Federal President of Austrovia

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Federal President of Austrovia
Logo of the Office of the Federal President
Andy Irons

since Augsut 23rd, 2017 (as President of California)
StyleHis/Her Excellency
ResidenceNew Brandenburg (current)
AppointerElectoral Committee of Austrovia
Term length6 Months (renewable)
Inaugural holderAndy Irons
FormationAugust 23rd, 2017 (as President of California)

The Federal President of Austrovia or the Federal President is the Head of State of Austrovia. The Federal President is elected every 6 months (June and December)

The First Federal President was Andy Irons, who was the founder of Austrovia and its predecessor the Federation of California. He was previously Prime Minister of New America, Chancellor of New Pugnasia, and Prime Minister of Old Pugnasia. The current Federal President of Austrovia is Andy Irons who is Senator and Governor of Hydraria.


The Federal President, according to the Austrovian Constitution, can:

  • Veto any law forward by Congress,
  • Call for free elections,
  • Declare a state of emergency, no fly zone, or travel warning on any lad of Austrovia,
  • Pass any proposal using an executive order (3 for each term),
  • and shutdown an inactive government.

During a government shutdown, the Federal President can not be an absolute ruler, but share power with regional governors.


To become Federal President, an Austrovian citizen must be elected by the Electoral Committee. If a candidate wins 74 o more electoral votes, then said candidate becomes Federal President.

All Federal Elections can be seen here: