Principality of Posaf

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Principality of Posaf
Flag of Posaf.svg FlagPosafnewcoa.png Coat of Arms

Let's Be One
Map of three Squamily counties
Capital city Turtle City
Largest city Turtle City
Official language(s) English, German, French [1]
Recognised languages Spanish and Czech
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Posafian
Government Elective Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch HRH Prince Henry II
- Higher Lord Jenna MacRonn
- Lower Lord Nicholas Randouler
Legislature The Kadelieort
- Type - Bicamerial
Established January 2, 2018
Area claimed 7 acres (2.8 hectares)
Population 57 (2019)
Currency Posafi Dollar Unit (PDU)
Time zone (EDT) UTC -4
National sport Football (Soccer)
National drink Voss Water
National animal American Robin
Patron saint St. Bernadette
This nation is a full member of the Grand Unified Micronational
Founding nation of the MOF

Posaf Government Website
Posaf Government Twitter
Posaf Government Reddit (r/Posaf)

Posaf which is, officially the Principality of Posaf (German: Fürstentum von Kadelie und Freunde) is a self-declared independent state, or more commonly known as a micronation to external obervers. Posaf was orginially founded outside of Cincinnati, Ohio but now has larger land claims, classified as States in the United States and Iraq with smaller claimes classified as Provinces in Canada and in Hong Kong with all having small pockets of land known as counties in; the Czech Republic, Finland, India, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, and Sweden.

Posaf was founded in early January by a group of friends who called themselves the Squamily. The core values of making Posaf was for better peace and equality and combating homophobia, and racial discrimination in the United States as well as bringing the divide of right-wing and left-wing people closer together. Originally was made as a simulationist micronation turned into a project nation after the more organized government and with joining organizations such as the GUM, creating the Micronational Olympic Federation and being a founding member in the Cincinnati Pact.

The Principality scores a 4.7 on the Freayth's System of Classification and is classified as a 6th World Micronation after scoring a 8/12 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System by citizens of Posaf.


Principality of Squamily and Friends comes from a mix of words made by the Squamily, or the founders of Posaf. Squamily comes from combining the word, "Squad" and "Family" which was the name of the friend group who founded Posaf. Friends are representing the other citizens in Posaf because there were expected to be more people outside of the group to join Posaf. When coming up with the name there have been other words to replace friends such as alliances, neighbours, citizens.

With Squamily being a new word there are not official translations made for the Principality of Squamily and Friends. The translation used in German is, Fürstentum von Kadelie und Freunde or FVKUF. Kadelie comes is the words of squad and family combined in German, such as it is in English

On 1 December 2018, the Principality changed its name to the Princiaplity of Posaf. The name change was held after a refferundem that passed which led Posaf to use its shortname of Posaf, for its full name.


The Principality of Squamily and Friends was made by a group of friends (The Squamily) founded on 2 January 2018. Posaf was simply made because they wanted something new on their own rules. They wanted to be separate from the United States because they do not like what is currently going on inside the nation, with the injustice of equality. Also, they wanted to live with their own standards and lifestyle. Making Posaf was considered a success because it has more citizens the original group. Posaf has never been at war or in any international conflict, to prevent that on January 7 Posaf founded United Micronations along with the Principality of Andany, and the Kingdom of Falcar.

Picture of flooded Miami Road

In late 2017 and the beginning of 2018 Price Henry Edwelo of Posaf hosted founded the Micronational Olympic Federation or the MOF. The MOF is an intermicronational sport and gaming organization. The MOF hosts games annually, that are all online. When the MOF held their first games, hosted by the MOF, Posaf came in third place for overall medals. Many Posafians were happy about their nations achievement, later on, the former Minister of Sports and Culture announced that they will start a gaming team for Posaf.

