Abeldane Social Ecology

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Abeldane Social Ecology
LeaderCollective Leadership [N 1]
RepresentativeRachel Kyoia
General SecretaryJessica Ross
SloganThe Green Labour Party
Founded7 June 2017
Membership  (2018)5
IdeologySocial ecology,
Direct democracy, Ecosocialism
Political positionLeft-wing to Centre-Left
Official colors     Moss green
Cabinet positions
1 / 9
Seats in the Reichsversammlung
1 / 13

Abeldane Social Ecology – The Green Labour Party, also known for its acronym ASE–GLP or simply as Abeldane Social Ecology (ASE) is a left-wing ecosocialist political party in the Abeldane Empire. Its main ideological component is social ecology, a theory devised by American author Murray Bookchin. It was founded in 2017 by Newton von Uberquie shortly after the June 2017 federal election, expecting to fill the gap of left-wing political forces in Abelden.


Poster supporting Newton von Uberquie's nomination for Vorsitzender in the December 2017 election.

The party was founded as the Social Ecology Party of Abelden (SEPA) on the 6 June 2017 by Newton von Uberquie, following the June 2017 federal election. Shortly after its formation, SEPA was invited to support the governing coalition led by Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick. That same day, the Interior and Security Minister Artemis Langford defected from the ruling Abeldane National Party to join SEPA, granting the new party its first cabinet position.

On 9 August 2017, in the midst of the campaign for the August 2017 federal election, the Labour Party and SEPA held talks to form a unified leftist party. The two parties agreed to form Abeldane Social Ecology - The Green Labour Party (ASE-GLP), which contested in the election with von Uberquie and Langford as candidates for Vorsitzender and Stellvertreter, respectively.[1][2]

The August 2017 election resulted in a great success for ASE, as both von Uberquie and Langford were elected to office and the party became the largest in the Reichsversammlung. Von Uberquie formed the 26th ministry on 23 August 2017, in coalition with the Independence Party of Abelden and the Abeldane National Party (which merged into the Abeldane National Independence Party shortly thereafter).[3][4] Following Newton von Uberquie's sudden resignation from both the Vorsitzendership and ASE's leadership, Langford succeeded him in the former office in her capacity as Stellvertreter, and in the latter after being elected on 23 September 2017.[5]

Following von Uberquie's departure, Langford was elected Representative of ASE on 27 September 2017. Ahead of the December 2017 election, Langford was chosen unanimously as the party's Vorsitzender candidate. The possibility of contesting Stellvertreter candidates in a simultaneous open primary was discussed by the party's membership, but eventually an agreement was reached with the National Independence Party to endorse the campaign of ANIP leader and incumbent Stellvertreter Patrick Renwick in exchange for ANIP's support in Langford's campaign. However, after poor results in the polls, Langford decided to step down as the party's candidate and on 7 December 2017 von Uberquie became once again ASE's Vorsitzender candidate.[6]

Ideology and platform

ASE poster for the August 2017 election.

Abeldane Social Ecology's main ideological base is the concept of social ecology, developed by the American libertarian socialist author Murray Bookchin. It advocates a reconstructive and transformative outlook on social and environmental issues, and promotes a directly democratic, confederal politics.

As outlined in the SEPA manifesto for the August 2017 election, the party is against citizensharing and inactivity within government ranks. It supports the creation of protected areas under communal control and citizens' assemblies in all federal states. It supports promoting the Empire's culture through state-sposored action, and further integration of people from all social backgrounds. The party is for LGBTQ+ and minority rights.[7]

Abeldane Social Ecology opts for directly democratic collective leadership of all of it's members. Motions of party policy are voted upon by an open ballot of all the members of a party, before which a motion is judged by the active General Secretary as to whether it aligns with the goals of the movement. Therefore, the General Secretary is the only office in the party with any degree of unilateral authority. The role of the Representative is to communicate the results of motions, and thus all of ASE's policy, to the greater community. Therefore, the Representative is often seen, mistakenly, as the Leader of ASE. However, the party maintains that it has no single active leader.

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 IV Newton von Uberquie   28 48.28%
2017 V Newton von Uberquie   18 32.73%
2018 I Artemis Langford   9 18.75%
2018 II Artemis Langford   4 8,7%
2018 III Artemis Langford   7 18,4%
2018 IV Tarik Kârjasary   20 52,6%


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2017 IV Artemis Langford   25 43.86%
2017 V Patrick Renwick[N 2]   31 67.39%


Election year 1st pref votes % seats won +/- Government Ref.
2017 IV 15 26.31%
5 / 15
4 Coalition Gov't [4]
2017 V 11 23.9%
4 / 16
1 Oppositon Leader [N 3]
2018 I 9 18.8%
3 / 16
1 In opposition <ref group="N" name="seatcount2">Only 16 seats were actively contested in the Federal Election, with a 17th seat being held by the Ervecysarich Newton.


2018 II N/A N/A
3 / 16
In opposition
2018 III 5 12,5%
1 / 11
2 In oppostition
2018 IV 7 24,1%
2 / 11
1 In coalition


  1. Abelden Social Ecology has a direct democracy of all of it's members for decision-making.
  2. Abeldane Social Ecology endorsed ANIP's Patrick Renwick's candidacy for Stellvertreter in the December 2017 elections.
  3. Only 16 seats were actively contested in the Federal Election, with a 17th seat being held by the Emperor of Abelden.


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