Abeldane general election, September 2016

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September 2016 Abeldane general elections
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All 24 seats in the Reichsversammlung
9 needed for a majority
  First party Second party
  100px GcoaAbeldenAlenshka.png
Leader Ned Greiner, Baron Greiner Grant Hawkins
Party Democratic-Liberty Conservative
Leader since September 2016 Setpember 2016
Seats won 10 10
Seat change 3 3
Popular vote 27 26
Percentage 50.9% 49.1%

Vorsitzender before election

Emiel Hardy

Vorsitzender after election

Ned Greiner

The 7th General Elections was an election in the Abeldane Empire in which Ned Greiner was elected as Vorsitzender and Patrick Renwick as Stellvertreter. Greiner recieved majority of the votes and will be serving a one year term because two general elections were held on the same year. Grant Hawkins became the Leader of the Opposition and the Conservative Party became the official opposition party in the Reichsversammlung. This is also the first time that the Democratic-Liberty Party of Abelden run for the elections. It is also the most closest election for a Vorsitzender in Abeldane history, with one vote difference.

This was the third and final elections of the 3rd Reichsversammlung.