Third Lawton ministry

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Third Lawton Ministry
12th ministry of Abelden

Date formed 6 June 2016
Date dissolved 12 July 2016
People and organizations
Head of government Llewelyn Lawton
Head of state Stephen I & II
Member party New Democratic Party
with Abeldane Democratic Union support
Status in legislature Minority
Opposition party Conservative Party
Opposition leader Damian Billbrough
Election(s) 2016 I
Outgoing election 2015 IV
Legislature term(s) 3rd Reichsversammlung
Previous Lawton II
Successor Lewis

Llewelyn Lawton, who formed the Third Lawton Ministry was re-elected as Vorsitzender for the second time on 6 June 2016. This was the only where a Vorsitzender managed to form a third consecutive ministry. The 2nd Reichsversammlung was dissolved to allow for the elections and the 3rd Reichsversammlung was then established following the end of the elections.

This would be the last time the New Democratic Party would hold the Vorsitzendership and after that followed a domination of Conservative politics within the Empire.

It was preceded by the Second Lawton Ministry, formed by Lawton himself.


Third Lawton Ministry
Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Monarch His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty Stephen 2015 – 16
Vorsitzender The Rt Hon. The Duke of Creton MP 2015 – 16
Stellvertreter The Rt Hon. The Duke of Johnstown MP Jun – Jul 2016
Chancellor of the Treasury The Rt Hon. The Duke of Brandburg MP Feb – Jul 2016
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The Rt Hon. The Duchess of Alexton, Rachel I MP Mar – Jun 2016
The Rt Hon. The Baron NG MP Jun – Jul 2016
Minister of Defense The Rt Hon. The Earl of Brautensland MP 2015 – 16
Minister of Ethnical Affairs The Rt Hon. The Duchess of Alexton, Rachel I MP 2015 – 16
Minister of Media and Public Affairs
The Rt Hon. Stephen Freayth MP 2015 – 16
Minister of Education The Rt Hon. NG MP Apr – Jul 2016