1st Austrovian Reichstag Election

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1st Austrovian Reichstag Election
← n/a December 16th, 2017 February 2018 →

All 20 seats
10 seats needed for a majority
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  National Populist.png Democratic.png Traditionalist.png
Leader Travis Lee Rosetta Gland and Arnold Gilbertson Seterah Speed
Party National Populist Party Democratic Party of Austrovia Traditionalist Party
Last election none none none
Seats before 9 6 0
Seats won 8 5 3
Seat change 1 1 3
Popular vote 12 5 3
Percentage 30% 12% 7%

  Fourth party Fifth party
  Freedom Party.png CASP.png
Leader Emily Drake Anthony Easton
Party Freedom Party Communist and Socialist Party
Last election none none
Seats before 0 0
Seats won 3 1
Seat change 3 1
Popular vote 4 1
Percentage 2%
Swing 10%

Majority Leader before election

Zach Peller
National Populist Party

Elected Majority Leader

Zach Peller
National Populist Party

The 1st Reichstag Election will be the first legislative election in the Austrovian Empire. The election was declared on December 2, after the Legislative Election Act was passed. The election was held on December 16, with the National Populist Party retaining the majority. These results saw the first time when the Reich Chancellor's party did not gain the majority.