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Most Serene Kingdom of Valkoria

San Bernardino County, United States
Capital cityNew Athens
Largest cityNew Athens
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Freedom of Religon
Short nameValkoria
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- QueenKrystal I
- PresidentSebastian Hernandez
LegislatureValkorian Council
EstablishedAugust 3rd, 2016 (as the Empire of Athens)
Population4 (as of March, 2018 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zonePTZ

The Most Serene Kingdom of Valkoria is a consitutional monarchy located in the San Bernandino County. Founded orignally as the Empire of Athens in August 3, 2016. Later on it was renamed the Kingdom of Valkoria and later the Most Serene Kingdom of Valkoria.

The Most Serene Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Krystal I being the ceremonial head of state and Sebastian Hernandez as the President, which is the executive head of government. The Valkorian Council is the legislative body of government, which passes all the laws in the Kingdom. The Valkorian High Court is the judicial branch of government and enforces the laws passed by the Council.


After the rumor of a new Pugnasia began to surface in August 2016, Krystal Lee founded the Empire of Athens, which was a militaristic nationalist state that lasted from August 3, 2016 till its name and government change in early 2018. New Athens was intended to stop a New Pugnasia from being created, but its goal was failed since New Pugnasia was formed a few weeks later.

Admitting defeat, Krystal allowed a treaty of recognition between New Pugnasia and New Athens. Around October 2016, New Athens became inactive and stayed that way until March 2018, when Krystal, along with her friend, Sebastian Hernandez, renamed the nation to Valkoria and its government from a Nationalist Dictatorship to a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy. Sebastian was then appointed the 1st President of Valkoria.


Valkoria is a constitutional monarchy with a unelected Head of State and a elected Head of Government.