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Principality of Posaf

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Principality of Posaf
Coat of Arms of Posaf
Coat of Arms
Motto: Let's Be One
Anthem: A Pure Principality
Map of the three biggest Squamily counties
CapitalTurtle City
Largest cityMae
Official languagesEnglish, German, French
Demonym(s)Posafian (plural)
Posafi (singular)
GovernmentElective-constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Delana Jeari
Andrew Irons
• Lower Lord
Henry Edwelo
• Independence From the United States
2 January 2018
• Total
0.028328 km2 (0.010938 sq mi)
• Estimate
71 (2020)
CurrencyPDU and USD
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+1
Internet TLD.po (proposed)

Posaf, officially the Principality of Posaf (German: Fürstentum Fükfuf; French: Principauté de Paléea) is a self-declared independent state, more commonly known as a micronation to external observers. Posaf was originally founded in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area in Ohio, but now has larger land claims, classified as States, located in the United States and Iraq, with smaller claims classified as Provinces in Canada and in Hong Kong, with all having small pockets of land known as Counties in; the Czech Republic, Finland, India, Italy, Republic of Korea, Pakistan, Sweden, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Posaf is currently inactive, and on 1 January 2022 it was recognised as defunct by the Provisional Administration of the Duck Islands, de jure a territory of Posaf, which had established a provisional government following breakdown of communications with the central government.

Posaf was founded in early January 2018 by a group of friends who called themselves the Squamily. The core values of the creation of Posaf was to achieve better peace and equality, to combat homophobia and racial discrimination in the United States, as well as to bring the divide of right-wing and left-wing people closer together. Originally established as a simulationist micronation, it turned into a project nation after the organization of the government and entry into organizations such as the GUM, creating the Micronational Olympic Federation, and becoming a founding member in the Cincinnati Pact.

The Principality scores a 4.7 on the Freayth's System of Classification and is classified as a 6th World Micronation after scoring an 8/12 on the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System by citizens of Posaf.[1] Posaf also scored "LGBT Friendly" on Statistic Fire's LGBT Rights Index. In early 2020, Posaf was ranked as the fifth most influential micronation, tied with Abelden.[2]


The Principality of Posaf's name comes from a mix of words shortened into an abbreviation. Posaf was originally called the "Principality of Squamily and Friends," however always had the shortname of Posaf as the first letter of every word makes the word, Posaf. The word Squamily is a portmanteau when you combine the words, "Squad" and "Family." Squamily is also the name of the friend group who founded Posaf. While the word "Friends" is representing the other citizens in Posaf because it was expected there would be more people outside of the group joining Posaf. When coming up with the name there have been proposals to find other words to replace friends such as alliances, neighbours, or citizens.

In the latter part of 2018, the Principality changed its name to the Principality of Posaf to end confusion between what to call Posaf on a diplomatic scale. The name change was held after a referendum that passed, which led the nation to use its short name of Posaf, as its full name.

On 2 November 2019, Prince Henry II signed the Foreign Names Act to give Posaf official names in French and German.[3] The two new names were, "Principauté de Paléea" and "Fürstentum Fükfuf." The French name translates to the "Principality of Paleea", as "Paleea" is an acronym for "Principauté avec l’Équillie et Amis." Which directly translates to, "Principality with the Squamily and Friends." The German translation directly translates to the "Principality of Fukfuf" as "Fukfuf" is an acronym for "Fürstentum Kadelie und Freunde." This directly translates to Principality of Squamily and Friends, although, an extra "f" is added for the word "family."[4]



In late October of 2017, the idea was voiced around to start a nation in a group of friends who called themselves the Squamily. The idea became increasingly popular until early November the Squamily began to build a nation, mainly for fun. Although originally for fun it evolved over time into something greater.

The Squamily many had different ideas of what this nation should be, how it should be, and what does it stand for. Under a vote of the people, the decision was split between a presidential republic, and a monarchy, while one person abstained. With the mixed results a second vote led to the same results. Eventually, after talks, the decision was made to have an elective monarchy, with a House of Commons and a House of Lords. With those results, many of the friends agreed the nation would be a better version of the United States, a nation with reformed education, a nation open and accepting "social justice warriors" to radicals from both sides, and to close the right and left-wing divide.

Courtney Annalou, who was one of the main writers of the constitution and first elected Monarch.

