Democratic Party of Austrovia

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Democratic Party
Demokratische Partei von Austrovia
ChairRosetta Gland
FoundedAugust 26th, 2017
Membership (2018)10
IdeologyModern Liberalism
Political positionCentre Left
Slogan"For Austrovians by Austrovians"
Seats in the Reichstag
7 / 30
Seats in State Legislature
5 / 31

The Democratic Party of Austrovia or the Democrats is one of the left wing parties of Austrovia. The Democratic Party was founded as one of the original political parties, first starting out as the California Democratic Party. The current leader of the party is Rosetta Gland, who is also the leader of the Democratic-Socialist Electoral Coalition.


The Democratic Party was originally founded as the Californian Democrats, when Austrovia was known as the Federation of California. It was founded by Hannah Garcia, but she stepped down as party leader for Rosetta Gland, who was considered a champion among the Democrats who previously apart of the New Pugnasia Empire.