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Andrew I
His Imperial and Royal Majesty, Emperor of Austrovia, Archduke of Hydraria, King of Rutania, of New California, of Pretoria, and of Pinewood, Grand Duke of Wexington
Grand Duke Andrew I
Andy Irons IOE
Emperor of Austrovia
Archduke of Hydraria
Reign4 October 2017 – present
Coronation20 January 2018
PredecessorThrone established
Heir presumptiveJacob, Duke of New Glasgow
Grand Duke of Alexander
Reign3 July 2020 – Present
Born16 December 2003 (2003-12-16) (age 20)
Upland, CA
Andrew Irons
FatherEmperor Father George Irons II
MotherEmperor Mother Jamie Irons
ReligionProtestant Christian

Andrew "Andy" Irons or known by his regnal name, Andrew I is the Emperor of Austrovia and King of Rutania. He has been the only monarch of Austrovia and Rutania, and the longest-reigning monarch in the history of the Etiwanda Micronational Sector. He is also considered the most influential politician of the E.M.S, along with Reginald Smith and Johnathan Ly.

Irons is also involved in non-E.M.S micronations, such as Abelden, Posaf, and Iustus. Before their dissolution, Irons was also involved in Transterra, Nordkavn, and the short-lived Commonwealth of Liberta.

Micronational career


After his discovery of micronationalism, Andy, along with his friend Tyrone Lee, founded the Federation of Pugnasia. The Federation was a direct democratic republic and was considered to be the first micronation in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector. Almost immediately after its foundation, Irons was appointed Prime Minister of the Federation by now President Tyrone Lee. Almost immediately, tension began brewing.

As President, Lee began using his political power for personal gain. He began adding more power to the Presidency by making himself the sole military commander of the Pugnasian Army and extended his term from one month to three. The President's power gains were quickly met with opposition by the Prime Minister and the Federation Congress.

In response to the opposition, Lee formed the Democratic-Republican Party, a coalition of allies in the Federation Congress. In retaliation, Irons formed the Royalist Party, which had a majority in the Federation Congress.

Using Legislative Privilege, the Royalist-led Federation Congress voted to hold a special election on November 1, 2015. The election resulted in Lee narrowly defeating Irons with 51% of the vote. Immediately upon being re-elected, Lee dismissed Irons as Prime Minister and called for the dissolution of the Federation Congress and the revision of the Pugnasian Constitution.

In response, the Federation Congress impeached President Lee and recognize Irons as President, starting the Pugnasian Civil War. Although the war only lasted a few days, the Pugnasian Civil War has been considered the most impactful war in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector.

On November 19, the Treaty of Dirgiville was signed, splitting the country in two. The Republic of East Pugnasia, ruled by Lee, lasted until December of the same year, when it was annexed by the State of West Pugnasia, ruled by Irons.

Great Californian Empire to New Pugnasia

After annexing East Pugnasia, Irons declared himself Emperor of a Unified California, officially reforming West Pugnasia into the Unified Californian Empire. At this point in time, many in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector got tired of the drama that micronationalism brought and began leaving the community. By July 2016, the Empire fell into a state of inactivity and dissolved. Still believing in micronationalism, Irons created the Kingdom of Scovia as a personal nation.

New Pugnasia

In August 2016, Irons, along with his friend and Eternal President of Josefvania, Josef Hernandez, signed the Greater Federation Agreement with Tyrone Lee, officially creating the Greater Federation of New Pugnasia. New Pugnasia is widely considered the revival of micronationalism in the Etiwanda Micronationall Sector. Many joined the new country, with citizenship eventually hitting 57 citizens.

In September 2016, Irons was chosen as the running mate of Hernandez in the First Federal Election, which saw the Hernandez/Irons ticket defeat Assemblywoman Sophee Lazade and Grand General Robert Borja. As Chancellor, Irons oversaw the increase support of monarchism in the Federation, which eventually resulted in a constitutional monarchy being established with Josef Hernandez as Emperor of Pugnasia.

As Chancellor of the Empire, Irons worked with the Assembly, the Empire’s Legislature, to expand the nation and secure extended rights for non-citizens. He also saw the creation of the Grand Imperial Navy, which became the first working navy in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector. On April 30, 2017, Josef I was removed from the throne due to comments made about New Pugnasian citizens. The next day on May 1, Samuel Lawson and other republicans declared Josef to be the President of New Pugnasia and declared civil war on the Assembly.

Using his emergency powers, Irons declared himself Consular to the Empire and assumed all executive powers. The Lawson Insurgency, as the conflict was named, ended on May 4 after Lawson surrendered and was kicked out of the nation. Realizing that Pugnasia was inactive and dead, Irons dissolved the Empire.


Citizens of the Empire that still were active formed the Republic of Tyferria and unanimously elected Irons as President. As President, Irons was very ineffective, since by this point he was on hiatus. Tyferria was instead ruled by Vice President Travis Lee, who was considered by many as a controversial figure.

The United Kingdom of America

Returning from hiatus in July 2017, Irons, along with Reginald Smith, formed the United Kingdom of America. He was elected Prime Minister later that month. As Prime Minister, Irons created one of the first MicroWiki articles for the Etiwanda Micronational Sector. The United Kingdom of America later united with other Etiwanda micronations to form the Federation of California.


Irons was unanimously chosen as Acting President by the Californian Congress in August 2017. Due to the surprising success of California, Congress renamed the nation to Austrovia in September. On October 4, 2017, after many called for a monarchy, Irons declared himself Emperor of Austrovia, with the Federal Government later recognizing him as monarch. On January 20, 2018, Irons was coronated as Andrew I.