While the legislative branch was going to be established many were confused about how it would be run. With a mix of YouTube videos about the British and Canadian parliaments with the United States Congress. The Squamily created a new bicameral system, under an elected ceremonial monarch. With the new government, the Speaker of the House or Prime Minister was called the Higher Lord, moving the spot from the lower house to the upper house. Although in the upper house the two parties with the most seats in the lower house were chosen to the upper house. With the government being established they selected a provisional government [ahead of the foundation] of two people from the Conservative Party, two from Posaf-Green (now Liberal) and one from the now-defunct New Liberals to preside. While the House of Lords had one from Conservative and one from Posaf-Green.

Many Squamily friends were happy about the planning of the events and the pace it was going at so it can be easily prepared. Only a Constitution was set to right, which was written by Nicholas Randouler, Nathan Michaeve, Regan Alifo, Rose Danen, Henry Rydina, Courtney Annalou, Henry Edwelo, Grant Roberave and Justin Donamana. Once finished nothing was left to do, except to declare independence.

Founders Day to early history

On Founders Day or Independence Day, the Squamily members declared independence at approximately 8:03 PM EST on January 2, 2018. While only the provisional government was in charge they set dates for the election (January 12) and they selected the acting Monarch, Henry Edwelo, now known as Prince Henry I, to be in charge. Along with declaring independence the nation sent emails to the United States to declare their independence and sending out more emails to the Aerican Empire, Molossia, Sealand, and Talossa. However, they only got e-mails back from the Aerican Empire, and Molossia. Within the short four hours, they set up a website, designed a flag, and the next day they spread the word at school after winter break ended.

First Posafian flag made by Grace Konn, displayed in Posafian History Museum

With the new nation coming along and finding the presence of MicroWiki and its nations, Posaf set up two organizations. The United Micropact, and the far more successful, Micronational Olympic Federation with notable members such as Iustus, and Ladonia. Posaf was able to be seen as a stronger nation by creating such a base from the organizations and the member states in them. In the United Micropact, Posaf gained diplomatic ties with the nation of Andany and the Kingdom of Falcar which were both later dropped. The United Micropact is seen as a YAMO to other micronationalists, but later helped Posaf's diplomatic scene. Posaf will later leave the organization to focus on other projects and the GUM.

As the temporary government was moving well, the citizens decided on an election. They elected Nicholas Randouler and Nathan Michaeve, (Conservative) Delana Jeari-Rydina, and Henry Edwelo (Posaf Green) into the House of Commons, while the New Liberal Party folded into the Posaf-Green Party. Henry Rydina and Reagan Alfio were then put into the House of Lords, as the largest parties, with Henry Rydina becoming the Higher Lord by winning the majority of votes. In the election Posaf democratically elected Courtney Annalou into the Monarchical seat, thus having Princess Courtney I. Not too long into her term (3 days) she resigned due to issues with her partner and former Royal Courtney stating, "I cannot rule without him by my side, we just need someone stronger up in charge." Higher Lord, Henry Rydina then became the Monarch, until being reelected in the January 2019 election. When former Royal Courtney resigned. Due to the hereditary line of succession, there was no one able to fill the position. This is why the Higher Lord became the Monarch. After Rydina became the Monarch of Posaf, he appointed David Hernandez, a liberal activist, to fill the remainder of his term. Hernandez was still publicly popular as he ran for one of the seats in the House of Commons but lost by one vote. With Hernandez as Higher Lord and Prince Henry II, Posaf grew expediently, opening foreign relations with some of our biggest allies, Iustus, Millania, Phyrria and Quietrock, passing laws and saw the expansion of more provinces such as Essex, Nievenorte and Neu Vaterlands. Hernandez also helped restore the nation after the February–March Floods, which affected all parts of the province of Squamily. Short into the term for Hernandez, he became badly ill and was told he had two weeks to a week to live. Although he is alive today as the doctors were wrong, he resigned his role giving to Maria Lynnae, the Monarchical House of Lord's representative.

2018 February–March Floods in Squamily

During the Lynnae government, Posafian expansionism grew vastly reaching nations of Iraq, and Finland. As Lynnae as the Higher Lord, she helped form a coalition government in the House of Commons between the Conservatives and Posaf-Green's to create the Forward Moving Government that helped form new laws, and holidays. Although with great cooperation on a federal level, the disruption of the state was prominent, which led to the New Reich Crisis in Neu Vaderlands State, and Squamily.

