Monarchy of Austrovia

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Emperor of Austrovia

Andy Irons.jpg
Andrew I

Style His Imperial and Royal Majesty
Heir presumptive Jacob, Duke of New Glasgow (unconfirmed)
First monarch Andrew I
Formation October 4th, 2017

The Monarchy of the Austrovian Empire, commonly referred to as the Austrovian Monarchy by citizens, is the constitutional monarchy of the Austrovian Empire and its dependencies or protectorates. The current monarch and head of state, Emperor Andrew I, who established the monarchy after proclaming himself as Emperor of Austrovia, officially abolishing the former federal republic.


The Austrovian Monarchy was established on October 4 of 2017. It was founded after then Federal President Andrew "Andy" Irons declared himself Emperor after polls showed that the Austrovian people support the creation of one. Although defacto Emperor, Andy was not crowned until January 2018, which was four months after the monarchy's creation. Crowned Andrew I, His Majesty has been the first and only monarch of Austrovia.

Andrew I is apart of the House of Hydraria, which is the largest imperial and royal house in the Etiwanda Micronational Sector and in Austrovia. The House of Hydraria was originally founded as a political family in the Federation of Pugnasia, but after the Federation's collapse, the family became an Imperial House after Andrew I proclaimed himself Emperor of Unified California. This did not last however since Unified California collapsed, so the House returned to a political family.

The Hydrarian family stayed as a political family through New Pugnasia, Tyferria, and New America until October 2017 after Austrovia became a monarchy. Although the head Imperial House, Only a few members actually have imperial titles due to the Royalization Process, which bans the Emperor appointing titles to family members without the Reichstag voting on it first. This rule has been bended however since the Emperor was able to appoint his older siblings, maternal grandparents, and cousin to royal positions without the Reichstag's approval.


According to the Austrovian Constitution of 2017, The Monarch acts as a Ceremonial Head of State and has little executive power. The Monarch acts as a figurehead for the citizenry during tough times. The Monarch also has a significant role in the Imperial Armed Forces. The Monarch acts as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. When joining the military, soldiers, sailors, and pilots all pledge allegiance to the Monarch and to the nation. This means if the Reich Chancellor orders the military to do something the Monarch does not approve of, he or she can simply order the military not to do what the Reich Chancellor tells them to.

It is encouraged that members of the Monarchy serve in the Imperial Armed Forces at least one. The current Monarch, Andrew I, serves as a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, while his older brother Tyler, Count of South New Glasgow serves as Captain of the ship Imperator. Emperor Father George Irons II is the only member of the monarchy that serves in the Imperial Air Force.

Power of Nobility

Before the passing of the State Monarch Appointment Act in January 2018, the Monarch served as monarch of each imperial state, which means that each state's royal titles were included in the Monarchs title. The Monarch was also not allowed to appoint nobles or state monarchs. This changed after the passing of the State Monarch Appointment Act, which allowed the Monarch to appoint state monarchs and nobles.

A few weeks after the 2nd Austrovian Federal Election, the Emperor released his official appointments of State Monarchs and Nobles. This greatly reduced the Emperor's powers over each state (except his own state of Hydraria and Pretoria). According to the State Monarch Appointment Act, the Emperor still had control over what each state monarch did, but state monarchs did not need to listen to the Emperor if it involves something about their states. This has created controversy when Delaney I refused to allow the appointment of Andrew I's of Jonathan Ly to Royal Adviser. She used the controversial section of the Act as her defense. Jonathan was eventually allowed to assume duties as Royal Advisor to Delaney I after the Reichstag intervened.

Line of Succession

Although not truly confirmed by the Reichstag and written into law, the Imperial Line of Succession goes as followed:

  • Son
  • Daughter
  • Spouse
  • Designated Successor

Currently, Andrew I has no children or a spouse, which means the Line of Succession must follow a different structure, which is below:

  • Sibling
  • Father
  • Mother
  • Grandfather (Paternal)
  • Grandmother (Paternal)
  • Grandfather (Maternal)
  • Grandmother (Maternal)
  • Cousin (Paternal)
  • Cousin (Maternal)
  • Any Male Family Member
  • Any Female Family Member
  • Designated Successor

The Monarch does not need to follow the Line of Succession and can skip over family members if he or she prefers one over the other. As of 2018, Andrew I's successor will be his older brother Jacob, Duke of New Glasgow until he chooses a successor.

List of Monarchs

Image Name Born Reign Start Reign End Coronation House House Coats of Arms
Andy Irons.jpg
Andrew I December 16, 2003 October 4, 2017 (defacto)
January 20th, 2018 (dejure)
Incumbent January 20, 2018 House of Hydraria