Conservative Party (Abelden)

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Conservative Party
LeaderEmiel Hardy
Founded9 January 2015
Dissolved4 April 2017
Succeeded byAbeldane Party
Political positionRight-wing
Colors  Blue

The Conservative Party of Abelden was a major centre-right political party in the Abeldane Empire. It was founded by Emiel Hardy, who was Vorsitzender (head of government) twice in 2016. During the majority of its existence, the Conservative Party was the main political force of the Empire, producing five Vorsitzenders and being the largest party in the Reichsversammlung (Parliament) from its foundation to 2017. Notably, it currently holds the record for the longest-lived political party in Abelden.

It was founded on 9 January 2015, and it went on to win the first general election held in July of that year. In that occasion, the Conservative candidate, Damian Billbrough, was elected as Vorsitzender, the first elected head of government not belonging to the New Democratic Party.

In early 2017, the party began to decline in popularity as other right-wing groups like the Independence Party of Abelden (IPA) and the centrist Democratic-Liberty Party (DLP) grew. The last Conservative Vorsitzender was Michael Thomas Brazeau, who was Henry Clément's Stellvertreter and succeeded him following the latter's resignation. Brazeau was the Conservatives' candidate in the April 2017 federal election, but lost in a landslide against the DLP's Patrick Renwick. Following this, the Conservative Party became mostly obsolete, and former leader Hardy formed the Abeldane Party instead.

Electoral performance


Election year Candidate Result
1st pref votes % (1st pref)
2015 III Damian Billbrough   7 53.8%
2016 I Damian Billbrough   10 37%
2016 II Emiel Hardy   16 53%
2016 III John Smith   26 49.1%
2016 IV Horatio Eden   29 69.3%
2016 V John Smith   8 33.3%
2017 I Allen Paul   6 16.7%
2017 II Michael Thomas Brazeau   11 25%