New Reich Crisis

The New Reich Crisis was a separatist movement in the state of Neu Vaderlands (with a small protest in Squamily). Adalard Schneider, a German native who moved to the United States and later became a Posafian citizen and founded the now-defunct Posafian Nationalists Party and the state of Neu Vaderlands. He later started a separatist movement and used his party for support. The separatist movement's cause was to make an independent state that Adalard ruled. In the movement, the creation of the Posafian Courts was made and was led by the Higher and Lower Lord as the judges, as the government viewed that a court would now be necessary. In the three days, many disputes were held in the Posafian Discord server between various people, with most in support of staying as Posaf and some neutrals. After negotiations of trying to help Schneider find new land to start a new micronation, he refused and wanted to take the Posafian land. After a day's worth of a court trial, Schneider was convicted of treason and banned from Posaf for 90 days, the government also revoked his citizenship ending the Crisis. As of September 3 2018, the nation has become defunct, roughly four months into the creation of the nation.

Modernization of Posaf

After the New Reich Crisis, some say that Posaf slowed down inactivity, although it did during and after election times to a very high amount of activity. Posaf elected a Conservative minority Parliament which was officially the first Parliament and had Andy Irons as the first Conservative Party Higher Lord. Also, the representation was shown from the New Democrats Party made by Ashley Jaax. During this time the government was seen as active opening relations with larger nations such as Aariania and the Kingdom of Jupiter as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports helping open a gaming team for the Micronational Olympic Federation and the Virtual Posaf Football League.

Bouche d'eau Dam in January 2019

Along with an active government during the time there was a dubbed " Fever" that lasted for around ten days when many of the citizens who are present online played the game as teams for some time, often reaching the top of the leader board. This also resulted in other games being played with Posafians as well as a Posaf version of 2048.[5] In Squamily many small projects were built such as the Bouche d'eau Dam in Squamily along with the Founders Monument. After a time the activity died down and the presence is still alive today with some citizens still active and new citizens joining. The Posafian National Discord Server has since died down significantly in 2019, attempts have been made to restore this and find a new era of "Friends" to join the nation. One of these attempts was to make a Reddit page for Posaf,[6] simply called r/Posaf.

In late October 2019 talks were happening for constructing a new government building and relocating the Capital (Turtle Creek) to a new area inside Turtle Creek Land. The government building is proposed to be made of fifty percent recycled material and using a solar panel for energy in the building. Blueprints currently show the building will be four feet wide, six feet tall, and eight feet in length.

As 2019 came to an end Posaf gained some intermicronational recognition from donating to the organization, Team Trees.[7][8] Team trees is an organization to raise 20 million dollars (USD) to plant 20 million trees by 2022. With this came a small citizen boost and more online activity on Discord, Posaf also gained its first citizen from the United Kingdom.

2020 onward

Prince Randouler died on 3 June 2020 after suffering a seizure back on 25 May 2020.

Posaf gained a small citizen boost in the province of Nievenorte in early 2020 and late of 2019. Due to this, it had its first local elections for a small council, the first time a Friends administrative region has done this. Jayden Lycon of the Greens and Zabëlle Skye of the Conservatives were both elected. After the 2020 general election was over the Kadelieort grew to eleven members, however Nicolas Millan was elected elven days later in a by-election due to a tie in votes. In the first weeks, the Kadelieort voted to leave the Konmalehth.

As the COVID-19 pandemic progressed the Kadelieort moved forward to create the Ministry of National Health.[9] With this, the government opened up its eighth ministry for the nation. Due to the quarantine, more bills were expected to be passed in the Kadelieort such as economic and banking reform and the annual budget. During this time the largest party merger occurred with the Greens merging with the Liberals to recreate the Posaf-Green Party on 3 April.

On 3 June 2020, Prince Randouler passed away after suffering a seizure on 25 May that year. A provisional transitional government within Posaf was set up, consisting of members including Ashley Jaax and Grace Konn. The government moved their Discord server (as they were unable to get ownership of the server) in summer 2021 and revived the House of Commons in September. On 27 September 2020, Delana Jeari was appointed by the Kadelieort as monarch as Princess Delana and Andrew Irons was instated as Higher Lord by the House of Commons. The Government held a referendum on 12 March 2021 to join the future state of Sentallares, alongside Iustus and El Dorado. The responses were generally in favor of confederation, but it was never realized due to inactivity in the constituent nations. Posaf's official Discord server was also deleted in August 2021, where most of its non-territorial citizens gathered, after continued inactivity. This prompted, among other things, the establishment of the Provisional Administration of the Duck Islands.

