Abeldane by-election, November 2019

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Abeldane federal by-election, November 2019

← June 2019
14 - 16 November 2019 December 2019

11th seat in the Reichsversammlung
  First party Second party
  Z Smith bubble (Pop).png C Nanatovich bubble (ASE).png
Leader Zabëlle Skye Chase Nanatovich
Party Populares Social Ecology
Popular vote 12 (1st count)
18 (Final count)
10 (1st count)
16 (Final count)
Percentage 35.2% (1st count)
52.9% (Final count)
29.4% (1st count)
47.1% (Final count)

  Third party Fourth party
  D Magyla bubble (PRC).png Bainbridge bubble.png
Leader Domantas Magyla Thomas Bainbridge
Party Royalists and Cooperatism Liberty Front
Popular vote 7 (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)
5 (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)
Percentage 20.6% (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)
14.7% (1st count)
Elim. (Final count)

Member before election


Elected member

Zabëlle Skye

A by-election to the 11th seat in the Reichsversammlung was held in the Abeldane Empire between the 14th and 16th of November 2019, called by the Emperor, HI&REM Newton, to increase the size of the Empire's legislature. It was the first by-election to use the single transferable voting system after its adoption by the Emperor.

It resulted in Zabëlle Skye of Populares narrowly winning the seat with 52,9% of the vote on the third count.




Social Ecology


Liberty Front


Party Candidate Results
1st pref 2nd count 3rd count
Populares Zabëlle Skye 12 35.2% 13 38.2% 18 52.9%
Abeldane Social Ecology Chase Nanatovich 10 29.4% 13 38.2% 16 47.1%
Party of Royalists and Cooperatism Domanatas Magyla 7 20.6% 8 23.5% N/A
Liberty Front Thomas Bainbridge 5 14.7% N/A
Invalid/blank votes 0
Total 34 100
Registered voters/turnout 36 94.44%