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Concordiagate is the name of a scandal in the Abeldane Empire in which leaked chat logs from Chase Nanatovich showed leaders of Concordia, most notably Stephen Freayth plotting to oust former Emperor Newton von Uberquie and Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick. The scandal developed during the July 2020 Abeldane executive election, where both the positions of Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter were up for election.[1]

In politics

According to Renwick, Freayth commited electoral fraud, especially in the state of Alenshka, dating as far back as 2017. These claims were backed by Emperor Nicholas Kaos. In the executive election, Renwick and von Uberquie dropped out of the race and expressed their intention to leave Abelden together. 2 members of Pirate League and Batu, Ashley Jaax and Leon Montan respectively, resigned from their parties and condemed the actions of Concordia. Leadership of both PL and LF also comndemned the actions. Liberty Front then severed its ties to Concordia. Pirate League then became de facto defunct as most of its members, under the order of its founder, Nicholas Kaos, resigned and formed a new party, the Confederals. Liberty Front Stellvertretership candidate Brandon Wu dropped out of the race, meaning that the Stellvertretership may be vacant for longer than anticipated. Interim Attorney General Anthony Clark suggested to expel Alenshka from the empire, while the Emperor suggested active citizens to migrate to other states and suggested appointing Nicolas von Uberquie as the new king to separate the two crowns.