Pirate League (Abelden)

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Pirate League
CaptainConnor Stumperth
First MateChase Nanatovich
Founded30 May 2020
(38 days)
HeadquartersPacem, Tusmore
Membership  (2020) 7
IdeologyPirate politics
Economic development
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationConcordia
Official colours          Purple and Green
0 / 6
5 / 13
Alenshkan Senate
3 / 5
Tusmorish Senate
2 / 3
Party flag
Pirate League (Abelden) flag.png

The Pirate League (German: Piratenbund), also known by its acronym as the PL, is a left-leaning federal political party in Abelden, with state affiliates in Tusmore and Rai. It was registered as a party with the Reichswahlkommission, Abelden's electoral body, on 30 May 2020. Connor Stumperth has been the leader of the party since its registration. Alongside the Liberty Front, it is part of Concordia.


The Pirate League was founed on 30 May 2020 as a breakaway from the Party of Royalists and Greens by Connor Stumperth, speaker of the Reichsversammlung. Other founding members include Chase Nanatovich and Tarik Karjasari, Grand Duke of Rai.


According to its party charter, the Pirate League stands for a number of policies commonly associated to pirate politics, namely the promotion of e-democracy, greater transparency (including the use of open source software for Abeldane affairs), and freedom of information. It also supports environmental policies and further protection of Abelden's natural and protected areas, increased political attributions for the Imperial legislature, furthering the economic development of the Empire, and an increased ceremonial role for the Abeldane constitutional monarchy.

The Pirate League's associated party in Rai, the Batu Party, stands for increased devolution to federal states and the promotion of state culture.

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 II Connor Stumperth ???


Election year Candidate Votes % Rank Outcome
2020 II Brandon Wu ???


Election year Votes % Seats won +/- Rank Government Ref.
2020 I 23 40.35
5 / 13
5 #1 ??? [1]


  1. Karjasari, Tarik (30 June 2020). "Renwick resigns as Concordia wins supermajority in Reichsversammlung". L'Sydunche. Retrieved 30 June 2020.

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