Concordia (Abelden)

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LF leaderEdward Daniels
PL leaderConnor Stumperth
Founded15 June 2020
Dissolved10 July 2020


Political positionBig tent to Left-wing
Colors  Orange
Member partiesLiberty Front
Pirate League

Concordia was a short-lived political alliance of two political parties in the Abeldane Empire, the Liberty Front and the Pirate League, that existed from June to July 2020. The alliance was formed ahead of the June 2020 legislative elections, which it won by over 60%.[1][2] It later nominated Connor Stumperth for Vorsitzender and Brandon Wu for Stellvertreter ahead of the July 2020 snap executive election.[3]

The alliance was at the center of the Concordiagate political scandal, in which leaked private logs from the alliance's Discord server uncovered alleged plots against the former Vorsitzender of Abelden, Patrick Renwick.[4] The scandal has plunged Abelden into a political crisis that's ongoing to this day.[5] As a result of the scandal, the Liberty Front pulled out of the alliance, and the Pirate League was dissolved due to all of its members defecting the party; Concordia was therefore de facto dissolved on 10 July 2020, less than a month after its official establishment.[4]

Electoral performance

Election year Votes % Seats won +/- Rank Government Ref.
2020 I 37 64.94
7 / 13
7 1st N/A [6]


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