United Micropact

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United Micropact

Headquarters United Micropact Summit (Discord)

Official language English

Membership Seven member states peak

Chairman Ashley Jaax
Vice-Chair Nicholas Randouler

Key dates
Foundation January 7, 2018
Merger with FUM January 8, 2018
Amalgamated into IU June 23, 2018

The UM, officially the United Micropact, was an intermicronational organization with goals similar to the GUM, and in turn the UN. According to its website, the organisations' goals were to "bring peace and co-operation to the micronational community". It was formed on the 7th of January, 2018 with four founding members; the Kingdom of Falcar, Principality of Andany, and the Principality of Squamily and Friends, followed a day later by The Commonwealth of Danatia.


As a relatively short-lived organization, little history exists. The organization was created by the Principality of Squamily and Friends by Prince Henry Edwelo when he wished to expand relations with other micronations.

soon after the establishment was announced the UM was amalgamated with the similar Federated Union of Micronations retaining the title UM but altering its design. The UM soon experienced trouble as the idea of a live voting platform became impractical due to the global nature of the organisation, leaving some members without a vote due to timezones.

As prospects of membership, growth appeared Edwelo of Posaf argued the purpose of the organisation should be shifted to promote peace while other members argued the focus should be orientated more towards helping those existing members advance within the community (co-operation). Internal arguments ensued, largely driven by inexperience and lack of coherent leadership or policymaking.

instability ensued that May, which resulted in Posaf holding a controversial swift vote to amalgamate the UM into another Posaf-oriented organisation which resulted in a near equal voting outcome, nevertheless, the amalgamation proceedings were started by the chair. in protest Iustus self-demoted to the observer and the Kingdom of Falcar ceased contact with the organisation. Within months most members had ceased contact with the organisation, with the remaining members merging with the Posaf-oriented "IU" on the 23rd of June 2018, formally disestablishing the organisation.


Full Members



The following are the requirements to be a United Micropact member state

  • Must have a land claim on Earth only
  • Must not adhere to fascism or militant religious beliefs (Jihadism, militant Christianism)
  • Must have a permanent population
  • Must not have a territorial dispute with another member state
  • Must have respect for human rights for its population and other countries
  • Must not be inactive for more than three quorums
  • Must not be a fictional (fantasist, imaginary) micronation
  • Must not be aggressive to other member states of the United Micropact