On 25 February 2018, Prince Henry Rydina declared Posaf to be in a State of Emergency, due to flooding in the area. The Ohio River flooded due to the amount of rain in the area, in a short time. When the Ohio River floods one of its tributaries, the Great Miami River, will flood as well. The Great Miami River, neighbors Turtle Creek Land and flooded part of Posaf Street, Miami Road and Posaf and Prince Henry's neighbors. "I've never seen anything this bad before. They have to get into their house by a ladder, it's so saddening." Prince Henry said in an interview following the State of Emergency announcement. The Government went to normal operations again on 4 March 2018. On 10 May 2018, the people of Posaf starting working on a conlang so Posafians could have their own language. On that same day, Posaf's suicide prevention program, We Care (P: Uue Kare) was started. On 25 May 2018, Neu Vaderland, led by Adalard Schneider, seceded from Posaf. After Adalard and Posafian authorities agreed to independence, Reich des Vaterlandes was proclaimed and Adalard became Kaiser.

Government and politics

Posaf is a constitutional and absolute elective monarchy lead by Prince Henry II, the reigning monarch. The government in Posaf consists of the Parliament, Ministries for the legislative, High Courts for judicial and the Monarch, which is executive. The legislative branch comprises of the House of Commons and House of Lords with a branch for the Eternal Ministry. The Higher Lord (also known as the Prime Minister) is in the legislative branch too, although they can make executive decisions. The High Courts are the judicial branch comprising of the High Judge, who is also the Higher Lord of Posaf. Lastly, the executive branch is a more ceremonial branch run by the elected Monarch.


The Monarch or the Monarchy of Posaf is the highest person in the status of nobility in Posaf. Although the Higher Lord has more power the Monarch still has duties. The Monarch is apart of the executive branch of Posaf and is elected every year by the people in a two-step election. Prince Henry II is the reigning monarch of Posaf after being elected into a second term in office. The Monarch is elected but takes a more ceremonial role in Posafian politics. The Monarch of the Principality is allowed to; select new positions, establish relations, ask for new laws, sign treaties for foreign affairs or joining organizations, and the Monarch can veto Parliament descisions.

While the Monarch does have a ceremonial role, laws and acts have to be approved by the Monarch in Parliament (transition from House of Commons to House of Lords) and only if the law will affect the Posafian Constitution. The Monarch also must sign the law if it was made in the House of Lords. With more on the ceremonial role the Monarch can give out awards and decorations and name other ceremonial Monarchs. Ceremonial Monarchs cannot be removed by Parliament.


The Kadelieort is the legislative branch in the government of Posaf comprising of two houses. The upper house where the two largest parties are equally represented (with a Monarchical representative), the House of Lords. The other lower house being the House of Commons being elected every four months by a party list style voting from every sector.

As the legislature of Posaf, the Houses can submit bills to their respected legislatures in order to be passed to the Monarch or the Higher Lord. When the House of Commons submits a bill it goes through the ministry it is related too for approval from the ministry that it would not affect it in a bad way, or limit rights. After the Commons, the bill then moves up to the House of Lords (if it gets a majority vote) where it is voted on. If they get a majority then the Higher Lord signs off on the bill. Although if the bill changes the constitution, the Monarch must sign it and can veto the bill too.

With the House of Lords for getting a bill to become a law, it is different with little less restriction on the bill becoming a law. The law is introduced to the House of Lords but the House of Commons must be informed on the bill. If the bill has a majority vote to send it to the Monarch for signing the House of Commons can veto the bill. If the House of Commons does not veto the bill it is sent to the Monarch to sign along with the Higher Lord, no matter who signs it.


  • Ministry of Agriculture and Environment - led by the Minister of Environment, is responsible for helping establish protected environment zones, parks, and assisting in environmental laws into the Kadeliort.
  • Ministry of Culture - led by the Minister of Culture, is responsible for maintaining the culture of Posaf and finding new ways to integrate it with the citizens.
  • Ministry of Education - led by the Minister of Education, is responsible for the education in Posaf, and administering schools set up in Posaf.
  • Ministry of Finance - led by the Minister of Finance, is responsible for the Bank of Posaf, and the economic affairs and trade for the nation. The Minister is head of the bank and
  • Ministry of Foreign Relations - led by the Minister of Foreign Relations is responsible for the foreign affairs and representation the nation to the world.Award
  • Ministry of Government Communications - led by the Minister of Gov Communications, is responsible for Communicating to the public of the Government decisions
  • Ministry of Immigration - led by the Minister of Immigration the ministry is responsible for immigration and tourism services as well as confirming the applications of citizens.
  • Ministry of State Security - led by the Chief of Defence, is responsible for protecting the nation from a domestic or a foreign attack

Foreign relations

Foreign relations and foreign affairs are run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[2] The Principality of Posaf has multiple diplomatic missions or embassies, in other macronations and micronations. Currently, there are three and the first is located in Kingston Ontario, Canada.[3]

Countries with Posafian Embassies

This embassy is run by Austin Jaax and also serves as the embassy to the Empire of Iustus. The second one is in Cincinnati, Ohio USA run by Rose Danen. Lastly, the third one is located in Baghdad, Iraq run by Mohammed Mahomed. There is one embassy project opening in Hong Kong run by Millania that opened in the latter part of 2018.

Along with embassies in other micronations, Posaf is home to other micronations as well. In Mae, Indian Woods there is the Iustian Embassy to the United States, which dually serves as an embassy to Posaf too. Also in Mae, the Millanian Embassy to the United States is located there and acts as the embassy to Posaf as well.

The foreign relations are run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Parliament. If the Ministry would like to begin relations with another nation, they must release a document and a reason for recognition. When in the process of ending diplomatic relations the bill or recognition will be passed through the House of Commons and House of Lords then the Monarch to sign to approve. This plan was put into place after Posaf dropped ties with the Principality of Andany.[4] Before the process, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has to follow the foreign policy set up by the government and could establish ties with anyone.

Parties and elections

In Posaf elections are held every 4 months, and these elections are held on 12 January, 12 May and 12 September, every year. When the Squamily was writing the constitution the 6-month pattern was aimed to have a good changing government, although in the 2019 general election this was changed to every 4 months. Every year Posaf elects a new Monarch, by the popular vote from a two-round system. Along with the monarchical election, the people vote on House of Commons seats and issues from the monarch.

Posaf has 3 main political parties, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Party which were both founded on 3 January 2018 and the New Democrats Party founded in March. Each party was founded by a group of members, although Courtney Annalou was the Conservative Party leader until she was the Monarch. These three parties have been the biggest but third-parties have emerged with the Marketists Party and the New Nationalists Party, which has since been dissolved. The other four third parties are; the Socialist Party, People's Party, Buck Paty, and the AntiiFunny Party.

As of the May 2019 federal election the New Democrats Party and Liberals formed a coalation over the Conservative Party, with Jenna MacRonn as the Higher Lord of Posaf.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Idieolgies House of Commons House of Lords
Conservative CP ConservativeLogo2.png Rose Danen Centre-Right Conservatism
4 / 10
1 / 3
Liberal LP LiberalPartyofPosafLogo.png Abby Batalia Centre-Left Liberalism
2 / 10
1 / 3
New Democrats Party NDP NewDemologo2.gif Grace Konn Centre Libertarianism
2 / 10
1 / 3
Buck Party BP BuckPartyop.png Parker O'Leary Centre-right Light-social conservatism
1 / 10
0 / 3

Geography and Climate

Administrative Regions

Posaf has multiple locations spread throughout the world, in which the majority of the land claims is in the United States.

Grand Falls located in Squamily
Lake Kimald located in Squamily
Essex Creek located in Essex
Mayor Residence in Wasat

The land is divided up into AROP's (Administrative Regions of Posaf) Each piece of land is put into an AROP, the land elects representatives [into the House of Commons] for their respected regions. Along with the representatives the AROP's elect Mayors for the head of their province.