Referendum in the Principality of Posaf
12 March 2021
What should be the future of Posaf?
Confederation 50%
Transition to a ceremonial state 33%
Remain in the current state 16%

Government and politics

The government of Posaf is a constitutional elective monarchy, currently, lead by Prince Nicholas I, the reigning monarch. The government in Posaf consists of the Parliament, Ministries for the legislative branch, High Courts for the judicial branch, and the Monarch which is the executive branch. The legislative branch comprises the House of Commons and House of Lords with a branch for the Ministries. The Higher Lord (the equivalent to a Prime Minister) is in the legislative branch too, although they can make executive decisions. The High Courts are the judicial branch comprising of the High Judge, who is also the Higher Lord of Posaf. Lastly, the executive branch is a more ceremonial branch run by the elected Monarch.


The Monarch or the Monarchy of Posaf is the highest person in the status of nobility in Posaf. Although the Higher Lord has more power the Monarch still has duties. The Monarch is a part of the executive branch of Posaf and is elected every year by the people in a two-step election. Delana Jeari is the reigning Monarch as of 27 September, and Prince Henry II was the longest-reigning monarch of Posaf after being elected into a second term in office in 2019. The Monarch is elected but takes a more ceremonial role in Posafian politics. The Monarch of the Principality is allowed to; select new positions, establish relations, ask for new laws, sign treaties for foreign affairs or joining organizations, and the Monarch can veto Parliament decisions.

While the Monarch does have a ceremonial role, laws and acts have to be approved by the Monarch in Parliament (transition from House of Commons to House of Lords) and only if the law will affect the Posafian Constitution. The Monarch also must sign the law if it was made in the House of Lords. With more on the ceremonial role the Monarch can give out awards and decorations and name other ceremonial Monarchs. Ceremonial Monarchs cannot be removed by Parliament.


The Kadelieort is the legislative branch in the government of Posaf comprising of two houses. The upper house where the two largest parties are equally represented with one seat (with a Monarchical representative), the House of Lords. The other lower house being the House of Commons being elected every four months by a party list style voting from every sector.

As the legislature of Posaf, the Houses can submit bills to their respected legislatures in order to be passed to the Monarch or the Higher Lord. When the House of Commons submits a bill it goes through the ministry it is related too for approval from the ministry that it would not affect it in a bad way, or limit rights. After the Commons, the bill then moves up to the House of Lords (if it gets a majority vote) where it is voted on. If they get a majority then the Higher Lord signs off on the bill. Although if the bill changes the constitution, the Monarch must sign it and can veto the bill too.

With the House of Lords for getting a bill to become a law, it is different with little less restriction on the bill becoming a law. The law is introduced to the House of Lords but the House of Commons must be informed on the bill. If the bill has a majority vote to send it to the Monarch for signing the House of Commons can veto the bill. If the House of Commons does not veto the bill it is sent to the Monarch to sign along with the Higher Lord, no matter who signs it.


  • Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment - led by the Climate Minister, is responsible for helping establish protected environment zones, parks, and assisting in environmental laws into the Kadeliort. The Minister is also supposed to help aid farmers in Posaf.
  • Ministry of Culture - led by the Minister of Culture, is responsible for maintaining the culture of Posaf and finding new ways to integrate it with the citizens. The Minister also appoints the head of the Church of Posaf.
  • Ministry of Education - led by the Minister of Education, is responsible for the education in Posaf, and administering schools set up in Posaf.
  • Ministry of Finance - led by the Finance Minister, is responsible for the Bank of Posaf, and the economic affairs and trade for the nation. The Minister is head of the bank and
  • Ministry of Foreign Relations - led by the Minister of Foreign Relations is responsible for the foreign affairs and representation the nation to the world. The Minister is also responsible for approving the embassies in Posaf and embassies representing Posaf.
  • Ministry of National Health - led by the Minister of Health, is responsible for the public health in Posaf, and administering hospitals set up in Posaf, assisting the Commons on health-related bills, and informing the public on health emergencies.[10]
  • Ministry of Immigration - led by the Minister of Immigration the ministry is responsible for immigration and tourism services as well as confirming the applications of citizens.
  • Ministry of State Security - led by the Chief of Defence, is responsible for protecting the nation from a domestic or a foreign attack.

