Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Commerce (Abelden)

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Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance logo.png
Ministry overview
Formed10 January 2015
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Commerce , simply known as the Ministry of Finance, is a ministerial department responsible for general financial policy and for general management in the field of finance of the Abeldane Empire. Moreover, it is also in charge of managing the Abeldane economy. The minister responsible for this ministry is known as the Chancellor of the Treasury, even though the ministry was never itself known as Treasury.

The functions of the Chancellor of the Treasury and the ministry include collecting all taxes from citizens, if ever needed by the government, paying all bills owning to the government and the empire, managing all government accounts and finances, and maintaining a stable economy.

The ministry was established in 2015, in the 3rd ministry headed by Andrew Janiszewski. The first Chancellor of the Treasury was Michael Thomas Brazeau, who was directly elected at the January 2015 general election. The current Chancellor is Nicholas Kaos.

List of chancellors

Name Image Term of office Party Ministry
Michael Thomas Brazeau MBrazeau.png 10 January 2015 2 March 2015 Grand Old Party Janiszewski II
51 days Janiszewski III
Brooklyn Hewitt Greater coat of arms of Abelden.png 2 March 2015 4 March 2015 Independent
2 days Smith
Vacancy from 4 March to 17 July 2015 West II
Vaughan Smith VSmith.jpg 17 July 2015 28 February 2016 New Democratic Billbrough
Lawton I
226 days Lawton II
Horatio Eden 11880483 869537619768915 4029556121765329462 n.jpg 28 February 2016 12 July 2016 Conservative
135 days Lawton III
Isaac Reuel Greater coat of arms of Abelden.png 12 July 2016 24 July 2016 Conservative Lewis
12 days
Horatio Eden 11880483 869537619768915 4029556121765329462 n.jpg 24 July 2016 14 October 2016 Conservative Hardy I
82 days Renwick I
Henry Twain Ezra1.jpg 14 October 2016 18 November 2016 Independence Eden
35 days Hardy II
John Gordon JohnGordon.jpg 18 November 2016 27 February 2017 Conservative Hawkins I
101 days Hawkins II
Horatio Eden 11880483 869537619768915 4029556121765329462 n.jpg 27 February 2017 23 August 2017 Independence

United Rhinoceros
Renwick II
177 days Renwick III
Renwick IV
Nicholas Kaos Kaos portrait 3.jpg 23 August 2017 24 December 2017 National Independence Uberquie
123 days Langford
Vacancy from 24 December 2017 to 27 June 2018 Merrell
Renwick V
Patrick Renwick P Renwick2.jpg 27 June 2018 31 August 2018 Die Rechte Freayth I
65 days
Nicholas Kaos
later the Emperor
Kaos portrait 3.jpg 31 August 2018 Incumbent Die Rechte
later Populares
Freayth II
Daniels I
Daniels II
3 years, 341 days
Independent Renwick VI