United Micropact

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United Micropact


Headquarters United Micropact Summit (Discord)

Official language English

Membership 7 full members

Chairman Austin Jaax
Vice-Chair Nicholas Randouler

Key dates
Foundation January 7, 2018
Merge with FUM January 8, 2018
Merge with IU June 23, 2018
Re establishment November 4th 2018
Website Official Website

The UM, officially the United Micropact, is an intermicronational organization similar to the GUM, or the UN. Its goals, as noted on the official website is "to bring peace and co-operation to the micronational community". It was formed on the 7th of January, 2018 with 3 founding members; Kingdom of Falcar, Principality of Andany, and Principality of Squamily and Friends. The Commonwealth of Danatia, joined 1 day after the founding.


As a relatively newly formed organization. There is little history to this organization. The organzation was made by the Principlaty of Squamily and Friends, or Posaf, when Prince Henry Edwelo wanted to establish ties with other nations. Later Prince Edwelo wanted to shift the goal to micronational peace.

After the one day the United Micropact and the Federated Union of Micronations agreed to merge 1 day after the foundation of the UM. The UM and FUM kept the name United Micropact, but changed their logo. With the merge, the Principality of Andany and Commonwealth of Danatia (now Republic of Bernada) joined Posaf and the Kingdom of Falcar.

At the end of May The United Micropact began to break down with Posaf having a referendum on leaving The UM with over 50% in favor and Iustus demoting itself to an observer, later in June Posaf left The United Micropact followed by Iustus, Andany also began the process of leaving The UM, Nicholas Millan The Chair of The Um decided to have a vote on whether to merge The UM with The International Union, the vote in The UM was successful and on June 23 2018 The UM began the process of merging with The IU.


Full Members



The following are the requirements to be a United Micropact member state

  • Must have a land claim on Earth only
  • Must not adhere to fascism or militant religious beliefs (Jihadism, militant Christianism)
  • Must have a permanent population
  • Must not have a territorial dispute with another member state
  • Must have respect for human rights for its population and other countries
  • Must not be inactive for more than three quorums
  • Must not be a fictional (fantasist, imaginary) micronation
  • Must not be aggressive to other member states of the United Micropact


The Charter of the United Micropact is a document which contains the organs, sub-organizations, and functioning of the United Micropact. It acts similarly to a constitution of a country. The writing of a charter is still under work.

List of resolutions