1st Austrovian Federal Election

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1st Austrovian Federal Election
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← none December 16th, 2017 April 2018 →
  National Populist.png Rosetta Gland.jpg Seterah Speed.jpg
Candidate Travis Lee Rosetta Gland Seterah Speed
Party National Populist Democratic-Socialist Coalition Traditionalist Party
Home state Effards-Rylandia Etiwanda Etiwanda
Running mate Ryan Lee Arnold Gilbertson Cesar Gomez

  Freedom Party.png CASP.png
Candidate Emily Drake Anthony Easton
Party Freedom Party Communist and Socialist Party
Home state Marymac New California
Running mate Gabe Griifins None

Incumbent Reich Chancellor

Daisy Drake
National Populist

The 1st Austrovian Federal Election or also called the 1 December Federal Election will be the first Federal Election in Austrovian history. The election will take place on December 16, 2017 and the winner will become the next Imperial Chancellor. Senatorial and Gubernatorial elections will occur on the same day as the election.


In accordance to the new Austrovian Constitution, The Congress officially declared the election on September 13. A total of 3 candidates declared candidacy, with only one of them still running.

Austrovian Electoral Process

The December 2017 Federal election will be the first and last election to follow the original electoral calendar (every 6 months). The following elections will follow a 4-month electoral calendar starting January 2018. Each state has a different numbered set of electoral votes, which will be awarded to the victor of that state. As of December 14, the December Election will be the last election to use electoral votes.


A total of 4 people declared the candidacy for the election. A list of these candidates can be found below:

  • Travis Lee, Senator of Effards-Rylandia (National Populist)
  • Rosetta Gland, Senator of Etiwanda (Democrat)
  • Arnold Gilbertson, Chairperson of the Socialist Party (Socialist) Entered coalition with Democrats
  • Seterah Speed, Chairperson of the Traditionalist Party


State Electoral Vote Population Travis Lee Rosetta Gland Seterah Speed Emily Drake Anthony Easton Winner
Hydraria 20 10 60% 0 0 40% 0 Travis Lee
Marymac 20 6 16% 0 66.6% 16% 0 Seterah Speed
Pinewood 5 5 0 0 100% 0 0 Seterah Speed
Etiwanda 20 9 0 66.6% 1.1% 0 0 Rosetta Gland
Effards-Rylandia 15 4 100% 0 0 0 0 Travis Lee
New California 15 5 0 40% 60% 0 0 Seterah Speed
  • National Populist.png Travis Lee: 11 Votes
  • Rosetta Gland.jpg Rosetta Gland: 8 Votes
  • Traditionalist.png Seterah Speed: 12 Votes
  • Freedom Party.png Emily Drake: 5 Votes
  • CASP.png Anthony Easton: 2 Votes

Opinion Polls

Pollster Release Sample Travis Lee Rosetta Gland Seterah Speed Arnold Gilbertson Other
Austrovian Observer 7 October 2017 5 60% 20% N/A 20%
Independent Gazette 13 October 2017 12 58.3 25% N/A 16%
Austrovian Observer 26 October 2017 17 29.4% 29.4% 41.1% N/A