Sadowski ministry

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Sadowski Ministry
5th ministry of Abelden

Date formed 4 March 2015
Date dissolved 4 March 2015
People and organizations
Head of government Paweł Sadowski
Head of state Stephen
Member party Bosmanish Minority Party
Status in legislature Minority
Opposition party Conservative Party
Abeldane Democratic Union
Opposition leader Damian Billbrough
Election(s) N/A
Outgoing election N/A
Legislature term(s) 1st Reichsversammlung
Previous Janiszewski III
Successor Smith

Paweł Sadowski, who formed the Sadowski Ministry, was appointed Vorsitzender by Emperor Stephen on 4 March 2015. The Sadowski ministry would be the shortest lived ministry in Abeldane history, lasting only 20 minutes.

It was preceded by the Third Janiszewski ministry, formed by Andrew Janiszewski, and succeeded by the Smith ministry, formed by Vaughan Smith.