Traditionalist Party

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Traditionalist Party of Austrovia
Traditionalistische Partei von Austrovia
ChairpersonSeterah Speed
Slogan"Preserving Traditions"
FoundedOctober 25, 2017
Membership  (2017)8
Political positionCentre to Centre-Right
Official colors     Dark blue
Seats in the Reichstag
4 / 20
Seats in State Legislature
6 / 31

The Traditionalist Party is one of the 3 major political parties of the Austrovian Empire. Founded on October 25, 2017, the party currently has 3 out of 7 members in the Reichstag. They also had the Office of the Reich Chancellor once, with Seterah Speed as the first and only Traditionalist Reich Chancellor. Currently, the Traditionalists led the official opposition.


The Traditionalist Party was founded on October 25, 2017 by Seterah Speed after she joined Austrovia. After declaring candidacy for the 1st Federal Election, she quickly became popular among citizens when she claimed her views weren't as radical as the other two candidates, Travis Lee and Rosetta Gland. Speed won the election, making the Traditionalists the first party that holds the executive office, but is a minority in the Reichstag.

On March 16, 2018 the Traditionalist lost the Reich Chancellorship to Democrat Reginald Smith, since then, they have become the official opposition.