Jacob Irons

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Jacob Irons
His Grace, Jacob Irons, Count of Brandenburg and Duke of New Glasgow, Heir Presumptive of the Imperial Throne> Count Jacob
Duke Jacob
Jacob Irons
Common depiction of Irons.
Count of Brandenburg
Reign April 12th, 2018 to present
Appointment 12 April 2018
Predecessor Postion established
Duke of New Glasgow
Reign May 13th, 2018 to present
Appointed 13 May 2018
Predecessor Andrew I as Count of New Glasgow
Full name
Jacob Irons
House House of Hydraria
Father Emperor Father George Irons II
Mother Emperor Mother Jamie Irons
Born 9 July 2001 (2001-07-09) (age 21)
Upland, CA
Occupation Student
Religion Agonistic

Jacob Irons or known by his titles, the Count of Brandenburg and the Duke of New Glasgow is a noble of Hydraria and New Glasgow. He is the oldest son of Emperor Father and Governor of Hydraria, George Irons II and oldest brother of Andrew I of Austrovia and is the unofficial heir to the Imperial and Royal Throne to Austrovia and Rutania. This title has yet to be confirmed by the Emperor and can be taken away if a direct descendent of the Emperor is born.[citation needed]

Micronational career

Jacob joined the micronational community in March 2018. He was very unknown and quiet at the beginning of his career.[citation needed] He was appointed Count of Brandenburg by his youngest brother, Emperor Andrew I. He joined the Citizen's Party and is interested in running for the position of Reich Chancellor in the future, but now is considered unlikely after the signing of the Imperial Includement Act, which bans Imperial Family members from joining political parties and from running for public office.[citation needed]

On 13 May 2018, he was appointed Duke of New Glasgow by Andrew and acts as the de facto monarch of Rutania. Although Rutanian laws prevent Jacob from assuming supreme control of the Kingdom, he works closely with the Prime Minister and signs bills into laws. Andrew I, the current monarch of Rutania has expressed interest in abdicating to allow Jacob to become King of Rutania, but Jacob has confirmed that he will not become monarch if Andrew I abdicates.[citation needed]

On 14 June 2018, he was given citizenship to the Democratic Federative Republic of Cathenia.[citation needed] He has yet to run for a position or be appointed to one. He was expressed interest in running for office but is technically banned from doing so since he is a member of a foreign imperial family.[citation needed] This law in Cathenia is currently under review.[citation needed]

Personal beliefs

Jacob is an agnostic Christian. When asked about religion, he says that once the existence of God is confirmed, he will firmly believe in him, but until then he will remain unknown.[citation needed] Jacob considers himself a progressive environmentalist social democrat.[citation needed] He supports regulations on big companies and on major polluters.[citation needed] He also supports the Democratic Party, like his younger brother Tyler, Count of South New Glasgow but sides with the more progressive and social democratic branch of the party.[citation needed]

He is a firm supporter of Bernie Sanders and hopes eventually that he will become President.[citation needed] His social-democratic and progressive views usually cause major disagreements between himself and his father Emperor Father George II, his grandmother Daisy Drake, and his grandfather Diego Drake.[citation needed]