Emily Drake

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Emily Drake
Reichstag Member for Marymac
Assumed office
December 16th, 2017
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
Personal information
Born 26 October 1972 (1972-10-26) (age 48)
Citizenship Austrovian
Nationality American
Political party Freedom Party
Other political
Republican Party
Residence Serpentia, State of Marymac
Religion Christian (Roman Catholic)

Emily Drake is a Austrovian politician. She is one of the current members of the Reichstag and the founder and leader of the Freedom Party of Austrovia

Micronational career

Emily Drake started micronationalism when she joined the Tyferrian Federal Republic. She quickly became a member of the Assembly for the Conservative-Liberal Alliance and President (and current Austrovian Emperor) Andy Irons's Secretary of Commerce. After the collapse of Tyferria, she stop micronationalism until the creation of Austrovia.

Once becoming a citizen, she immediately joined the Congress and became a member of the Conservative Party and later the National Populist Party. She became a frequent critic of National Populist leader Travis Lee, calling him too soft on issues. When Lee was elected the sole party candidate for the 1st Austrovian Federal Election, she decided to create her own party, calling it the Freedom Party of Austrovia. She quickly gained the support of military leader Gabe Griffins and even the her nephew, The Emperor. She currently serves as the Freedom Party's only chairperson.

Political views

Emily considers herself a national conservative. She strongly supports the Trump administration and is a frequent critic of the Democratic Party. She also has supported John McCain and Mitt Romney in the past. She also supported Travis Allen for governor of California.