Kadelieort V

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The Kadelieort

Parliament of Posaf
Kadelieort IV
Coat of arms or logo
FoundedJanuary 16th, 2020
Courtney Annalou, CP
since September 16th, 2019
House of Lords political groups
HRH Lords Government (3):
  •   Conservative (1)
  •   Posaf-Green (1)
  •   Buck (1)
House of Commons political groups
HRH Government (4):

Confidence and supply (2):

HRH Opposition (5)

The Kadelieort V of the Principality of Posaf was opened on 16 January 2020 by Prince Nicholas I.

Seat changes

Incumbent MP's

House of Lords

House of Commons

Sector Elected MP Party Administrative Region
Foreign Zabëlle Skye Conservative Nievenorte
Ashley Jaax Posaf-Green Nievenorte
Nicolás Millán Asiata
Squamily Emily Smith Buck Squamily
Rose Danen Conservative Squamily
Henry Rydina Turtle City
Nour Shamon Posaf-Green Squamily
Delana Jeari Squamily
David Hernandez Squamily
Grant Roberave New Democrats Squamily
United Andy Irons Conservative West Posaf

Acts passed

House of Lords

House of Commons