United Kingdom of America

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The United Kingdom of America

Unity, Strength, and Monarchy!
America, the Beautiful
Capital cityNew Washington
Largest cityNew Washington
Official language(s)English (main), German (secondary, not required)
Official religion(s)Christianity
Short nameNew America
DemonymNew American
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
- KingReginald Smith
- Prime MinisterJosef Hernandez
EstablishedJuly 4th, 2017
Population5 (as of 2017 census)
CurrencyUS Dollar
Time zonePTZ
National sportBaseball, Esports
National animalBald Eagle
This nation is a observer of the Etiwanda Union

The Kingdom of the United States of America, or, the United Kingdom of America is a micronation located in San Bernardino County, USA. It is one of the members of the Etiwanda Union and is a successor state to The New Pugnasian Empire, along with Austrovia.

The United Kingdom was founded on July 4, 2017 by Reginald Smith and Andy Irons. The History of the United Kingdom was short, since a month later it united with the Effards Federal Republic and the Kingdom of Rylandia to form the Federal Republic and later Empire of Austrovia. On April 24, 2018, Reginald and Josef Hernandez revived New America, with Reginald become its Monarch again and Josef becoming the Prime Minister.



In 2015, Andy Irons and his friend Tyrone Lee created the Federation of Pugnasia. Pugnasia was the largest micronation in the newly founded "Etiwanda Micronational Sector". At its height, the federation had about 50 citizens and controlled most of the EMT. Pugnasia was famous for it's military strength and the famous (and infamous) Ultimate Freedom Act. The Ultimate Freedom Act was the first law passed in the federation. The Act allowed citizens to do what ever they wished. Sadly, this law angered some citizens, including Irons. In response, they created the Royalist Bloc. The Royalists were a monarchist-conservative alliance that was against the Ultimate Freedom Act. President Lee then created the Democratic Bloc in response to Irons. The Democratic Bloc was an alliance of liberals and libertarians that supported President Lee. The Democrats won the November 2015 election, which caused the Royalists to refuse the results. Then on November 9, Congress created the Anti-Democratic Act, which banned any Royalist from running for office. Irons then declared war on the Democrats starting the Great Pugnasian Civil War.

The Great Pugnasian Civil War (November 2015-February-2016) had many battles but only one was major, The Battle of Dirigeville. The Battle of Dirigeville (or to Democratic supporters "The Sacking of Dirigeville") was the last battle of the Great Pugnasian Civil War. On February 7, 2016 President Lee called upon all of his forces to celebrate the victory at Bostonia. This message was intercepted by the Royalists which caused Irons to gather all of the Royalist forces to attack Dirigeville. During President Lee's speech the Royalists surrounded the crowd of Democrats. Once Lee finished his speech, the Royalists attack. The attack lasted for 1 hour before the Democrats surrendered. Lee and Irons signed the Concordance of Dirigeville which split Pugnasia into 2.

The East was controlled by Lee and the West was controlled by Irons. Eventually, Lee lost interest in micronationalism and Irons annex the East. He proclaimed himself Emperor of California and created the United Californian Empire.

UCE and New Pugnasia

The United Californian Empire was a constitutional monarchy with Irons as Emperor and his friend Zerch Lowe (also known as Zach Peller) as first Prime Minister. The UCE was a dominant force in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector with 20 citizens (the biggest in the Sector) Like other micronations, The UCE became inactive which caused it to be broken up after 4 months of existence.

5 months passed without any micronation in the EMS until Tyrone Lee came bake into micronationalism. He founded the Greater Federation of New Pugnasia and invited previous citizens to join. New Pugnasia became known to the micronational community after it became an empire. Led under Irons for the last few months of it's existence, it had it's own website, MicroWiki page, and puppet states. The Empire collapsed on May 25, 2017 because of inactivity. But a month later Tyferria was formed.


The Federal Republic of Tyferria was the successor to The New Pugnasian Empire. It lasted til July 2, 2017. Tyferria was called the US of Etiwanda by neighboring nations because of it's successful government. For the first time in The Etiwanda Micronational Sectors history, a government actually worked democratically. Previously the leader of any EMS nation would make a decision for their people even though they had a representative government. Tyferrian officials would meet through IMessage once each day to create new laws for Tyferria. But just like it's previous predecessors, Tyferria died due to inactivity.

On July 4, 2017 Reginald Smith of New Anarch united his nation with the remnants of Tyferria to create the United Kingdom of America. He was coronated a few days later and appointed Andy Irons as the Prime Minister.

First Kingdom to Present

New America was sadly suffering the same problems as Tyferria. Most of the population was tired of being under a micronation since New Pugnasia. Though very active in the beginning, as the days went on, inactivity began to plague the Parliament. Soon citizens began to leave the nation. In a last ditch effort to save micronationalism in The Etiwanda Micronational Sector, Andy Irons announced a merge between the Effards Federal Republic and Kingdom of Rylandia. These two nations were more active than New America.

On April 24, 2018, Reginald, who was serving as Reich Chancellor of Austrovia at the time, decided to bring back New America. Ensuring the Reichstag, which is Austrovia's legislature, that he wasn't planning on leaving Austrovia, he and Josef Hernandez officially recreated the Kingdom.

Politics and Government

The United Kingdom of America is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. The King/Queens's role is mainly ceremonial but the monarch has the power to: Call Free Elections, Disband Parliament, Call for Referendums, and approve the Prime Minister's cabinet. The Monarch can also be impeached if he/she is abusing his/hers royal powers. The Prime Minister is the head of government and the de facto leader of the country. The Prime Minister can (but not limited to) Create executive orders (3 times a year), call for a parliamentary meeting, declare a state of emergency, etc. Just like the monarch, The Prime Minister can be impeach if he or she abuses his or her powers.


There are a total of 2 National Elections in a year one in June and one in December. On one of these months an election will take place. Each political party must have a candidate to represent their party. The first round will happen on the first day of the second week. The First Round of Voting has all candidates on the ballot. Once the First Round is over the 2 top candidates move to the Second Round. The candidate with the most votes becomes Prime Minister. This process applies to all elections. All elections are determined through popular vote.


The New American Parliament is made up of 2 houses, The House of the Elite and The House of the Commons. The House of the Elite is made up of the nobility while the House of Commons is made up of elected officials. The House of the Common vote on proposals. If a proposal gets 2/3 votes, then it is moved up to the House of the Elite. If the HoE votes to allow the proposal to become a law the King or Queen gives the Prime Minster permission to make the proposal a law.

Armed Forces

The Armed Forces is the military of the United Kingdom. The Armed Forces have 3 branches: HM's Royal Army, HM's Grand Navy, and HM's Air Force. Currently all citizens are in the military, even though conscription is not required. The Armed Forces have never seen actual combat, but most of its members fought with or against each other in the Lawson Insurgency.

Foreign Affairs

The United Kingdom of America recognizes: