Democratic Voice

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Democratic Voice
LeaderShady Morsi
Founded3 March 2017
Dissolved10 August 2017
IdeologyStates' rights
Political positionCentre-right
ColorsRoyal blue, white and dark green (Abeldane national colours)

Democratic Voice was an Abeldane political party. It was founded in 2017 as a result of the Conservative Party's poor preformance in the February 2017 Abeldane elections, It only has one member, Shady Morsi, the latter of which has a seat in the Reichsversammlung. The party does consider itself to be a testimonial party, which does not seek to gain political power, but only to testify to its beliefs and thereby influence other parties


The party's history began with Shady Morsi's departure from the in February 2017 . Morsi could not accept the Conservative Party]]'s poor preformance in the February 2017 Abeldane elections