During the elections for the House of Commons, the AROPs are divided into three groups, the Squamily (SQMY), United (UNTD) and Foreign (FORN). These places each have seats in the House of Commons, which the citizens of the region can run for. Currently, the Squamily gets five, United gets two, and Foreign gets two as well. As of the June 2018 Squamily sector holds six seats, United holds two and Foreign holds one.

Each AROP is divided into a category, by their governance. Currently, there are four categories;

  • States: A State in Posaf can write its own constitution and make its own laws but must align with the Posafian Constitution (national laws trump state laws). States are often referred to as countituent country. A state is headed by a Governor.
  • Federal Cities: A Federal City in Posaf is the same as a Province, except they hold federal offices such as Embassies, Ministry Offices, and more. A federal city is run by a Mayor
  • Province: A Province in Posaf follows the Posafian constitution, while there can be Provincial Laws that apply to the Province and it is the Mayor whos choice it it to ratify the Provincial Law. A province is run by the High Premier
  • Territory: A Territory in Posaf follows the constitution with no special laws unless a Provincial Law has been ratified by more than a half of the Provinces or Federal Cities. A territory is led by a Territorial Governor, similar to a state.
Name Flag Emblem Mayor Population
Frenwick FrenwickFlag.png FrenwickEmblem.gif Adrien Lesier 1
Wasat WasatFlag2nd.png WasatEmblem.gif Mohammed Mahmood 2
Essex Krzewofr.png Owen Edwelson 7
Squamily SquamilyFlag.png SquamilyEmblem.gif Henry Edwelo 31
Asiata ASIATA.jpg AsiataEmblem.gif Nicolas Millan 2
Nievenorte NievenorteFlag.png Austin Jaax 7
West Posaf WestPosafFlag.png Andy Irons 3
Federal Cities
Turtle City TurtleCityFlag.png 50px Evan Rydina 2


Posaf lies in the Humid Subtropical (Cfa) climate zone under the Köppen climate classification system. Because of this, the nation shares a climate with much of the Midwest, summers are typically hot and humid throughout Squamily, while winters generally range from cold to severely cold winters. These climate zones are characterized by large seasonal temperature differences. All of Squamily generally takes in Cincinnati weather where it can snow and be in the seventies, four days apart. This is due to the location where cold air from Canada and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico meet along with winds from the Great Lakes.[5]


The Posafian Economy is mainly driven off of selling items to people. Currently, this can only be done in Person by the government officials. The main items they sell are Firewood, Flags, Mini flags, and Non-Legal PDU money. The government has been trying to find more intriguing ways to help the economy. There have been ideas of doing guided tours of Indian Woods and Turtle Creek Land. With most of the citizens are in school, there have been thoughts of selling school supplies to the local community.

Posafi Dollar Unit

One Posafi Dollar Bill

The PDU is backed by the "Firewood Standard," ¶2 is equal to one log of firewood. It must be 1½ feet long or larger. Posaf is mainly located near wooded areas so the people came up with the standard, for Posaf. Posaf is one of the two (the other being Quietrock) micronation to use the PDU. You can trade in 1 USD for 2 PDU in Posaf. The firewood standard has not been put into place yet. The Posaf Bank is only Printing out ¶1, ¶5, and ¶10 bills. The Posaf Bank has also made ¶1 coins to use, although these coins cannot be used for legal tender yet. The coins are made out of clay, currently, only four of the coins are used today. Prince Henry of Turtle City will have a referendum to see if the people will want to use the coins or keep them as a collector's item. The Posafi Dollar uses the pilcrow symbol for the currency sign.



Posafian cuisine is largely dominated by American dishes based on the population located in the United States. This often includes a simple breakfast with cereals, eggs n' bacon, breakfast shakes, pancakes, and other common dishes. Lunch and dinner (or supper) are often the same with western style sandwiches and other foods such as ramen, quesadillas, poultry and different meats. With the majority of the population-based in and near Cincinnati, Ohio some of the dishes may include or be chili. Chili in the area is often unique as it comes from the popular restaurant, Skyline Chili, which is popular in Squamily too. Made with different style ingredients, other versions made by Posafians are common too.

