Conservative Party of Austrovia

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Conservative Party
Konservative Partei von Austrovia
ChairAndy Irons
SloganFor a better future
FoundedAugust 23rd 2017 (as the Californian Conservative Party)
DissolvedSeptmber 23rd, 2017 (merged with Independence Party)
Political positionCentre Right
Official colorsBlue

The Conservative Party or the First Conservative Party was the first right-wing party in Austrovia. It was the majority party until it united with the Independence Party to form the National Populist Party. The party was later refounded under Zach Peller.


The Conservative Party was founded by Andy Irons as the California Conservative Party. It was the rival to the California Democrats, who were the liberal party of the Federation. Once Austrovia was founded, the party was renamed and began its campaigns for the December 2017 Election. On September 23rd, 2017 the party merged with the nationalist Independence Party to form the National Populist Party.