusia ended losing the battle. By the time a constitution was agreed upon, the North Saltlandic Federation had fallen to anarchy. The Constitution proved very successful for roughly 2 months, when Aariania and Coppistan voted to leave the Confederation, due to a lack of benefits. Being upheld by Vivannia alone, the Constitution was abandoned, marking an end to the Seaborgian Confederation.

Aarianian Soccer Association

The Aarianian Soccer Association (ASA) is known to be one of Aariania's proudest and most notable features. The ASA began as a small private organization with merely a theory. When the Royal Family heard of it, they agreed to sponsor the ASA. This lead to the Championship being called the "Marquette Cup." The ASA became a semi-private organization as the creation for teams became Provincial projects. The games officially began on February 26, 2017, with 32 teams. Each team only consisted of one person, but this was quickly raised to 2. The 32 teams were divided into the Royal Alliance and the Regal Alliance. Each Alliance had 4 different Districts with 4 different teams. As the 2nd Merging Phase began around week 3 and 4, many Province-sponsored teams had trouble. Many teams were moved around, some Provinces were left without teams (Ellington) and 4 government-sponsored teams were created; Kanawha East, Yamasald South, Aldonia North, and Oakansas South. Once the playoffs began, the ASA resorted to an NFL-style bracket. ASA president Markus Demingol left the Aarianian Union in February, 2018, essentially ending the league.

Season 1

As Season 1 began, things did not begin well, many Provinces considered removing sponsorship due to lack of excietement and populairty. The ASA added a 2nd starting player and 1 backup to each team, which made things much better. The 2nd Merging Phase threw a lot of obstacles at the ASA, and fortunately the ASA was able to avoid them all by moving teams, getting new sponsors, and temporary fields in the United States.

When the playoffs began, players from teams that did qualify were temporarily added to teams in the playoffs to make it 5 starting players and 2 backup. The playoffs were pretty successful and actually brought in small crowds. In the Royal Alliance, 4th Seed Trestonia (8 - 8), the underdog of the playoffs, knocked out 1st Seed Kanawha (13 - 3) and advanced to play 2nd Seed, Calacoala (11 - 5). Calacoala beat Trestonia to advance to the Marquette Cup in Hetwash, Frisco. 5th Seed Judacia (10 - 6) of the Regal Alliance beat 2nd Seed Batavia (11 - 5) to play Calacoala. At the time, the Provinces of Calacoala and Rubikia were attempting their merer, but could not do so until the Calacoalan team was out of the playoffs.

The official bracket of the ASA Playoffs Season 1
The 1st Marquette Cup took place in Hetwash, Frisco on July 23, 2017. A crowd of 24 showed up to watch, but the entire field was evacuated for a flood warning. The game was delayed an hour, but the players still showed up. No spectators returned. The game started off slow as the ball was kicked back and forth without any goals. Judacia made the first score with 46 minutes remaining. Calacoala took may attempts at a goal, but missed 15 times, which was very unlike the team. With 14 minutes remaining, Judacia scored again, putting Judacia up by 2, with the game almost over. Calaocala desperately tried to score before the game ended, but was not able to. With 4 minutes left, a penalty was called against Judacia and Calacoala received a penalty kick. They missed the shot, which about sealed the game for Judacia. Judacia beat Calacoala 0 - 2 in the first national Marquette Cup.


Aarianian Provinces Political Map (update)

Special Dates/Holidays

Date Official Name Reasoning
19 January Robert E. Lee Day Robert E. Lee is celebrated in Aariania, by both the Black and White population, as a hero for his loyalty and determination to his country, as well as his good-natured personality. Robert E. Lee Day is celebrated on his birthday, which is also celebrated by the US States of Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Robert E. Lee is recognized as one of Aariania's 5 heroes.
21 January Stonewall Day Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson are both seen as Aarianian heroes, and have had their birthdays celebrated in honor of them, despite only being 2 days apart. Stonewall Jackson is seen as one of Aariania's 5 heroes for multiple reasons. Stonewall was a civil rights leader who ran a black Sunday School where he taught Blacks to read and write, when it was strictly forbidden in the State of Virginia. He also gave his life trying to defend his State during the Southern Revolution (American Civil War).
14 February Frederick Douglass Day Frederick Douglass is recognized as one of Aariania's 5 heroes. Douglass was known for being a strong supporter of Black rights and Abolitionism during his time, as well as being a common political figure for the cause. Douglass accuratey portrayed Aarianian values and therefore is celebrated on February 14, his designated birthday.
February 19 Origination Day It was on February 19th, 2011 that the Aarianian Empire was created and began it's journey as a self-governing nation. The Aarianian State would not formally declare independence until May 21st, 2016.
March 6 March 6th Attacks (remembrance) see "Jacobia City Arson Attack"
April 9 Union-Confederate Day Union-Confederate Day was designated on fixed date as a day of memorial for all the soldiers that fought in defence of their home States during the American Civil War. Union-Confederate Day is on April 9th, the day the General Robert E. Lee of the Confederate States army surrendered to the United States in 1865.
May 21 Independence Day Independence Day is celebrated on May 21st, which is the date that Aariania formaly declared it's independence from the United States of America. Also on this day, Aariania first abandoned it's monarchical roots as it de-established the Atheist State of the Aarianian Territories.
July 18 Mandela Day The Aarianian State recognizes former South African President Nelson Mandela as a legendary figure and an ideal representation of Aarianian values. The Aarianian State officially recognized international "Mandela Day" as a national Aarianian holiday as well. Nelson Mandela is recognized as one of Aariania's 5 heroes.
September 19 Aarianian Unity Remembrance Day The Aarianian Civil War, which was fought from 2007 to 2017 officially ended on September 19, 2018, and was fought between the independence-seeking Kingdom of Bradley and member of the Aarianian State, the Province of Rubikia (now the Province of Aldonia). On February 4th, 2017, Rubikian forces surrendered to Bradlish troops, ending the war and marking the first loss in Aarianian history. Aarianian Unity Remembrance Day is a day used to mourn the loss of the united Rubikian government, upon the Aarianian loss.
October 14 Eisenhower Day The Aarianian Union sees former US President and US military general, Dwight D. Eisenhower, as a legacy. Eisenhower was the first candidate elected to be featured on Aarianian currency, on the N10 bill. Eisenhower Day is celebrated as an entire day in honor of President Eisenhower, and is celebrated on his birthday, October 14th. Dwight D. Eisenhower is recognized as one of Aariania's 5 heroes.
November 30 Multicultural Day Multicultural Day is celebrated on November 30 to celebrate all cultures, religions, and races from around the world. Diversity is Aariania's founding value, so the provisional Council of Seven designated November 30 as Multicultural Day. The date, November 30, has no special significance, but was designated to space out Multicultural Day with other Aarianian holidays.
December 31 New Years Eve Aarianians tend to look towards the future with strong emotions, whether passionate, fearful, or just simply curious. Most Aarianians are excited to begin the new year, and do so by ending the year with a big party with lots of friends and family.

Aarianian Culture

A decent portion of Aarianian culture is modeled around railroads. One of Aariania's primary goals is to establish a working railroad system. A railroad system called "Aariania Rail" has been proposed within the Province of New Estonia, however, the construction phase has made little progress.

The N10 (ten Nirm) slip featuring former US President and war general, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower is portrayed as an Aarianian legacy, and was the first candidate elected to be featured on Aarianian currency

Aarianian culture is also largely developed around the forest and creeks native to Aarianian territory. It is illegal to cut down trees without approval of the Aarianian State. Aariania is very accepting and welcoming of foreign cultures. The Ministry of Culture HQ is located in Saikane, Menjasovia. Aariania is primarily made up of Caucasians, Asians, and Indians. Almost all cultures are accepted across Aariania, with the exception of those directly opposing the law. Aarianian citizens tend to be very welcoming, relaxed, very creative, and love to be around other people and other cultures. Flags and banners are very commonly used to express associations, meetings, and locations, and are very proudly supported by the Aarianian public and the Aarianian State.

