Demirelian Liberal Party

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Demirelian Liberal Party
LeaderSean Renvik
Founded5 December 2019
HeadquartersGrenlance, Demirelia
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Constitutional Monarchism
English-speakers interests
Political positionCentre
Colors  Cornflower blue
SloganAll People’s Rights
Seats in the Landsting
1 / 3

The Demirelian Liberal Party (Norwegian: Det Demirelske Liberalparti), often known simply as the Liberals is a social liberal political party in the Abeldane state of Demirelia. It was founded by Landstingrepresentative Sean Renwick on 5 December 2019, following the introduction of the Language Law Bill to the Landsting. The party currently holds 1 of the 3 seats in the Landsting.


The Liberal Party was founded by the English-speaking member of the Landsting, Sean Renvik, in opposition to the Language Law Bill introduced to the Landsting on 5 December 2019. The bill, which gave the Norwegian language precedence over English in government business and titles, divided the assembly and created two blocks, the anti-Language Law Liberal Party the pro-Language Law Demirelian National Alliance.


The Liberals are a centrist, social liberal political party. The party espouses freedom and liberty along with necessary government intervention and protection of the citizens. Though supportive of the Demirelian monarchy, the Liberals favour a higher degree of constitutional monarchy than the system currently in place, wishing to restrict some of the monarchy's Powers. A core tenant of the party is its support for the rights and use of the English language an it's speakers within Demirelia. The Liberal Party opposes Norwegianism, and believes the English language and English culture should play an equal part in Demirelian government and society as Norwegian.

Electoral performance


Election year Votes % Seats won +/- Rank Government
2019 2 33,33%
1 / 3
Steady 2nd In opposition
2020 I 2 33,33%
1 / 3
Steady 2nd In opposition