Foreign relations

Foreign relations and foreign affairs are run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[11] The Principality of Posaf has multiple diplomatic missions or embassies, in other macronations and micronations. Currently, there are three and the first is located in Kingston Ontario, Canada.[12]

Countries with Posafian Embassies

This embassy is run by Ashley Jaax and also serves as the embassy to the Empire of Iustus. The second one is in Cincinnati, Ohio USA run by Rose Danen. Lastly, the third one is located in Baghdad, Iraq run by Mohammed Mahomed. There is one embassy project opening in Hong Kong run by Millania that opened in the latter part of 2018.

Along with embassies in other micronations, Posaf is home to other micronations as well. In Mae, Indian Woods there is the Iustian Embassy to the United States, which dually serves as an embassy to Posaf too. Also in Mae, the Millanian Embassy to the United States is located there and acts as the embassy to Posaf as well.

The foreign relations are run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Parliament. If the Ministry would like to begin relations with another nation, they must release a document and a reason for recognition. When in the process of ending diplomatic relations the bill or recognition will be passed through the House of Commons and House of Lords then the Monarch to sign to approve. This plan was put into place after Posaf dropped ties with the Principality of Andany.[13] Before the process, the Ministry of Foreign Relations has to follow the foreign policy set up by the government and could establish ties with anyone.

Parties and elections

In Posaf elections are held every 4 months, and these elections are held on 12 January, 12 May and 12 September, every year. When the Squamily was writing the constitution the 6-month pattern was aimed to have a good changing government, although in the 2019 general election this was changed to every 4 months. Every year Posaf elects a new Monarch, by the popular vote from a two-round system. Along with the monarchical election, the people vote on House of Commons seats and issues from the monarch.

Posaf has 3 main political parties, the Conservative Party, the Posaf-Green Party[14] 2019 which were both founded on 3 January 2018 and the New Democrats Party founded in March. Each party was founded by a group of members, although Courtney Annalou was the Conservative Party leader until she was the Monarch. More recently the Buck Party gained a seat in the House of Commons after the 2020 general election, and a seat in the House of Lords. Many believe this is mainly due to the Roberave scandal that hurt the New Democrats in the election. Lastly the Green Party sprung up in time for the 2020 general election and gaining a seat. The biggest historical parties have been the Marketists Party, Nationalists Party, and The Independents. Currently, there are three other third parties, they are; the Hope Party, People's Party, and the Social Democratic Party.

As of the 2020 general election the Conservative Party has a majority with the Buck Party and the New Democrats Party in Confidence and supply over the Posaf-Greens. Currently, Courtney Annalou is the Higher Lord of Posaf.

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies House of Commons House of Lords
Posaf-Green L Henry Edwelo Centre-left Liberalism
Green politics
7 / 12
1 / 3
Conservative C Courtney Annalou Centre-right Conservatism
3 / 12
1 / 3
New Democrats N Vacant Centre Libertarianism
1 / 12
1 / 3
Buck B Parker O'Leary Right-wing Social conservatism
Posafian Progressivism
1 / 12
0 / 3

Geography and Climate

Administrative Regions

Posaf has multiple locations spread throughout the world, the majority of these land claims are located in the contiguous United States.

Turtle Creek located in Squamily
Lake Kimald located in Squamily
Essex Creek located in Essex
Mayor Residence in Wasat
Duck Islands in Nievenorte

The Posafian land is divided up into "AROP's" (Administrative Regions of Posaf). Each piece of land is put into an AROP, the land elects representatives, through a party-list system, [into the House of Commons for their respected regions. Along with the representatives the AROP's elect Governors, Premiers and Mayors to lead their AROP.

During the elections for the House of Commons, the AROPs are divided into three sectors; the Squamily (SQMY), United (UNTD) and Foreign (FORN). These sectors each have seats in the House of Commons, which the citizens of the region can run for. Since the 2020 general election, Squamily gets seven representatives, United gets one representative, and Foreign gets two representatives.