Attempts to make a traditional Posafian cuisine have been successful in making small meals. A traditional Rice and Soup have been made using different ingredients to make a different flavor. As well as Rice and Soup another popular dish is Red Macaroni, made with different spices from around the world. Some Posafians have also been known to try exotic foods from around the world from places such as Japan, Netherlands, Russia, and Palestine.


Holiday Date Meaning
New Years Day 1 Jan To celebrate the beginning of a new year
Founders Day 2 Jan Celebrate the day Posaf came independent.
Flag Day 6 Jan Celebrate the adaptation of the Posafian Flag
Norton Day 8 Jan Commemorate the first Emperor of the United States.
Monarch Day 16 Jan The Day to celebrate the new Monarch in Posaf, and the Monarch.
Black Tables Day 22 Jan A day to remember it's okay to make mistakes and be clumsy.
You Day 29 Feb An extra day where you can do what you want and to be yourself.
Mothers Day 17 Mar A day to honor and love your mother for what she has done for you.
Cancer Awareness Day 21 Apr A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from the disease. It is normal to dress in purple.
Burning of The Books 31 May To celebrate the end of the school year by burning unwanted things.
Cross Day 12 Jun Halfway through the year mark, traditional Summer cleaning.
Summer Day 22 Jun To celebrate the first full day of the season of Summer.
First Fall 20 Aug The traditional day when citizens go back to school.
Patriot Day 11 Sep An American holiday to remember the lives lost in the 9/11/01 attacks. All flags are ordered to be at half-mast.
Prostate Cancer
Awareness Day
27 Sep A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from Prostate Cancer. It is normal to dress in blue.
Halloween 31 Oct Halloween Day to go trick-or-treating with friends and family.
Appendix Cancer
Awareness Day
22 Nov A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from Appendix Cancer. It is normal to dress in yellow.
New Year's Eve 31 Dec To celebrate the end of the year


The official language of the Principality is English and German. English is the primary language with all the population speaking it for their first or second language. In April 2018 German became an official language for Posaf's close German heritage, with the city of Cincinnati. Although it is an official language there have been no reports of fluent speakers in Posaf. In 2019 Posafians voted in favor to make French a language of Posaf, for cultural ties.

Many other second languages are spoken in Posaf as well as English. The most popular unofficial language is Spanish. Many Squamilanians and some others know Spanish or in the process of learning it. Other second languages are in Posaf but just not as Popular such as Russian, Notiša (a Posafian conlang in the making), Czech, and Arabic.


Media in Posaf was known to be well written by outside sources and has received an award for the literature but which has been declined.[6] The Posafian Constitution allows for all types of Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech and many other liberties that the media uses. So far the only news outlets are the The Press, Squamily Times and the media outlets are; The Posaf Channel and Posafian Broadcasting Channel. The only state-run news source is the Government Post which is exclusively for government announcements. Which as sense being turned into the national forums.


Christianity is the official religion of Posaf. When Posaf first wrote its constitution it was decided that whatever the Monarchs faith is, it is the official religion, unless they are agnostic or atheist it is then the previous. Although in the Principality the separation of church and state is an ideal in the Constitution too. Currently, there are five religions that are practiced in Posaf today, which are; Christianity, Islam, Jusaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. So far Christianity is the biggest religion with around 73% of Posaf identifying as a Christian. Islam is the second largest with three folllowers and the rest have under two.

In Posaf being Atheist or Agnostic, is considered non-religious by the government. This was set into place in April 2018. These people are viewed as non-religious as in Posaf Atheist and Agnostic do not mean much and can fit under one catagory. Although there have been attempts to change this back to Atheist and Agnostic.

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