Andy Irons

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Andy Irons
Coats of Arms of Andy Irons
Prime Minster of New America
Assumed office
July 4, 2017
Vice Minster None
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Minister of Foreign Relations
Assumed office
July 4, 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 16 December 2003 (2003-12-16) (age 13)
Fontana, California
Citizenship New American and Custosian
Nationality American
Political party Unionist Party
Other political
Republican Party (unofficial)
Residence New Brandenburg, Viceroyalty of Hydraria , New America
Religion Christian

Andy Irons is a New American Politician and Grand Admiral of The American Grand Navy. Currently, Andy is the first and only Prime minister of the United Kingdom of New America

Micronational Career

Andy Irons first learned about micronationalism when he heard about the Republic of Molossia. He and his friend, Tyrone Lee, created the Federation of Pugnasia. The Federation of Pugnasia lasted until November 2, 2015 when the Great Pugnasian Civil War started. Andy became leader of the Royalist faction and fought against the Democratic faction, lead by Tyrone Lee. After the Fall of Dirigeville, Pugnasia spilt into 2.

Andy became Warlord of West Pugnasia until it was reformed into the New California Republic. The NCR Parliament elected Andy as their first President. He was President until The Parliament voted him Emperor of Unified California. After accepting this offer, he brought an era of peace and prosperity until the collapse of Unified California.

After the collapse of Unified California, Andy took a break of micronationationalism until he was offered the position of Supreme Commander of the Navy of Strasovania. This country lasted until July 18,2016. Once Pugnavia formed he was appointed Emperor by Tyrone Lee. On August 21,2016, he was elected Chancellor of New Pugnasia.

Currently he is the Prime Minister of The United Kingdom of New America and leader of the Unionist Party.

Personal Political Views

Irons is known at his school to be a right-wing supporter. He supported Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen when they ran for president. He believes in National Conservativism and Monarchism. At his school he was called a "fascist" for supporting Marine Le Pen, but Irons denied the claim.