2nd Austrovian Federal Election

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2nd Austrovian Federal Election
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← December 16th, 2017 March 16th, 2018 June 16th, 2018 →
  Daisy Drake.jpg Reginald Smith.png Traditionalist.png
Candidate Daisy Drake Reginald Smith Cesar Gomez
Party National Populist Party Democratic Party of Austrovia Traditionalist Party
Home state Marymac Pretoria Etiwanda
Popular vote 16 16 6
Percentage 35% 35% 13%

  Gabe Griffins.jpg CASP.png
Candidate Gabe Griffins Anthony Easton
Party Freedom Party Communist and Socialist Party
Home state Hydraria Etiwanda
Popular vote 6 1
Percentage 13% 2%

Proposed State Map

Reich Chancellor before election

Seterah Speed
Traditionalist Party

Elected Reich Chancellor


The 2nd Austrovian Federal Election or March 2018 Election will be the second federal election in Austrovia. The election will take place on March 16, 2018, exactly four months after the previous one. This election is also the first one with no legislative elections taking place exactly at the same time.


The election was declared right after the previous one, with campaigning allowed to take place after January 1.

On January 15, all parties chose their candidate, with Anthony Easton being the only candidate that ran in the 1st Austrovian Federal Election.


Official candidates are bolded.

National Populist





  • Hannah Garcia, Reichstag Member for Pretoria and Leader of the People's Coalition.





  • Gabe Griffins, Reichstag Member for Hydraria and General of the 1st Defense Division


Communist and Socialist



Christian Democratic Party

  • Diego Drake, chairman of the Christian Democratic Party.

Austrovian League of Fascists

  • Marissa Evans, chairwoman of the ALF

Justice Party


The 2nd Federal election is the first election in which the Electoral College will not be used. This was due to it being to complicated for the Electoral Committee to add up all the electoral votes in a small amount of time. This time, the winner will be elected by majority vote.

Main Source: Results of the 2nd Federal Election

Candidate Party Votes %
Daisy Drake.jpg Daisy Drake National Populist Party 16 35%
Reginald Smith.png Reginald Smith Democratic Party 16 35%
Traditionalist.png Cesar Gomez Traditionalist Party 6 13%
Gabe Griffins.jpg Gabe Griffins Freedom Party 6 13%
CASP.png Anthony Easton Communist and Socialist Party 1 2%