Sebastian Hernandez

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Sebastian Hernandez
'Common Depiction of Hernandez'
Chancellor of the Democratic Federative Republic of Cathenia
Assumed office
March 19th, 2018 to present
Predecessor Office Established
Successor None
President of Valkoria
Assumed office
March 20th, 2018 to present
Predecessor Office established
Successor None
Personal information
Born 14 January 2005 (2005-01-14) (age 16)
Citizenship Austrovian
Nationality American
Political party Independent (Austrovia)
Liberal Democratic Party (Valkoria)
Other political
Democratic Party (unofficial)
Residence Alberton, Etiwanda
Religion Christian (Roman Catholic)

Sebastian Hernandez is a Austrovian, Cathenian, and Valkorian politician. He currently serves as the Chancellor of Cathenia and President of Valkoria. He is widely considered one of the youngest polticians in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector.

Micronational career

Sebastian started his micronational career after joining the newly refounded Democratic Federative Republic of Cathenia. He learned of Cathenia through one of his friends. After joining he was appointed Chancellor of Cathenia, which is the head of government. He and Branden Wu helped create the Republic Party, which became the biggest party in the Republic. The next day he joined The Most Serene Kingdom of Valkoria and helped form a constitutional monarchy. This act made Krystal I appoint him President.

Sebastian, like most people in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector, joined Austrovia a week later on March 26. He, however, is very inactive and rarely takes part of anything in the Empire.

Personal views

Sebastian is an unofficial member of the Democratic Party. He considers himself a social progressive and liberal and an avid republican. He is one of the many Cathenian politicians who unsuccessfully tried to revoke Section One of the Cathenian Constitution, which protected gun rights. This attempt failed however and is considered one of his most embarrassing moments.