Many Aarianians have cultures deprived from the Southern United States, which has been a point of conflict for multiple government members. Not many Aarianian's have Southern accents, but most do have Southern roots. The Confederate States of America are commonly praised in Aariania, by both Black and White citizens. Aariania is a big fan of Southern foods such as grits, biscuits, fried chicken, sweet tea, ribs, and mac & cheese. Famous Southerners Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, Dwight Eisenhower, and Frederick Douglass, are all worshiped by the Aarianian State, although former South African President Nelson Mandela is also praised. Eisenhower was the original Aarianian hero, soon followed by Mandela, then Lee. Stonewall and Douglass became official heroes in January, 2018. Tributes to Eisenhower have been his portrait on proud display in both Yapton, Aldonia and Coyopa, New Estonia. Eisenhower was a candidate for a mascot on the Aarianian currency, Nirms, and was the first mascot to be elected, being put on the N10 slip. Robert E. Lee was placed on the N15 slip, and Nelson Mandela was placed on the N2 slip. The term "slip" is used instead of "bill" in Aariania, to further differentiate from the United States. N1 is legally set to equal around US$1, but exchange rate can occasionally be unbelievably high. From more recent exchanges, after heavy inflation, N1 unofficially equals around US$0.05. The Nirm now mostly serves as a souvenir.

Random Trivia

  • It is illegal to cut down trees without approval from the Aarianian State
  • Aariania's religious demographics consist of 35% Atheist, 25% Christian, 25% Muslim, 8% Hindu, 2% Jewish, and 5% other (January 6, 2018)
  • The national food of Aariania is cereal. The national drink is eggnog
  • The national plant of Aariania is the pumpkin
  • Despite being surrounded by the United States, Aariania uses Celsius as the official temperature system, although most citizens are fluent in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Unrestricted gambling is legal nationally throughout Aariania
  • Recreational marijuana use was legalized on January 1st, of 2018 after being approved by the Grand Senate in early December, 2017
  • Prostitution is legal in Aariania. The service is heavily protected and includes many restrictions and limitations, such as the documentation of services, physical bodyguards, and strict age requirement policy down to the hour of birth (18 years). A licence must be acquired from the Aarianian State for before going into the profession. All services must be agreed upon and may be cancelled by either partner at any moment. No licences have been distributed since it's legalization in May, 2016
  • Aariania was once 60% majority Muslim
  • There is a tongue-in-cheek conspiracy theory in Aariania that the US State of Kansas is not a real thing
  • Aariania is known internationally for being the birthplace of the international craze, the "Water Bottle Flip"
  • Aariania's racial demographics consist of 56.1% white, 17.1% Indian, 7.3% Black, 6.1% Asian, 3.1% Arab, 3.1% Latino/Latina, 3.1% Registered Mixed, and 2.4% Unknown/no data (December 11, 2018)
  • The music video for Straight into Oregon by Justin Ashley was filmed in Community House, Ogjeksia
  • Aariania still officially recognizes Pluto as a planet
  • Aariania has 5 official state heroes; Robert E. Lee, Frederick Douglass, Stonewall Jackson, Nelson Mandela, and Dwight Eisenhower
  • The Aarianian State will not do any official proceedings or make any official statements on April 1st due to superstitions
  • The American TV show Battlebots, which involves battling robots competing in a tournament, is a very popular aspect of Aarianian culture
  • Aarianian golf is played with 19 holes, as opposed to American golf with 18 holes
  • In Aariania, it is considered good luck to throw metal bottle caps into rivers, lakes, ponds, fountains, etc.
  • In Aarianian folk culture, Santa Claus is Black