Party of Royalists and Greens

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Party of Royalists and Greens
LeaderNicolás von Uberquie
Deputy LeaderAshley Jaax
ChairmanNewton von Uberquie
Founded19 May 2020
Merger ofPRC • ASE
Merged intoNational Royalists
Membership (2020)10
Social corporatism
Social ecology
Political positionCentre-Left
Colors  Light green
  Imperial Blue

The Party of Royalists and Greens, also known by its acronym PRG or as the Green Royalists was a short lived Royalist, Social Corporatist and Social ecologist party in the Abeldane Empire. The party was founded on 19 May 2020, as a merger between the Party of Royalists and Cooperatism and Abeldane Social Ecology, the Empire’s two centre-left/left-wing parties. As such, it was during its existence the Empire’s only real left-wing party, and also the main opposition party in the Empire, with 5 of the 13 seats in the Reichsversammlung. Following the June 2020 election it merged with the National Union to form the National Royalists.


The December 2019 Federal Election saw the Party of Royalists and Cooperatism overtake Abeldane Social Ecology as the main opposition and leftist party in Abelden, with ASE winning only 1 seat whilst the Royalists surged to in the end having 3, consequently resulting in ASE losing it’s position as the empire’s main opposition party, which it had been since 2017 (with the exceptions of the ASE-led Kârjasary and LF-led Daniels national unity governments in 2018 and 2019). Subsequently in the following early months of 2020 the PRC continued its rise, winning a further seat in the April by-election, whereas ASE continued to remain a party on the peripheral of Abeldane politics.

By May 2020 negotiations between PRC and ASE leadership started on the possibility of unifying the parties. By mid-May an agreement was struck, and the Royalists and Social Ecology officially merged on 19 May.

Electoral performance


Election Leader Votes Seats Position Government Ref.
No. % No. +/- Share
2020 II Nicolas Millan 11 19.30%
2 / 13
2 3rd 15.38% N/A