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Empire of Hydraria
Coat of arms
Motto: Order through Peace
CapitalNew Brandenburg
Largest cityLocagrad
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Archduke
Andrew I
• Governor
George Irons Jr.
LegislatureReichstag (Hydraria)
EstablishmentAugust 18th, 2015 (as a state of the Federation of Pugnasia)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zonePTZ
This is a state of the Austrovian Empire

Hydraria is the 1st federal state of the Austrovian Empire to be admitted into the Empire. Hydraria was originally a state of many of the "Etiwanda Micronational Sector" micronations like the New Pugnasian Empire and New America. The Emperor of Austrovia, Andrew I is the current Archduke.


Hydraria was first created as a state of the Federation of Pugnasia on August 18, 2015. Hydraria was governed by Andy Irons and was the only member of the Federation that claimed a house as it's territory. Hydraria was one of the states that sided with the Royalist faction during the Great Pugnasian Civil War. Hydraria eventually helped for the New Californian Republic and it's successor the Unified Californian Empire.

Hydraria was refounded as the founding member of the New Pugnasian Empire or at the time, The Greater Federation of New Pugnasia. New Brandenburg hosted the New Pugnasian Assembly and Hydraria became a prominent state in the Federation. Hydraria supported the founding of the New Pugnasian Monarchy. Due to its support, the Heir to the New Pugnasian Throne would be known as the Prince of Hydraria.

Once New Pugnasia was dissolved, Hydraria joined the nation of New America. It served as the provisional capital of the Kingdom, since the Prime Minister resided in New Brandenburg. After the Unification of the Etiwanda Micronational Sector and the creation of the Federation of California, it eventually help found the Austrovian Federal Republic, which would later be known as the Austrovian Empire.



The Reichstag of Hydraria will be the legislative branch of the Hydrarian government. Before the State Government Act, Hydrarias legislature was the Reichstag of Austrovia, which acted as every states legislature. Once created, the Reichstag of Austrovia consist of all ten citizens.


The powers of the executive is split between the governor and the monarch, who is also the Emperor of Austrovia. The Governor is elected by the people through a majority vote. The Governor has power over the legislature, along with the Emperor.