Conservationalist Union of Vivannia

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Conservationalist Union of Vivannia


Motto: Life, Health, Peace, Unity, Nature
Location U.S. North Carolina
Long Name The Conservationalist Union of Vivannia
Language(s) English
Capital City Natura
Biggest city Natura
Religion(s) None
Demonym Vivannian
Government Constitutional Republic
Established October 1, 2016
Population 8 Citizens
Residents ~25
Currency U.S. Dollar/Atlantian Dollar
Calendar EST, Gregorian Calendar, Human Era
National ani. Elkhorn Coral
National Plant Zooxanthellae
National bird Wandering Albotross


Vivannia is a peaceful nation with the intent of helping save animals, people and helping other micronations. It's official name is The Conservationalist Union of Vivannia. Google drive folder

Location, Size, Territories and Population

It is surrounded by the U.S.A. state of North Carolina. It is 12 -15 acres of mostly forest. Flovios (a territory) backs up to the South fork Catawba River and is in Dallas, N.C. The rest is in the suburbs of Charlotte N.C. There are 3 Territories, Flovios, Plutonia and Eytati. It has population of only 8 citizens. As of now. We are expanding to possibly 25 citizens. It is a founding member of the Seaborgian Confederation.


There are 1st, primary 2nd, secondary 2nd, and 3rd healers. The 1st healers are the main rulers and have the most power. 2nd healers are advisers to the 1st healers and have some checks on him/her(the difference between primary and secondary is primary overrules secondary). 3rd healers are like governors. They control their territories. The 1st Healer is Benjamin Martin. The primary 2nd Healer is Athul Vikas. The secondary 2nd Healer is Govardhan Vyloppully. The 3rd Header of Eytaki is Argjend Garbarino. The 3rd Healer of New Flovios is Jason Pham. The 3rd healer of New Plutonia Tony Lou.

Diplomatic Relationships

We are part of the Seaborgian Confederation, along with Coppistan and Aariania. Our best Allies are Aariania. We occasionally trade with them and leaders are best friends. In fact The leader of Aariania gave the leader of Vivannia the idea to create a micronation.

Reasons for Stuff

Vivannia is viva, anni and a. "Viva" is live in spanish, "anni" is an abbreviation for animals, and the is there "a" to make it sound more like a nation. So Live animals. An Ankh(the symbol on our flag) is the ancient Egyptian symbol of life. The purple rectangle behind the ankh (in our flag) means "no hunting" when painted on a tree. So we put in on our flag.