Rosetta Gland

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Rosetta Gland
Common depiction of Gland.
Chancellor of Austrovia
September 5th 2019
Predecessor Anthony Easton (as Reich Chancellor of Austrovia)
Personal information
Born 9 March 2004 (2004-03-09) (age 19)
Citizenship Austrovia
Nationality American
Political party Liberal
Other political
Democratic Party (USA)
Residence Rosewood, State of Etiwanda
Religion Anglican

Rosetta Gland a Austrovian politician who is currently serving as the 1st Chancellor of Austrovia.

Micronational career

Gland began her career, as most current Austrovian politicians have when she joined New Pugnasia. She became an important member of the National Freedom Party and ran as a candidate in the last Chancellorship election before the Empire's disbandment. She join the Empire's predecessors, Tyferria and New America, but was not a major figure in those two countries. She did, however, help form the New American Charity Society, which was a failed attempt to gather funds to support charities.

When Austrovia was founded, she created the Democratic Party along with Hannah Garcia and was the first candidate in the 2017 Election. She was the former chairperson for the Democratic Party and is a Member of the Reichstag for Etiwanda. She is one of the many people that joined the National Democratic Populist Party.

After a break from micronationalism, Gland returned to Austrovia after the June 18th coup attempt by Anthony Easton. She was appointed the head of the Imperial Provisional Government and later was appointed Chancellor of the Austrovian Empire. She would be re-elected as Chancellor on December 16, 2019.

Personal political views

Rosetta claims to be a centrist liberal and supports the Democratic Party of the United States. She is a supporter of Joe Biden and hopes to see him win the Presidency.