Republic of Coppistan

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Republic of Coppistan
Flag (Coppistan).jpgCoppistani Symbol.jpg

Unification is everything
Mountain Cabin
Located near the south end of Charlotte, NC, USA
Capital cityThe Hallow
Largest cityBonfire
Official language(s)English
Short nameCoppistan
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
EstablishedSeptember 13, 2010
Area claimed.09 square miles
CurrencyUS Dollar, Atlantian Dollar
Time zoneEDT
National animalMillipede

Coppistan is a sovereign state founded by Scout Koppelmann in 2010. The current leader is President Aiden Howard who was elected in 2014. Coppistan was the second nation in Seaborgia, a social group of micronations who grouped together under the Treaty of Seaborgia. Coppistan has been close allies with micronation Aariania since 2011. Coppistan, Aariania, and Turkiban were three very close allies who all bordered each other. When the Atlantian War broke out, Seaborgia (at the time known as "Atlantia") Turkiban was destroyed by the SC Republic, leaving only 2 surviving nations of the original 26.Vivannia also joined this alliance. They founded the Treaty of Seaborgia. Aariania created a 3rd nation, Saltland, which allied with Coppistan, Vivannia and Aariania to recover from the war.

Micronations of the Treaty of Seaborgia

Coppistan, Aariania, Vivannia, Kinusia, North Saltlandic Federation

Foreign Relations

Coppistan has been allies with Aariania since Aariania came into creation in 2011. Aariania is a major trading partner of Coppistan and both help each other live on. A former Seaborgia member was Cengeksia, which was a micronation created under the Treaty of Seaborgia with the sole purpose to rehabilitate trade and foreign relations after the Atlantian War.

The Atlantian War

In the early days of Atlantia, the original regional micronation union, there were around 26 nations. The majority aligned under the Atlantian Union to keep economic, political, and international stability. The Atlantian Union was successful up until a controversial decision made by Vivannia caused Kobraivia to unjustifiably attack Raionia. Raionia was destroyed in the attack. Kobraivia was automatically exiled from the Atlantian Union, but bribery caused the Atlantian Union to divided into 2. SC Republic, Glamoor, Shayman, Omeevia, West Resort, and Bakkelvia, took Kobraivia's side and called themselves Solluvia. Aariania, Winnland, Coppistan, Turkiban, Geminia, and Porzkybia stayed loyal to the Atlantian Union's Constitution and called themselves Amorgia. Venalo and RMO Republic stayed neutral for the majority of the war. Venalo joined Solluvia eventually, and surrendered soon after. RMO Republic also joined the war and aided Amorgia. After many major battles, only SC Republic, Coppistan, and Aariania remained. An unknown nation revealed itself as Sajistan after attacking SC Republic with Coppistani and Aarianian aid, destroying the SC Republic. Sajistan later abandoned their nation.