Reginald Smith

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Reginald Sean Smith III
King of the New Americans
Assumed office
July 4, 2017-August 23rd, 2017
Predecessor Monarchy Established
Successor None (de facto: Federal President of California)
Reich Chancellor of Austrovia
In office
March 20th, 2018 to present
Predecessor Seterah Speed
Personal information
Born 27 March 2004 (2004-03-27) (age 18)
Citizenship Austrovian
Nationality American
Political party National Democratic Populist Party
Other political
Democratic Party (unofficial)
Residence Volkstadt, Pretoria, Austrovia
Religion Christian (Roman Catholic)
Reginald III
His Royal Majesty, King of the United States of America, King of Canada, King of Mexico
Kaiser Reginald III
Reginald Smith IOE
Common depiction of Irons.
King of the United States, Canada, and Mexico
Reign April 24th, 2018 to present
Coronation April 26th, 2018
Predecessor Throne established
Full name
Reginald Sean Smith III
House House of Smith
Born 27 March 2004 (2004-03-27) (age 18)
Upland, CA
Occupation Student
Religion Christian

Reginald Sean Smith III or "Reggie", was the former King of New America and politician in the Austrovian Empire. He has been an influential figure in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector, which is where most of the micronations located near the city of Etiwanda are located.

Micronational career

Reginald first learned about micronationalism from Andy Irons while the 2 were i the same class. He became a citizen of New Pugnasia shortly before it's collapse. He didn't do much until Tyferria was formed. He became a very influential figure in the Tyferrian Assembly and was known for being the "father" of Lemoneyism. Eventually, Tyferria split and he went on to form New Anarch. He agreed to become King of New America on July 4.

After the creation of the Federation of California, he took a break from micronationalism, until December 2017. He applied for Austrovian citizenship, and became active in politics. He was a member of the Democratic Party and declared his candidacy for state assembly in Pretoria and for Reich Chancellor. On March 16, 2018, he tied with Daisy Drake of the National Populist Party for the Reich Chancellorship and won his seat in the Pretorian Assembly. On March 20, he agreed to become Reich Chancellor under a coalition between his party and the National Populists. This coalition eventually united to form the National Democratic Populist Party, which is the biggest party of Austrovia. On April 24, he declared himself King of America and was coronated on April 26, 2018

Personal Beliefs

Reginald is a practising Roman Catholic and a Social Liberal and Progressive. Throughout his political career, he has always voted on policies that were considered progressive, such as the Balanced Culture Act in New America, which would have balanced progressive and traditionalist beliefs.