Kingdom of New Pugnasia

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New Pugnasian Empire

Germo-English: Neu Pugnasian Reich

French: Nouvel Empire Pugnasien
Motto: "United under the Crown!"
File:San Bernardino County, California
Largest cityGrandmeria
Official languagesEnglish,Germo-English, French
Demonym(s)New Pugnasian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy under Military Junta
• Emperor/ Counselor to the Empire
Josef I (November 2016 to March of 2017)
Andy Irons (as Counselor to the Empire)
• Chancellor
Andy Irons (August 2016 to March 2017)
LegislatureThe Grand Assembly
EstablishmentAugust 21, 2016
• Census
This nation is a member of the North American Commonwealth, The San Bernardino Nations Pact, and the Intermicronational Union

The New Pugnasian Empire officially The United Empire of The Commonwealths of New Pugnasia or New Pugnasia was a micronation located in San Bernardino County, California. It was one of the major nations of the Etiwanda Micronational Sector and acts as a predesscor to Austrovia and New America.

New Pugnasia was originally founded as a Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic, with a President as head of state, and a Chancellor as head of government. This was later changed when the Grand Assembly, which acted as the national legislature for all of its existence, voted in favor of a Constitutional Monarchy. When the monarchy was established, it was declared that Monarch would replace the President as head of state, while the position of Chancellor was given more executive powers. The New Pugnasian Monarchy started as a kingdom but later changed to a Empire. From November 2016 to March 2017, the Monarch was Josef Hernandez or Josef I. His reign ended when he was forced to abdicate after saying controversial things about the Empire. From March to its dissolution in May of 2017, New Pugnasia was under a military junta led by the now Counselor to the Empire Andy Irons, who was previously chancellor.

All of the commonwealths of New Pugnasia had already had a previous history together and made history in the future. The Kingdom of Hydraria and The Republic of Pugia were the first two nations to form the Federation of Pugnasia, while Marymac and the other commonwealths were good friends and allies. Hydraria would go on to form the Unified Californian Empire, New America, Tyferria, and Austrovia. Pugia would go on to join the Effards Republic, which would later join Austrovia.



Old Pugnasia

On August 18, 2015, after getting inspired by the Republic of Molossia, Andy Irons and Tyrone Lee started The Federation of Pugnasia. After its founding, Tyrone became President and Andy became Prime Minister. For the next two months the Federation prospered. On October 30, 2015, the government became inactive. Then on November 2 The Great Pugnasian Civil War started. The two factions that participated in the war was The Pugnasian Loyalist and the West Pugnasian Separatists. On November 19, The Treaty of Dirigeville was signed and Pugnasia split into two, The Republic of East Pugnasia and The Military Junta of West Pugnasia.

New Californian Republic and Unified Cailfornian Empire

West Pugnasia prospered while East Pugnasia slowly collapsed. West Pugnasia was reformed into the New Californian Republic, a military junta ruled by Andy Irons. Tyrone Lee, who was President of East Pugnasia, gave Andy East Pugnasia. On May 25, 2016, Andy reformed New California to Unified Californian Empire. The UCE became one of the founding members of The New Glasgow Pact. On July 7, 2016 the UCE collapsed.

Strasovania and Pugnavia

3 weeks after the collapse of the UCE, The Grand Federal Republic of Strasovania was formed. Strasovania was a indirect democracy ruled by Josef Hernandez. After the collapse of East Pugnasia, Tyrone Lee left micronationalism but when Strasovania was formed he joined it and reformed it to the Pugnavian Order. The Pugnavian Order was a dictatorship ruled by Tyrone. Most of the people of Pugnavia wanted it to be a democracy, so when the August 21 Council Vote the council voted on reforming Pugnavia to New Pugnasia.

Government and politics


New Pugnasia is a Constitutional Monarchy. The Assembly is made up of Representatives of the counties. In the Assembly, the Representatives discuss how to fix New Pugnasias problems and regional issues. The Emperor is the head of state and the Chancellor is the head of government. The Emperor can veto any law, create alliances (with assembly approval), propose new laws (with assembly approval),etc while the Chancellor can make alliances, propose new laws, etc.


New Pugnasian election system is just like the United States Election system.

Political Parties

New Pugnasia only has 2 political parties: The National Progress Party and The National Freedom Party.

Foreign relations


The Kingdom of New Pugnasia is recognized by the following micronations: The Empire of Athens, The Kingdom of Elmguard, The Principality of Garonne, The Principality of The Danube, and The Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija. The Kingdom of New Pugnasia recognizes the following micronations: The Empire of Athens, The Kingdom of Elmguard, The Principality of Garonne, The Principality of The Danube, and The Democratic Nation of Duaktoserija. The Kingdom of New Pugnasia is apart of: The North American Commonwealth and The San Bernardino Nations Pact.

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