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Parliament of the Abeldane Empire
7th Reichsversammlung
Reichsversammlung coat of arms.png
Term limits
4 months
Founded June 6, 2014 (2014-06-06)
since 23 August 2017
Deputy Speaker
since 23 August 2017
Opposition Leader
Seats 17 MPs
Political groups
HI&REM Government (11):

HI&REM Most Loyal Opposition (5):


Single transferable vote
Last election
20 August 2017
Next election
8 December 2017
Meeting place
De jure: Facebook and Skype (Reichsversammlung Quorums)

The Reichsversammlung, literally gathering place in German or also known in English as the Parliament of Abelden, is the legislative body of the Abeldane Empire. It is a unicameral legislature and acts as the legislature for all federal states in Abelden. All members are representatives from each federal states and currently there are 17 seats.

The current Reichsversammlung is in its seventh since the foundation of the legislature on 6 June 2014, although it has seen changes and reforms along the way. Originally named as the Abeldane Parliament, it was renamed to Reichsversammlung in 2015 so as to give way to the cultural naming diversity Abelden has. The Reichsversammlung is currently consisted of 17 MPs and is dominated by the Abeldane National Independence Party, headed by Patrick Renwick, and Abeldane Social Ecology, headed by Newton von Uberquie who is at present the Vorsitzender. The current opposition parties are the Federalist Party and Rhinoceros Party, with Horatio Eden as the Leader of the Opposition.

The Reichsversammlung has the right to approve any laws and repeal them and has the approval rights for all the actions done by the Monarch and therefore no act by the Monarch can be done without the approval of the Reichsversammlung.

Powers and Authority

The Reichsversammlung has the power to legislate new laws and propose new laws in the Empire and has the authority to overturn decisions made by the Emperor.


There are currently four political parties in the Reichsversammlung. Since the electoral reform of August 2017, adopted before the federal election held that month, there are 17 seats in the Reichsversammlung, of which the Abeldane National Independence Party (ANIP) is the largest. Abeldane Social Ecology is currently the governing party, in a coalition with ANIP, as part of the Von Uberquie Ministry. The opposition is currently made up of the Federalist Party and the Rhinoceros Party; the leader of the latter, Horatio Eden, is the current Leader of the Opposition.

Party Leader Founded Position Seats
  National Independence ANIP Patrick Renwick 3 September 2017 Centre, big tent
6 / 17
  Social Ecology ASE Newton von Uberquie 7 June 2017 Left, eco-socialism
5 / 17
  Federalist Party FP Michael Brazeau 25 May 2017 Right-wing, populism
3 / 17
  Rhinoceros Party RPA Horatio Eden 7 August 2017 Pragmatism, satire
2 / 17


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Members are appointed by the Federal Monarch from each federal state's allocated number of seats in the Reichsversammlung as stated in the constitution and are submitted to the Imperial Government for final approval. They represent their respective federal state and thus each member have their own respective vote, not a vote for the entire federal state. MPs may also be removed if deemed to be disgraceful. Federal monarchs hold automatic seats in the Reichsversammlung and is counted on the allocated seats said. The seats may be amended only once a year and at least seven federal states must appeal for an amendment for their seats or else it shall not be allowed. Currently, the number of seats allocated per federal states is as follows:

Before the federalization took effect, each MPs were appointed per city/town that served as their respective constituency because of the low administrative regions in Abelden. Although crown dependencies and territories before will only have one representation in the Reichsversammlung, representing them as a crown dependency or a territory and not by cities. Each cities serves as a seat.

Current compositions

Name Party State District MP since
HI&REM The Emperor Non-partisan Alenshka Appointed 6 June 2014
Nick Kaos Abeldane National Independence Party Alenshka District 1  ?
Patrick Renwick Abeldane National Independence Party Legabelden District 2  ?
Nuri van Dijk Abeldane National Independence Party Sinoland District 4  ?
Alex White Abeldane National Independence Party Rai District 1  ?
Brandon Wu Abeldane National Independence Party Teodoria District 4 1 July 2017
Isaac Reuel Abeldane National Independence Party Dolangrad District 4  ?
Edwin Farrar Abeldane Social Ecology Morgannwg District 2  ?
Tarik Kârjasary Abeldane Social Ecology Rai District 1 1 July 2017
Artemis Langford Abeldane Social Ecology St. Castle District 5  ?
Newton von Uberquie Abeldane Social Ecology Satirno District 5  ?
David Ross Abeldane Social Ecology Foesterlingen District 2 1 July 2017
Damian Billbrough Federalist Party Morgannwg District 2  ?
Michael T. Brazeau Federalist Party Alexander District 3  ?
James R. Frisch Federalist Party Satirno Appointed  ?
Max Pollack Rhinoceros Party of Abelden Alexander District 3  ?
Horatio Eden Rhinoceros Party of Abelden Satirno District 5  ?

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