Josef Hernandez

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Josef Hernandez
Common depiction of Hernandez
Emperor of New Pugnasia
Assumed office
November 18th, 2016 to March 4, 2017
Predecessor None
Successor Country Disbanded
Minister of the Department of Commerce
Assumed office
March 16th, 2018-April 24th, 2018
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Jacob Irons
Personal information
Born 2004
Citizenship Austrovian
Nationality American
Political party National Party of Austrovia
Other political
Republican Party
Residence State of Etiwanda
Religion Christian

Josef Hernandez was the first and only New Pugnasian Emperor former member of the National Populist, and Reichstag Member for Etiwanda. He is currently running for a Reichstag seat. He became a citizen of Austrovia in December 2017, along with former New American King, Reginald Smith.

Micronational career

Josef began micronationalism after he co founded the Party for the Re-foundation of the Pugnasian State, which was a political party in the Order of Pugnavia, one of the future founding members of New Pugnasia. After his successful attempt to recreate Pugnasia, he was immediately chosen to become the nation's first President. He and his Chancellor Andy Irons both faced off against Sophie Lazalde and Robert Borja in the First New Pugnasian General Election. With him winning an overwhelming amount of support, he declared himself Emperor of New Pugnasia.

He reign as the nation's first and only monarch, with New Pugnasia being dissolve due to inactivity. Hernandez took a long break from micronationalism, before returning in December 2017, after applying for citizenship for Austrovia. He immediately joined the National Populist Party and declared his candidacy for Reichstag Member for the newly created sixth district of the State of Etiwanda. He won this seat and also became Minister of the Department of Commerce. He eventually left the party because of its union with the Democrats and joined Connor Pittman's National Party of Austrovia.

Political Views

Like Andy Irons, Josef is a devout conservative and monarchist. They both support right wing candidates in national election and are unofficial members of the Republican Party (USA) and supporter of the Constitution Party, but has also supported the Independent Party of America, which is also a conservative party.