Tyler Irons

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Tyler Irons
His Grace, Tyler Irons, Count of South New Glasgow
Count Tyler
Tyler Irons
Common depiction of Irons.
Count of South New Glasgow
Reign 12 April 2018 to present
Appointment 12 April 2018
Predecessor Postion established
Minister of the Department of Commerce
Term 24 April 2018 to 18 June 2019
Appointment 24 April 2018
Predecessor Josef Hernandez
Successor None (Office Abolished)
Full name
Tyler Irons
House House of Hydraria
Father Emperor Father George Irons II
Mother Emperor Mother Jamie Irons
Born 18 August 2002 (2002-08-18) (age 18)
Upland, CA
Occupation Student
Religion Roman Catholic

Tyler Irons or known as, The Count of South New Glasgow is a Hydraria noble and Austrovian politician. He is the second son of Emperor Father George II, who is also the Governor of Hydraria.

Micronational career

Tyler Irons joined Austrovia and the micronational community in January 2018, after his younger brother and Austrovian Emperor Andrew I requested him to join. He stayed quiet until 12 April 2018 when he was appointed Count of South New Glasgow and was made Captain of the Imperial Navy. He is currently the captain of the ship, Imperator which is one of the two ships in the Imperial Navy. The Imperator has seen combat in the Great Pugnasian Civil War and the Lawson Insurgency, which was a failed attempt to abolish the monarchy of New Pugnasia.

On 24 April he was appointed Minister of the Department of Commerce, which works under the Ministry of State. He was appointed by Reich Chancellor Reginald Smith after the defection of former Minister Josef Hernandez to the National Party of Austrovia. As Minister of Commerce, he oversaw the creation of a new Austrovian currency, which is planned to replace the US dollar in 2019. He also plans to create a national bank and become head chairman.

Tyler is the last imperial family member that is a member of the Reich Chancellor’s cabinet. He will be the Minister of Commerce until the Reich Chancellor’s term ends or when he resigns. He was allowed to continue his service as Minister of Commerce after Reginald Smith signed an executive order to allow it.

Personal Beliefs

Tyler considers himself a centrist liberal. He does support some liberal policies, but he stays centrist on all other things. He considers himself a Democrat, but unlike his older brother, Jacob Irons, he stays on the centrist side of the party. Tyler, like his father, is a Roman Catholic and supports Christian Democracy.