House of Hydraria

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The Imperial and Royal House of Hydraria
Family Crest
CountryNew Austrovia Flag.png Austrovian Empire
RutaniaFlag.png Kingdom of Rutania
Parent houseHouse of Drake (maternal)
House of Irons-Bostor (paternal)
TitlesAustrovian Empire

Kingdom of Rutania

  • King of Rutania
    • Duke of New Glasgow
FounderH.I.M Andrew I
Current headAndrew I
DepositionUnified Californian Empire
  • Nation disbanded
EthnicityAmerican (based off of German houses)

The Imperial and Royal House of Irons-Boster-Drake, or more commonly referred to as the House of Hydraria, is the reigning royal house of Austrovia and Rutania. Founded in 2015 after the creation of the Federation of Pugnasia, the house has been a major politcal force in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector.


The House of Hydraria was founded on August 18, 2015, when the newly created Kingdom of Hydraria became a state of the Federation of Pugnasia. Although the Federation was a republic, The House was still allowed to act as the de jure ruling force in the Kingdom. The House was very influential in creating the Royalist faction, which would orchestrate the Great Pugnasian Civil War. The House openly supported the Royalists in the war and supported the separation of West Pugnasia from the East.

The House's founder, Andy Irons, became leader of West Pugnasia and later the Unified Californian Empire once the East was annexed. Although the ruling house of the Empire, many still consider the House's first rise to power was when the Monarchy of Austrovia was established. This is due to the limited existence of the Unified Californian Empire. Once the Empire was disbanded, the House remained out of micronational affairs until the surge of monarchism in the Austrovian Federal Republic.

Once Andy Irons declared himself Emperor, the House became a ruling house for a second time. Currently, the House is still the ruling house, and the only one of two imperial houses of the Empire, with all the other houses being royal. The House is also the only Grand Imperial House.

Members (main royal line)

House of Hydraria (Paternal) House of Hydraria (Maternal)