Each AROP is divided into a category, by their governance. Currently, there are four categories;

  • States: A State in Posaf can write its own constitution and make its own laws but must align with the Constitution of Posaf (national laws trump state laws). States are often referred to as countituent country. A state is headed by a Governor.
  • Federal Cities: A Federal City in Posaf is the same as a Province, except they hold federal offices such as Embassies, Ministry Offices, and more. A federal city is run by a Mayor.
  • Province: A Province in Posaf follows the Posafian constitution, while there can be Provincial Laws that apply to the Province and it is the Mayor whos choice it to ratify the Provincial Law. A province is run by the Premier.
  • Territory: A Territory in Posaf follows the constitution with no special laws unless a Provincial Law has been ratified by more than half of the Provinces or Federal Cities. A territory is led by a Territorial Governor, similar to a state.
Name Flag Emblem Governor/Premier/Mayor Population
Frenwick Adrien Lesier 1
Wasat Mohammed Othman 8
Essex Andrew West 5
Squamily Henry Rydina 31
Asiata Nicolas Millan 4
Nievenorte Zabëlle Skye 16
West Posaf Andy Irons 5
Federal Cities
Turtle City Evan Rydina 2


Posaf lies in the Humid Subtropical (Cfa) climate zone under the Köppen climate classification system. Because of this, the nation shares a climate with much of the Midwest, summers are typically hot and humid throughout Squamily, while winters generally range from cold to severely cold winters. These climate zones are characterized by large seasonal temperature differences. All of Squamily generally takes in Cincinnati weather where it can snow and be in the seventies, four days apart. This is due to the location where cold air from Canada and warm air from the Gulf of Mexico meet along with winds from the Great Lakes.[15]


The Posafian Economy is entirely driven off of citizens in the private sector and private vendors selling items to people. People like Maria Lynnae, Parker O'Leary, and Henry Rydina were known for this. The main items the vendors sell are firewood, small scale flags, and non-legal PDU money. The government has been trying to find more intriguing ways to help build the economy. There have been ideas of doing guided tours of Indian Woods and Turtle Creek Land. With most of the citizens are in school, there have been thoughts of selling school supplies to the local community. One of the larger attractions is the Mae Monetary Museum where you are paid in Canadian dollars to visit. The main exports of the nation are, firewood, graphic designs, and customized school supplies.

One and Five Posafi Dollar bills

Recently there has been a trend in online banking (through the government) and e-commerce in Posaf. The Coservatives have pledged to draft an economy bill for online banking so e-commerce is achievable[16] with other nations like Iustus and Millania.

Nation's name Type of agreement Resources exported Resources imported
Phyrria Free Trade Agreement Stationery Flags

Along with the governments annual budget and GDP it is an estimated $125 or ¶500 (PDU). In 2019 the annual budget was set to $25 which was being proposed to be donated to #TeamTrees by the Liberal Party after an individual donated in the name of Ukraine.[17] Later that month a five dollar donation was made after it passed parliament.

Posafi Dollar Unit

The PDU is backed by the proposed "Firewood Standard," four Posafi Dollars is equal to one log of firewood. The log must be 1½ feet long or larger. Posaf is mainly located near wooded areas so the people came up with the standard, for Posaf. Posaf is one of the two (the other being Quietrock) micronation to use the PDU. You can trade in US$1 for 4 PDU in Posaf. Currently, the Firewood Standard has not been put into place yet. The Bank of Posaf is only printing out one, five, and ten Posafi bills. The Bank of Posaf has also made one-dollar coins to use, although these coins cannot be used as a legal tender yet. The coins are made out of clay, currently, only four of the coins are used today. These coins are currently in the Posafian Monetary Museum. The Posafi Dollar uses the pilcrow symbol for the currency sign.

Palestinian wafer bar that is popular in Squamily



Posafian cuisine is largely dominated by American dishes based on the population located in the United States. This often includes a simple breakfast with cereals, eggs n' bacon, breakfast shakes, pancakes, and other common dishes. Lunch and dinner (or supper) are often the same with western style sandwiches and other foods such as ramen, quesadillas, poultry and different meats. With the majority of the population-based in and near Cincinnati, Ohio some of the dishes may include or be chili. Chili in the area is often unique as it comes from the popular restaurant, Skyline Chili, which is popular in Squamily too. Made with different style ingredients, other versions made by Posafians are common too.

Attempts to make a traditional Posafian cuisine have been successful in making small meals. A traditional Rice and Soup have been made using different ingredients to make a different flavor. As well as Rice and Soup another popular dish is Red Macaroni, made with different spices from around the world, such as saffron and paprika. Some Posafians have also been known to try exotic foods from around the world from places such as Japan, Slovenia, Russia, and Palestine.


