Seterah Speed

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Seterah Speed
Common depiction of Speed.
Reich Chancellor of Austrovia
In office
December 16th, 2017 to March 20th, 2018
Predecessor Daisy Drake
Successor Reginald Smith
Member of the Reichstag for Etiwanda
Assumed office
December 16th, 2017
Predecessor None
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born July 20th, 2004
Citizenship Austrovian
Nationality American
Political party Traditionalist
Other political
Citizen's Party of America and the California National Party
Residence Madrigal, State of Etiwanda
Religion Christian

Seterah Speed was the 2nd Reich Chancellor and Member of the Reichstag for Etiwanda in the Austrovian Empire. She was elected as Reich Chancellor in the 1st Austrovian Federal Election.

Micronational career

Speed joined the Austrovian Empire in October 2017. Unhappy with the current political climate, she created her own party, with the help of Cesar Gomez and Kimberley Garcia, called the Traditionalist Party. The Traditionalist Party was created based on her beliefs of liberal conservatism and the preservation of tradition, while also supporting progress.

She was able to secure the Reich Chancellorship by winning enough electoral votes and winning the majority of voters. She is the current and only elected Reich Chancellor in Austrovian History, with previous one, Daisy Drake being appointed by the Emperor. She was able to run for Reich Chancellor again, but she declined because she wanted to allow others to take on the role of leadership. She also wanted her protege, Cesar Gomez, run for Reich Chancellor without her being a threat.

She previously was apart of the United Kingdom of America and the Empire of New Athens. She was a small time politician in New America and was Crown Princess of New Athens. She was the first regent of New Athens and was the first non ruling house member to hold a position in the nobility. She also was the first Member of Parliament for Etiwanda in the New American Parliament and it's upper branch, the House of the Elite. Members of the HoE were directly appointed by the King.

Political Views

Speed considers herself a liberal conservative, believing that progress and tradition can be equally balanced. She considers herself a liberal for economic and foreign affairs but also says she's a conservative when it comes to national and cultural issues. Unlike her fellow Austrovian conservatives, she is one of the few who do not support the Trump Administration in the United States.

She is also a supporter of the the Citizen's Party of America, which is a centrist party, and the California National Party, but does not support the secession of California, but rather supports the regionalist side of the party. She also supports state's rights and supports the restriction of selling firearms to people who do not have a healthy mental record.