Irons served as a constitutional monarch until June 18, 2019 after former Reich Chancellor Anthony Easton tried to overthrow the monarchy and established a socialist Soviet-inspired republic. Using imperial privileges, Irons assumed all executive power of the Reich Chancellor and formed a Provisional Government to lead the nation and revise the constitution. On September 1, 2019, the Austrovian Constitution of 2019 was passed and implemented on September 5.

Non Austrovian Career


Irons became a citizen of Posaf on January 15 and became a member of the Conservative Party. He has announced his candidacy for Mayor of West Posaf as a Conservative on January 26. He was elected as the Mayor of West Posaf on January 28. He is the first and current Mayor of West Posaf and the first Conservative mayor. He was later appointed to the House of Commons as a Conservative member. He served as Higher Lord of Posaf from June 2018 until January 2019. Irons would continue to serve as a Member of Parliament until his defeat in the May 2020 Posafian election.


In early March 2018, Irons accepted into the Abeldane Empire. He joined the National Federalist Party of Abelden on March 31, 2018 and was elected into the Reichsversammlung in the April 2018 Federal Election. He was designated as Minister of National Identity, but the government was unable to form due to inactivity and a Stellvertreter not being elected.

Irons, along with other members of the NFP joined Die Rechte, Abeldane's Liberal Party (known as Populares and later the ANU later on). He did not run in the following election and lost his seat in the Reichsversammlung. Irons returned to the Reichversammlung, and Abeldane politics, after being invited to replace inactive Populares members. In June 2020, Irons defected from the ANU and joined Liberty Front, which is apart of the Concordia alliance. After the June 2020 federal election, Irons ran for deputy leadership of Liberty Front, but would lose to Brandon Wu.

On July 3, Irons was appointed Grand Duke of Alexander, succeeding the late Nicholas Randouler.


On March 30, 2018, Irons joined The Iustus State. The following day he formed the New Order Party and ran for President of Iustus. He announced his campaign on April 1, 2018 but lost the election. He was appointed Governor of Vilna on April 7 of the same year after the war against Magnolia. His term ended on May 25, 2018 when Vilna was handed back to Italy.

In June 2018, Andy announced the dissolution of the New Order Party and joined Iustus Now. He later became the Chairman of Iustus Now after Nicholas Randouler's short leave from Iustus. He resigned as leader of Iustus Now on December 3, 2018, and later joined the new conservative Faire Party. Irons was formerly the Leader of the Opposition in the Iustus Parliament. Irons would later attempt to regain a seat in House of Representatives, but would fail. Irons would later join Parliament after winning a a uncontested election in June 2020. In January 2021, Irons would become the President of the Faire Party. In January 2021, Irons was elected President of the Faire Party and would be the party's prime ministerial candidate in the general election


Irons joined the Nordkavn Federation officially on May 15, 2018 but was one of the original people that joined the project before its creation. On the May 29th, 2018, he was elected as the first Statsminister of Nordkavn, leading the First Federal Cabinet. During his time as Statsminister, Irons tried to pass bills in support of creating a working salary for citizens, but his plans fell short after Nordkavn was dissolved due to inactivity.


Andy became a member of Transterra when it was first established in May 2018. He quickly became active in politics and started his own party, called the Centrist Party. He was appointed as one of 4 members of the Transterrian Emergency Legislature and is still apart of it to this day. He did not run for election into the nation's legislature but served as the unofficial conservative leader until the dissolution of the country.


The Emperor's full title: His Imperial and Royal Majesty, by the Grace of God, Andrew I, Emperor of Austrovia and Archduke of Hydraria, King of Rutania, of New California, of Pretoria, and of Pinewood, Grand Duke of Wexington, Head of the House of Hydraria and Sovereign of the Imperial Order of the Eagle, Pugnasian Emperor.

Alexandi Titles: His Royal Highness, Andrew, the Grand Duke of Alexander.

Foreign Titles: The Honorable Andrew Irons, Mayor of West Posaf and Member of the Reichversammlung.

Previous Titles: Andy Irons, Chancellor of New Pugnasia, Prime Minister of New America, Emperor of Northern Scovia, Emperor of the Unified Californian Empire, Governor of Vilna, and Statsminister of Nordkavn.

Personal Life and Views

Personal life

Irons was born on December 16, 2003 to George and Jamie Irons. He is the younger brother to Jacob Irons and Tyler Irons.

Personal Interests

Andy is a fan of Star Wars. He discovered the movies when he was four and has loved them ever since. He is also an amateur writer/author and loves to learn history, particularly European and American History. Andy also loves to study maps and he is able to name most European countries and capitals.

Political Views

Irons is politically conservative on most issues. He is a firm believer in Social Conservatism, Economic Liberalism, and Monarchism, but also supports some left-leaning ideas, like lower college tuition. Irons was previously a liberal, but slowly became more right-wing after protests in Berkeley in 2017 and, what he considers, the insanity of the modern Democratic Party. Despite being a monarchist, Irons does not believe an American monarchy is possible and is opposed to such efforts.

He is an unofficial supporter of the Republican Party of the United States but has formed a number of satirical or joke parties, including the Neo-Federalists and Student's Right to Self Determination Party. Irons endorsed Travis Allen and later John Cox during the California 2018 Gubernatorial Election and endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States in 2020.