Holiday Date Meaning
New Years Day 1 Jan To celebrate the beginning of a new year
Founders Day 2 Jan Celebrate the day Posaf came independent.
Flag Day 6 Jan Celebrate the adaptation of the Posafian Flag
Norton Day 8 Jan Commemorate the first Emperor of the United States.
Monarch Day 16 Jan The Day to celebrate the new Monarch in Posaf, and the Monarch.
Black Tables Day 22 Jan A day to remember it's okay to make mistakes and be clumsy.
You Day 29 Feb An extra day where you can do what you want and to be yourself.
Mothers Day 17 Mar A day to honor and love your mother for what she has done for you.
Cancer Awareness Day 21 Apr A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from the disease. It is normal to dress in purple.
Burning of The Books 11 May To celebrate the end of the school year by burning unwanted things.
Cross Day 12 Jun Halfway through the year mark, traditional Summer cleaning.
Summer Day 22 Jun To celebrate the first full day of the season of Summer.
First Fall 20 Aug The traditional day when citizens go back to school.
Patriot Day 11 Sep An American holiday to remember the lives lost in the 9/11/01 attacks. All flags are ordered to be at half-mast.
Prostate Cancer
Awareness Day
27 Sep A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from Prostate Cancer. It is normal to dress in blue.
Halloween 31 Oct Halloween Day to go trick-or-treating with friends and family.
Appendix Cancer
Awareness Day
22 Nov A day to remember those who are fighting cancer or those who have passed from Appendix Cancer. It is normal to dress in yellow.
Human Rights Day 10 Dec To to honour the United Nations General Assembly's adoption and proclamation, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
New Year's Eve 31 Dec To celebrate the end of the year


The official languages of the Principality is English, German, and French. English is the primary language with all the population speaking it for their first or second language. In April 2018 German became an official language for Posaf's close German heritage, with the city of Cincinnati. Although it is an official language there have been no reports of fluent speakers in Posaf. In 2019 Posafians voted in favor to make French a language of Posaf, for cultural ties as well.

Religion in Posaf (2018)

  Christianity (73.5%)
  Non-religious (12.2%)
  Islam (6.1%)
  Judaism (4.1%)
  Hinduism (2.0%)
  Buddhism (2.0%)

Many other second languages are spoken in Posaf as well as English. The most popular unofficial language is Spanish, spoken in Squamily, and Asiata. Many Squamilanians and some others know Spanish or in the process of learning it. Other second languages are in Posaf but just not as popular such as Russian, Notiša (a Posafian conlang in the making), Czech, and Arabic.


Media in Posaf was known to be well written by outside sources and has received an award for the literature but which has been declined.[18] The Constitution of Posaf allows for all types of Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech and many other liberties that the media uses. So far the only news outlets are the The Press,[19] Squamily Times and the media outlets are; The Posaf Channel and Posafian Broadcasting Channel. The only state-run news source is the National Forum which is exclusively for government announcements. Which as sense being turned into the national forums.


Christianity is the official religion of Posaf. When Posaf first wrote its constitution it was decided that; whatever the Monarchs faith is, it is the official religion unless they are agnostic or atheist it is, then the previous. Although in the Principality the separation of church and state is a focal point in the Constitution too. Currently, there are five religions that are practiced in Posaf today, which are; Christianity, Islam, Jusaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. So far Christianity is the biggest religion with around 73% of Posaf identifying as a Christian. Islam is the second largest with three followers and the rest have under two.

In Posaf being atheist or agnostic, is considered non-religious by the government. This was set into place in April 2018. These people are viewed as non-religious as in Posaf being atheist and agnostic do not mean much, and can fit under one category. Although there have been attempts to change this back to atheist and agnostic.

Sports and Games

The nation is a part of and founded the Micronational Olympic Federation on 7 January 2018. The nation hosted the 2019 MOF Checkers Tournament and is set to host the 2021 MOF Games, alongside Iustus and El Dorado.[a] As a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, its citizens enjoy access to the GUM Minecraft server.

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  1. The 2021 event was originally planned to be hosted by Posaf only, but was changed to include Posaf, Iustus and El Dorado due to the passing of Randouler. The games were postponed again from February 2021 to summer 2021.

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