Democratic Federative Republic of Cathenia

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Democratic Federative Republic of Cathenia
Motto: Liberty, Freedom, and Purpose
San Bernardino County, United States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic Federal Republic
• Executive President
Jonathan Ly
• Chancellor
Sebastian Hernandez
• High Secretary
Brandon Su
LegislatureFederal Assembly
EstablishmentAugust 30th, 2017 (unofficial)
March 19th, 2018 (official)
• (as of March 26th, 2018 census) census
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zonePTZ

The Democratic Federative Republic of Cathenia or Cathenia is a democratic federal republic located in the San Bernardino County of California. Cathenia was unoffically founded on August 30, 2017 when a group of friends broke away from the Federation of California and formed their own nation. This idea, however, died when Austrovia was created. On March 19, 2018 the same group of friends recreated Cathenia as a federal democratic republic.

Cathenia is a democratic federal republic with the Executive President as the head of state and the Chancellor as the head of government. The legislature is passed in the Federal Assembly, where ten senators debate and pass laws that seem good for the country. The High Courts are the judicial branch of government. The High Courts enforce the Federal Assembly's passed legislature and ensure peace and order.


First Foundation

Cathenia was first thought up by Jonathan Ly, who'd just joined the Federation of California. He and a group of other citizens decided to separate from the Federation and form a new state. Originally, Cathenia was going to be called Catania but was changed the last minute by Ly. Cathenia was planned on declaring independence from the Federation on August 30, 2017 but never did. This is most likely due to schedule complications and just forgetting. The idea of Cathenia slowly faded away, and by October 2017, it was forgotten.

Second Foundation

Cathenia was revived by Branden Su on March 19, 2018 after finding the original copy of the declaration of independence that was going to be issued back in August. Jonathan suddenly came back to Cathenia and was proclaimed the country's first president. The Cathenian government slowly began to build after the 19th and by the 21st was fully established.


Intermicronational Politics

Since Cathenia's refoundation, it has taken an active role in Etiwanda Micronational Sector politics. It has established relations with the Austrovian Empire, the Kingdom of Valkoria, and the Eternal Empire of Zakuul. Cathenia was listed as one of the most active micronations in the region, placing second behind Austrovia. Cathenia was also one of the founding members of the Etiwanda Union and has the most representatives in the Etiwanda Parliament.



The Executive President is the head of state. He or She is elected in a general election and serves as the Supreme Judge of the High Courts. The Chancellor is the Head of Government and is appointed by the Executive President. The Chancellor is the speaker of the Assembly. The High Secretary is the third in power and acts as the deputy speaker of the Assembly and the head of the Department of State.


The Federal Assembly is the sole legislative body in the nation. It serves as the lawmaking branch of government and creates new laws every month. The members of the Assembly (called Assemblymen or women) are elected during general elections and represent the people of their state. All Assembly members must be apart of a political party,


The High Courts are the judicial body of government. Its purpose is to enforce the laws passed by the Assembly. The High Courts answers the Executive President and is in control of the law enforcement in the country. The High Courts also conduct checks to see if the other branches of government are doing their job properly.

Foreign Relations


Cathenia recognizes:


Cathenia is apart of the following organizations: