Reich Chancellor of Austrovia

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Reich Chancellor of the Austrovian Empire
Reich Chancellor Austrovia.png
Anthony Easton

since 20 December 2018
StyleHis Excellancy
Term length6 months, renewable infinitely
Inaugural holderAndy Irons
Formation6 October 2017 (August 23rd, as the President of California)

The Reich Chancellor is the head of government in Austrovia. The Reich Chancellor is sometimes seen as the de facto head of state, but the head of state will always be the monarch. The Reich Chancellor was created when the monarchy was first established. The current Reich Chancellor is Anthony Easton, who was elected in the 4th Austrovian Federal Election.


The Office of the Reich Chancellor was created by the Emperor after proclaiming the Monarchy of Austrovia. Originally, the Office of the Reich Chancellor was called the Office of the Federal President when Austrovia uses to be a republic.


The Reich Chancellor acts as the executive body of the government. He/She approves laws that are passed by the Reichstag. The Reich Chancellor is also the direct link to the Emperor and informs the Emperor of major happenings. The Reich Chancellor also has the power to call upon a council of advisers and call upon new elections with the Emperor's approval.


The Reich Chancellor is appointed by the Emperor, who appoints him/her by the results of the election. The Reich Chancellor must be the age of twelve or older to run, must live in a state, and must be apart of a political party.