Billbrough ministry

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Billbrough Ministry
9th ministry of Abelden

Date formed 17 July 2015
Date dissolved 10 August 2015
People and organizations
Head of government Damian Billbrough
Head of state Stephen I & II
Member party Conservative Party
Status in legislature Minority
Opposition party New Democratic Party
Abeldane Democratic Union
Opposition leader Andrew Janiszewski
Election(s) 2015 III
Outgoing election 2015 II
Legislature term(s) 1st Reichsversammlung
Previous Kioya
Successor Lawton I

Damian Billbrough, who formed the Billbrough Ministry, was elected as Vorsitzender on 17 July 2015. This marked the first time that the Conservative Party won the elections and the last time until their return into power following Emiel Hardy's election.

Billbrough resigned as Vorsitzender on 10 August 2015 and was succeeded by Llewelyn Lawton, which began the longest domination of a single party in Abeldane politics. It was preceded by the Kioya Ministry, formed by Rachel I, Former Empress, and succeeded by the First Lawton Ministry, formed by Llewelyn Lawton.


Billbrough Ministry
Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Monarch His Imperial and Royal Majesty Stephen Mar – Aug 2015
Vorsitzender The Rt Hon. Damian Billbrough MP Jul – Aug 2015
Stellvertreter The Rt Hon. Llewelyn Lawton MP Jul – Aug 2015
Chancellor of the Treasury The Rt Hon. The Earl of Krenson MP Jul – Aug 2015
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The Rt Hon. The Duke of Nayhemia MP Jul – Aug 2015
Minister of Defense The Rt Hon. Paweł Sadowski MP Jul – Aug 2015
Minister of Ethnical Affairs The Rt Hon. The Duchess of Alexton, Rachel I MP Jul – Aug 2015
Minister of Media and Public Affairs The Rt Hon. The Emperor Stephen MP Jul – Aug 2015
Minister of Education The Rt Hon. The Duchess of Alexton, Rachel I MP Jul – Aug 2015