Freedom Party of Austrovia

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The Freedom Party
Freiheitspartei von Austrovia
ChairpersonEmily Drake
FoundedNovember 4th, 2017
HeadquartersSerpentia, Marymac
Membership  (2018)5
IdeologyNational Conservatism
Right-Wing Populism
Political positionRight-Wing to Far Right
Official coloursPurple
Seats in the Reichstag
4 / 20
Seats in State Legislature
5 / 31

The Freedom Party of Austrovia is a right wing nationalist party in the Austrovian Empire. It was founded by Emily Drake as a response to the election of Travis Lee as the sole National Populist Party candidate for the 1st Austrovian Federal Election. It currently has 5 members, with 4 of them being Reichstag members.


The Freedom Party was created by Emily Drake in response to Travis Lee officially becoming the sole National Populist candidate. Drake an a few others left the party and formed the Freedom Party. The party has seen support in Hydraria and Marymac, both being right wing states. The party had its first primary in January 2018, which saw the election of Gabe Griffins as the party's candidate for the 2nd Austrovian Federal Election.

After its defeat in the 2nd Federal Election, The Freedom Party saw a decrease in popularity. This decrease was halted with the reelection of Gabe Griffins as the party's federal candidate.